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  1. Same symptoms but im not pregnent….. … 😒
    Feeling headache ,backache ,acne , toilet trips ,
    Nipples changes , hunger … Everything … But not pregent…. 😭😭😭😭
    Why this happened with me ? After marry i miss my periods for 7 days but im not pragnent 😒😒😒

    Still 3 months but im not pregnent.. Is there any one who help me ? Give me advise 😒 my doctor says … Im okay … No problem with me she says that i take medicine for pragnacy…. 😒

  2. To be honest these are not all early pregnancy symptoms just say pregnancy symptoms in my last two pregnancies I didn't feel anything until about a week after my period and both pregnancy I had a cold at about 4 weeks everybody is different you may have people on here wondering why they aren't feeling anything and being worried when maybe their symptoms have not kicked in yet

  3. I have the symptoms but my PT is negative… May God grant me a baby… Through Him nothing is impossible… I was diagnosed with PCOS last 2017.

  4. It's all most 2 months now I miss my period but I do a test and shows I'm not pregnent can u plz hlp what's going on but I always have bad headache

  5. Last week im bleeding for 5days then i went to the hospital. My ob-gyne said that there are two cause of bleeding. miscarriage or my baby is live outside my womb. But after my bleeding i took pregnancy test and the result is positive. My doctor give me some medicines to take. Everyday (four days from my bleeding) i took pregnancy test and the result is still have two lines or positive.

    What does it means? I still pregnant or not?

    I also took ultrasound on the six days of bleeding and my ob-gyne said that she havent seen any mark on screen that there is a baby on my womb. But the pregnancy test is still have a positive result.

    When i got bleeding my ob-gyne said that i am 9 weeks and 5days pregnant. Is it possible that my baby is still in my womb?

    Thank you for any response to my query.

  6. Im just sick with temperature! And im dizzy cus and tired cus i sleep in 1 o'clock im only 11

  7. Have been experiencing stomach cramps, headache, dizzy and loss of appetite, I don't know if am pregnant or not

  8. I'm always fell tired or sleepy, headache, hungry, back pain,but I have still mensuration but its late to come

  9. I feel like I want to vomit but I don't vomit ,I've been going un stop to the toilet & 'I have go to the toilet to do number 2 for days (***)please can anyone help

  10. my period started on 19th march and ended 23rd march I had sex from 3 April to 12april with my husband and on 14th April my period came but different and the color is different from the last one. do I have a chance of being pregnant?

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