30 Week Pregnancy Update

hi lovelies I hope you're well today's video is a pregnancy update I'm so sorry I haven't done a pregnancy update in so long I don't know what it is but like I'm just so I just had so much on with my blog and everything and doing other videos for my channel it's just been really hard to keep up with pregnancy vlog YouTube everything else so I thought today I will do a little update because I am now 13 weeks pregnant can you believe it I'm fair to expect like I literally can't believe it ten weeks left until this baby is here maybe a little less or maybe a little more we'll see whether he is on time or not but yeah I thought I would just give you a little update on how things have been so far and since my last update to be honest I'm one of those boring pregnant people that nothing really happens I'm just pretty much symptom free-floating wrong I will admit I am a little bit more tired and things like that so let's just get into it and I'll tell you how I've been feeling so thirty weeks feeling rather large I'm definitely looking rather large and everyone says all easy you look so lovely but ya really don't feel it and I'm feeling huge massive right now I'm definitely bigger than what I was last time around when when I was pregnant with Vinay I I've looked at other pictures that I took when I was pregnant with Vinny like when I was twenty nine thirty weeks and I've compared and I'm definitely bigger this time around like my bump is a bit more pointy even though I'm still having a boy my bump is just more prominent and more there and more out there and but I don't mind that it's hard dressing the bump because I'm trying not to buy too many things because there's no point I've only got a couple of months left and there's no point like buying new things but it is really hard to dress in the bump and being comfortable I feel like when I wear dresses and things like that I feel a little bit too fat so I don't wear dresses or anything like but I'd love to be one of those moms that could just wear a nice bodycon dress and you know like Kim Kardashian but ain't happening here so I've just been wearing weights my pregnancy maternity jeans ones from H&M I've got two pairs from henan I've just lived in the whole pregnancy and so they've been really really good and just long tops and a parka jacket literally that is it so I've been excuse me I've been quite boring when it comes to fashion with pregnancy but hey I'm looking forward to getting my body back and trying to get my body back after this baby but we'll see how that goes and symptom wise I'm not really in many symptoms I am quite tired come the evening and but my iron levels have been very very low they did test my iron levels at the sort of beginning of my pregnancy and I think they say it should be 15 and above and my iron levels were 10 so they gave me some iron tablets which I'm gonna be honest I didn't really take them as frequently as I should have and just because I'm so terrible or taking tablets I'm really really naughty really really bad so and then she tested them again and what iron levels had gone down to five so that will explain why I've been so tired and stuff so I'm taking my tablets properly now and taking them once a day so I'm doing that but I still feel very tired so it might just be my iron level still or it's just pregnancy and obviously because I'm thirty weeks now we're nearly there so and tiredness is definitely one of them just my belly just gets in the way now like um when I bend over to do things I really notice it's there and it's very annoying it's quite like heavy Oh so that's just an annoying thing of pregnancy and very achy like when you've been walking around for a little while but that's just normal um but apart from that uh there's no other symptoms he moves around very much he has is very he has like a pattern when he wakes up definitely he wakes up in the evenings and if I'm like crouched in a funny position it annoys him and he kicks me to let me know that it's annoying him I think his back and everything is on the right side and his legs are on the left side so I get kicked quite a lot in the left side and because I had to scan the other day so she did say he was on that side and I have been having scans every sought four to six weeks I've had them more regularly than what an average person would have because I am consultant based so I'm consultant based because of my thyroid problem I had a thyroid problem when I was which I don't have anymore but they just like to check everything out and I also had a positive antibody that had come up I didn't have it when I was pregnant with Vinnie because they checked it because of my joint so it's a long long story but basically I have joint problems I have like arthritis inflammatory arthritis and my rheumatologist he checks all of my antibodies and things like that with blood tests and this blood test I had it checked when I was pregnant with Vinnie clothes I had two joint problems then and it wasn't there and this time around it is there so basically this means that M between 24 and 34 weeks around that kind of time the baby could develop a problem with the heart with the rhythm of the heart and which is fine it doesn't is fine it can be fixed obviously when the baby's still in the womb but they need to just check everything every you know bit more regularly and they just do a little bit more of an in-depth scale on the heart so every time I've been over my scans they've just been checking the heart and making sure all of the rhythm of the heart is fine so let's say I've got four weeks and I should be out the clear and everything should be fine so fingers crossed everything goes by and the consultant is really happy with me and she said he is growing perfectly and the heart looks perfect so there's no problems with that but those are why I've been having that extra scale so I get to see him a little bit more which is really really nice and she also suggested that I need to go and see the Midwife now for the next four weeks once a week just to listen to the heartbeat to make sure if it sounds perfect and five and that's really it when it comes to how he's doing he's growing very large I did say too I was like is he a big baby you know because I'm feeling quite big and she was like well no he's just a break to normal size he's not small but you know he's not huge so he's a good size Vinnie was around seven pounds I think when he was born so I'm hoping for another baby around that way nothing too big hopefully but yeah we'll see how it goes but to be honest that is pretty much it I haven't been buying too much and I think it's just gonna all structure I'm gonna start buying things now I'm gonna start sorting out his bedroom now although he's going to be in our bedroom for probably about six months I imagine so I'm not in a huge rush to get his bedroom organized but I do want to get things ready for him and I need to do my hospital bag as well when it comes to hospital bags actually I'm thinking of doing a hospital bag video do you want the video in my case little series because I'm thinking of doing a video for his bag for my bag and also like my makeup Beauty bag because I'm gonna be bringing some makeup I herbs and you know last time around I wasn't fully prepared when it came to make her pups a little bit too minimal and cuz I was in the hospital for about a week I just looked terrible by the end of it so obviously don't know just had a baby and I know like that's not really priority but I do want to feel nice and I want to look nice and when I'm in the hospital especially if I am gonna be staying there longer this time or if I'm in there for three days if I end up having a c-section or whatever so if you want to see what's in my beauty makeup bag my bag and the baby's bag then let me know give this video a thumbs up and I'll make sure to film that for you because I need to get that organized pre soon when you I'd also love to know when you start packing your hospital bags and if there are any essentials that you think you needed or you didn't need leave it in the comments below because it's really hard to remember what kind of things I packed in his bag I know there's loads of things online and but if there were anything any other things that you think oh yeah she needs that then let me know in the comments down below but yeah I hope you enjoyed this little mini update sorry I don't think this is gonna go off on a Monday when I said it was gonna be a mummy Monday video but it's just gonna go up because I've got so many videos going up at the moment I've got some Valentine's inspired videos and my favorites video might already be up or it might be up after this I'm not too sure yet but there's lots of videos going up I've really want to film more regularly on my channel just because I really enjoy it I've really been enjoying in filming lately and um you know I hope you enjoy it too so let me know your thoughts if you have any other ideas for videos and things like that let me know and I'll see a my next video bye guys

