3 Month Postpartum Baby Update!

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am filming Andrea's 3-month update can you believe that it's been three months like in a way that seems like nothing but at the same time it's like he's been here all my life like I can't really explain it the other night I was looking at old photos I think I came across a fan account on Instagram and they had photos from our trip to Sardinia and I was going through the Mona's looking for Andrea like expecting him to be there and then I realized that he was in my tummy like I just feel like he's being here the whole time even though he's only actually being in this world for three months but he has grown so much since his last update he's such a cutie hey hi hey hi are you gonna smile for mommy he's such a smiley baby and anytime like anybody comes up to him and talks to him he just beams off at them it is just so cute he's at that stage where he doesn't have stranger-danger anything like that which is like complete polar opposite to it less yeah and so it doesn't matter who comes up to him or who talks to him he's just all smiles he's also just started laughing he had his first laugh a few days ago I think was the beginning of this week he turned three months yesterday so I'm filming this on a Friday you turn three months yesterday on Thursday on the 15th I think he had his first laugh probably on like Monday or something like that maybe Tuesday and it completely took me by surprise it was the most high-pitched girliest laugh ever I wish I had got it on camera but I didn't I just think he has been so easy so chill like having four kids is no joke I'm not gonna lie there's times where I'm tearing my hair out it is crazy it's just chaos but he's never the problem like he's never the one causing drama at this stage obviously that will change as they get older and you know they're in different phases of their lives but at the moment he is just so chill he will literally just sit in his swing and just watch all the chaos unfold around him and just smile through it all or sleep he's just he's so chill that he's almost horizontal like honestly he is just the most calm relaxed baby he does really remind me of Amelia in that way where he adores his swing you can just put him in a swing if you need to do something and he will just happily sit there once he's fed and changed and like you know he's got enough sleep he's fine so that has made things very easy Andrea wife obviously that doesn't apply to the likes of unless yeah or even Eduardo C I personally feel that personality-wise he and Amelia at the moment are very very similar and I find Amelia and Andrea the easiest to handle I think Eduardo and I just kind of like obviously I say this with love like I love Eduardo just as much as I love the others but I feel like we clash personality-wise he's very very like Jonathan was when he was a kid and I just don't really get it like I don't understand whereas with Emilia I understand what she's thinking because I feel like she is me I am her like there's no difference you know whereas with Eduardo it's just difficult for me to understand where are you coming from sometimes and so we clash but when I have one-on-one time with him it's 9:00 and we get on really well and it's just with all of the kids I feel like he plays the middle child a lot and he just does things for attention and I'm just like I don't get it unless yeah it's just a total firecracker like she just basically causes chaos everywhere she goes and she and Eduardo were like an accident waiting to happen like they are just they cannot be together because they just wind each other up so much then he's really chill Emilia is really well behaved and it's just like they're just all polar opposites of each other like the two mental ones are very similar and then these the two outer ones are really similar they all kind of balance each other out this update is made on Draya so shouldn't we talk about anybody else I just obviously I can't help come here it looks wise so he still seems to have the same coloring so his coloring hasn't changed and I do think at the back of his head he's still quite red like quite ginger and his eyebrows are as well his eyelashes at the moment are very fair his eyes are still blue they're kind of like a gray blue and but then in some photos when I take a photo of him I swear his hair at the front is like blond so I don't know what way he's gonna go I feel like he may go the same coloring as unless he acts like unless he was really dark when she was a newborn baby and now look at her she looked the fairest child ever so I don't know I feel like just judging by how he looks in photos and stuff like that I feel like he might have the same coloring as his sister Alessia I still think it's so cool that the first two are dark and this with dark eyes and then the second two are affair with blue eyes I just think that's crazy and I'm gonna keep saying that in every single video I don't care how many times I say it it's just mind-blowing to me the last time he got weighed which was about eight weeks he was seven point sorry no he was he was five point seven kilos and bearing in mind that was like a month ago almost so he's probably grow I'm pretty sure he's grown since then he was measuring on the 75th percentile so he's not actually massive I just feel like he's big compared to like my other babies but he's actually not that huge like there are babies that are a lot bigger than him so I probably should stop saying that but I just in comparison to my other three he is a big baby big boy with the sizes he's I'm just about moving him up to size three nappies I feel like the size two is getting too small and then he's in fully in three to six month clothes although this set is zero to three but it does I think it's quite big because most zero to three is way too small for him by now even his two to four month stuff from hitch nm is too small now in terms of his routine so he has completely dropped his evening nap now so he's on two naps a day so he'd napped from he wakes up at 7:00 I gave him his first feet then I basically I'm able to like get things done with the other kids and have breakfast and all of that and he's happy in his swing or on his play mat which is incredible like I can't tell you how helpful that is when you have other children and then around 9:00 around 8:45 a start bringing him up for his nap he has another little bit of a feed and he goes to sleep 9:00 till 9:45 then I get him up then I change him obviously and dress him and that kind of thing usually let him have a little play on his play mat and then feed him around 11:00 put him down at about a quarter to twelve and then he will nap 12 till quarter past two so we're very very much in a routine but I've done that with all of the kids and this is just what works for me Alessia goes down half 12 – half – so it works really well to have those that two-hour slot during the day is crucial for me to be able to work and get things done then he wakes up at quarter past two he has a feed straightaway and then for the rest of the evening so generally speaking he will start to look very tired around for half