26 Replies to “3 Week Postpartum Update |C-SECTION| + Belly Shot”

  1. So I was advised to only gain maximum 20 lbs my pregnancy I only gained 7 lbs my entire pregnancy I worked out and wore compression stockings as well. My csection went well I’m 2.5 weeks out and feel like I could run lol I’m not I went on a walk yesterday and am sore today. But I’m feeling good just sore and I had one side hurt more too . I’m down 8 lbs under my ore pregnancy weight and my swelling is still down. Im still bleeding very light as well. ThAnk you got sharing! My pooping was the worst part but I didn’t take enough stool softeners and I hurt so bad every time I go even now so I dunno. The night sweats sucks! My breast feeding is ok… we’re working on getting more milk lol

  2. My girl broke my back waters on my birthday 23rd October, I was induced on 24th, 16 hours labour, stuck at 3cm and ended up having another c section. I was fine this time around but ended up having an infection in my wound too as I have a over hang. My first poop etc was fine haha

  3. I’ve had 2 emergency C sections and my experience was similar to yours. Night sweats were the worst post partum symptom in my opinion!! Also this video showed up on me recommended videos and I’m definitely going to check out the rest of your channel! Enjoyed this video!

  4. Love that you made this! I feel like this is so informative for people who don’t know about c-sections! I had one and it was hard to accept it but now I’m okay with it ☺️

  5. Did they check you for postpartum pre-eclampsia ? That swelling after delivery is common for post partum eclampsia and next time if you get pregnant and deliver take magnesium after delivery to keep swelling down

  6. Congratulations on ur buddle of joy !!!!!omg baby is sooo darn cute 🥰 im new to ur channel n love ur real ness soo true about everything u have experience after birth especially the sweat 😓 what have u been doing to get to look so good again u look amazing ur tummy is so flat already after csection i still have a belly on top of incision 😓

  7. I know about the swelling I was the very same I thought my skin was going to burst with the fluid lol

  8. Emmett is absolutely adorable! Thank you for doing this video. I’m at 34 weeks and my little one is still breech, so I may be looking at a c-section too. I appreciate you sharing so much and keeping things real! You helped to put my mind at ease so much!! 😊❤️

  9. Your son is super cute! Big baby boy! I also had a csection about 6 weeks ago. So I do feel like same as you post op! congratulations on your bundle of joy and cant wait to see more videos with you and your little boy!!! You look very beautiful for someone who just had a baby, wish I looked as glamorous as you!

  10. Congratulations! I am so happy to hear things are going super well with breastfeeding. This was definitely an area of struggle for me at the very beginning. But I am happy to report that while there was definitely a learning curve, we were able to get the hang of it and arrive at 12 months of breastfeeding successfully 🙂 I did a video called "10 things you need to know to breastfeed like a pro!". Take a look and let me know if you find any of the tips I share useful.

  11. He’s a cutie! I’m 34 wks with a low lying placenta so I’m also having a C 🙁 not looking forward to it, afraid just thinking of pain but it’ll be worth it.

  12. Yessss please do a breast feeding video soon 💗 I’m 37 weeks and I feel like I can’t learn enough about it!

  13. You sound just like me! I was in labor for 23 hours and then went in to have a c-section! My boy was 8lbs 12oz. I still dont have feeling in some of my stomach. I lost all the weight right away as well but I only gained 10lbs. I bled for 7 months after I had my son though. And I swelled so much afterwards for 3 weeks. My first poop was so bad lol it was very hard and I didn't go for like 2 weeks lol 😂

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