36 Replies to “3 Weeks Postpartum Recovery from C-Section, 2nd baby”

  1. Can u guys help give me some add voice i had a child in 2017 with C-Section and i had my next child in 2018 with C-section and i am having another baby in 2019 is it safe or not

  2. She's absolutely amazing. So glad I came across this channel, this video was so information and enjoyable at the same time, learned alot. 2nd c-section coming up within another 4-6 weeks

  3. I had a c section I didn't gain any weight during pregnancy
    After ten days my belly looks good
    I have a little loose skin

  4. I really just want to see how your c-section looks after 3 weeks. That's really all I want to see… Congratulations on your body though.

  5. I agree day 3 and 4 OMG!!!! THEY HURT! but after tht if u take care of yourself meaning accepting all thhelp u can get then u will start feeling better.

  6. Thank so much for sharing this! I feel much better now after listening to your positive experience as I am waiting for my c-section in 3 days. All the best!

  7. Oh my gosh! We were discharged two days later, too! I had a Thanksgiving baby this year via csection. 2nd csection. So glad I found this video. It's almost three weeks for me

  8. I just had an unplanned C-section after 32 hours labor (8 hard labor.) You are the first video I watched about recovery, and you are exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for encouraging others!

  9. I never took the pills after my c section… I think i was just tired of meds thats all i had at the hospital but it wasent too painful after for me i could handle it

  10. U look great girl! I looked like a dieing beached whale after my c-sections lol. I'm gonna have my 3rd in October hoping this time it's easier

  11. I am a mother of 2 14 month old and 1 month old. I two had a c section. I gained 26 lbs and lost all the weight at 3 weeks..however I do feel my body shrinking it is still swollen at the same time. I had a harder recovery I got mastitis. as well carpel tunnel and edema..weight loss is not only a recovery.. I have 2 babies so I'm a bit more active carrying both children up and downstairs lots of walking….as far as activity I think it depends on the person.

  12. vaginal births do not destroy your pelvic floor. I'm a nurse and mother of 5!! no problems at all ever!!

  13. thank you for your honesty and candor with sharing weight and measurements. it is very inspiring

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