four so he may when he has his next feed which is usually in that time he may drop off a little bit which is fine I just make sure that he's like fully awake and eyes are open from five o'clock if he wants to go down at 6:00 so at 6:00 we start bath time and then by seven o'clock he's usually fast asleep I'm still waking him up well not really waking him but I'm still feeding him at 10:00 I'm giving him a dream feed where I feed him kind of asleep or like half asleep and I continue to do that until the baby starts solids so he will start solids at six months so we still have a good while to go until then other than smiling and that kind of thing he hasn't rolled over anything yet he has become really interested in his hands he'll hold something but he doesn't really do it consciously like you just grip onto something and like hold it for a while and then eventually drop it and he will reach out for things but I don't know if he really knows exactly what he is to him yet the other thing you started doing though was trying to sit up so sometimes we'll not put him laying down like what he's doing right now I'll put him laying down or in laying down position and he'll like try and get himself up and almost couldn't like I mean you can't get himself completely off but he makes some traction so he's a strong boy like for sure there see that's what he's doing right now he's trying to get up are you trying to see everybody you trying to see everybody yeah he and Eduardo actually have a really nice bond just because Eduardo can be a little bit smothering at times with the babies and that's why he and Alessia clash so he and Alessia are similar in a lot of ways but also different so they just rub each other up the wrong way and he can just really irritate her he'll try and cuddle her pick her up smother her and she doesn't like it whereas with this little guy he likes that so he really reacts well to when we're idle comes over to him and like chats to him talks to him cuddles him strokes his head strokes his face he really likes that whereas Alessia would hate that like from a very young age she just did not like any kind of interference through anybody who wasn't me so puppies the one thing that I am really looking forward to saying goodbye to is the spit-up that is just something that it ends around 4 months ish 4 or 5 months I think but it's just the most frustrating thing because you feed them for ages and then sometimes they just spit it all back up and you feel like you just wasted your time but um he's generally okay he just has some days that are fuzzier than others like in terms of spit-up he also once when I put when we were doing tummy time got himself where he was like picking himself up with his arm and neck he's got quite a strong neck anyway like he has done since birth but he hasn't managed to you know lift himself up with his two hands yet but he is trying to so that is he's doing kind of like the beginnings of that a quick update on me at three months postpartum I'm obviously still exclusively breastfeeding which is going absolutely amazing now there's like no pain or anything and it is just super easy to do at this point I think I mentioned in the last month's update about my back it was actually my pelvis but my pelvis has completely healed I went back to the osteopath and she checked me and she was really happy I was back to like 100% so I'm so so glad I cannot tell you guys how glad I am that I got that sorted out because I really didn't I really wasn't aware of what it even was and I would have just carried on in pain which looking back it was such a stupid idea anyway I have been doing my workouts Lucy my personal trainer who's also on YouTube she gave me my second postpartum workout which is a little bit more intense and that has been working really well for me I've been doing that 20 minutes it lasts about 20 to 30 minutes depending on how long I take at the ab work but the cardio portion is about 20 minutes so I do it for 20 minutes every morning five times a week I wake up at 5:45 I do my workout first thing when everybody's sleeping and this just works really well for me but honestly the only reason I can do it is because he's sleeping through the night if you weren't sleeping through I don't think I would have the energy to do that I'm also trying to get eight seven to eight hours of sleep every night which doesn't always work out but I'm really trying in terms of weight loss just to put it out there like I'm I'm just gonna warn you guys that I'm talking about weight loss because some people don't like when I talk about that but I'm just gonna talk about it because it is what it is but in terms of weight loss I have got a belt a kilo teeth to lose before I'm back to normal so I kind of consider myself to be pretty much back to normal I'm not really concerned like I know that this last bit just goes very very slowly all of my clothes are fitting me actually most of my clothes are too big for me now because I've literally just come out of like two and a half years of pregnancy he's like back to back so I pretty much just had three pregnancies back to back so I need to get I need to get things that fit me again I just want to say as well because sometimes I do get a good bit of criticism when I talk about weight or anything I always try and not talk about numbers I always try not to be like triggering to anybody the main thing for me is really health like how healthy I feel how strong I feel I have been a lot skinnier and a lot slimmer than what I am right now and that has never been my goal to get back to that in like the height of my eating disorder I was a very low weight and and I have no desire to get to that basically the weight that I would like to get to which is like a kilo away from where I am now is the weight that I was after so I had had Emilien eduardo i was fully recovered from my eating disorder and I was working out for the first time in my life and I felt really strong I just felt really good about myself I wasn't too thin I wasn't too big I was like right in the middle like just right where what's right for me and that has been my goal like ever since having my last baby so I'm just putting it out there because I know that people get funny about when I talk about weight and stuff it's not a huge deal to me what's a huge deal to me is being healthy and strong for my babies and just being able to feel good about myself and look after them as best I can and I feel like to do that I need to feel happy like that so I'm obviously wearing the high waist jeans again but I will do my best to try and show you guys the belly I don't know I mean I'm sure it has changed a little bit but not majorly since last update so this is what the belly looks like at 3 months post-baby from the side from the front on the other side you can see like the loose skin here I hope you guys enjoyed andreas three-month update and my 3 month post curtam update please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe for more I upload Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and I'll talk to you next time can you say bye bye say bye bye bye bye

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