3 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

(upbeat music) – Congratulations! You’ve conceived. One tenacious little
sperm ran the gauntlet, penetrated your ready egg
and presto, you’re pregnant. Your soon-to-be baby has
started its miraculous transformation from one
single cell to fully formed baby boy or girl, ready
for cuddles and kisses. Within a matter of hours after conception, the fertilized egg, called
a zygote, divides into two, then splits again and again. 72 hours after fertilization,
your little zygote has become a ball of 16 cells. This microscopic globe is called a morula, Latin for mulberry. And if you think about
it, that ball of cells does look like a berry-a cute little berry that you’ll soon be calling baby. Over the next few days,
the morula continues to drift down your fallopian tube, dividing into a blastocyst. A cluster of cells
numbering nearly 100 strong. Its final destination, your
uterus, which it’ll call home for the next nine
months as it morphs from blastocyst to embryo, to fetus, to baby. Amazingly, the blastocyst already has two distinct cell types. First, there’s the
outer trophoblast cells. They’ll become the placenta,
your baby’s lifeline during his stay in your uterine cocoon. The second type of cells
is called the embryoblast. This inner-cell mass will
eventually develop into your baby. Hard to believe, huh? Though it’ll be a while before
you’re able to tell whether your tiny blob of cells is
a boy blob or a girl blob, its gender has already
been determined by dad, or actually by his chromosomes. Mom always supplies an X
chromosome, but the proud papa provides either an X or a Y chromosome. Two Xs make a girl. An
X plus a Y makes a boy. In a few months, you’ll
be able to find out what winning letter combination you have growing inside of you. (upbeat music)

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  2. Well, I'd say when a woman's baby has conceived, the baby in that woman's fallopian tube would be just a micrometre smaller than the width of a human hair, or the tip of a sharp pencil.

  3. I have a misscariage at 2 weeks i want to know if my baby was in the uterus or not i just have a tubal reversal on july 21 2017 any help please ?

  4. Its my 3rd week of pregnancy my periods date was 13 and its 29 today..in morning urine it was bleeding along its passed 3 hours now I went for urine but it was no more blood the test is still positive what does its mean I m so worried

  5. Hi I don't know if I'm having my period or if I'm spotting.. I had sex 2 weeks ago and it don't feel like it's my period as my period Is usay heavy and this is day 4 of it and it seems to be going away, Iv no cramping, but the blood on my pads are brown like dark melted chocolate brown.. Any ideas if it's spotting or my period,

  6. I also found out I'm pregnant today! I'm so happy I have no words. I'm also very sleepy and bloated. I wouldn't be pregnant if it wasn't thanks to my clinic and foremost God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a long long journey to get pregnant and now the journey turned into a bigger journey!!!

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