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  1. Ahhh yay 30 weeks! The countdown is on!!!!! Hope the next 4 weeks goes well and you get the all clear lovely. I didn't pack my hospital bags until last week this time, so 36 weeks! eeek! People have recommended arnica tablets for helping with healing so Im trying those this time!! 🙂 You look amazing xx

  2. First time round my husband packed my hospital bag just after my waters had gone whilst I was waddling around our bedroom in agony. Learnt my lesson and packed it at 34 weeks the second time round! Glad to here it's all going ok, take it easy and don't put too much pressure on yourself!

  3. Lovely update — glad to hear you're doing well! I would absolutely love to watch a hospital bag video series (for you, for baby, AND makeup haha!) I can use all of the help I can get, as this is my first pregnancy. I'm 29 weeks now, so we're very close! So exciting! 🙂

  4. YES, please do your hospital bag! I'm 28 weeks and already have my bag ready to go due to some pre-labor concerns…Prosecco and coconut water is included in my bag 🙂

  5. 5 is really low! When I was pregnant with Amelia mine was 3 and the woman was surprised I was still alive and standing! I was sent for an iron infusion the day I got my results back. Glad you're taking the tablets now though hopefully you'll get some energy back xx

  6. You look incredible!!! I haven't been doing updates either because I'm symptom free most of the time. Not complaining though! I'm definitely bigger this time. I'm consultant led because of my thyroid too! But I'm only having one extra scan at 34 weeks. So funny how similar we are! Xx

  7. Love watching your pregnancy videos, I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first, a little girl , I'm very large and don't people enjoy telling me ! X

  8. Wow Liza iron levels of 5 are really low I can't believe you haven't been feeling much worse! Keep taking those tablets! Your pregnancy has gone so quickly I think that's just the second time round isn't it, you don't have as much time to think about it!

  9. Peppermint tea bags! Random but they help with after birth pains!!! Also I'm with you on the makeup bag front, looking better is the key to yourself feeling better for sure!x

  10. You look beaut Liza…I watched back my hospital bag video last night – MY GOD! How many chins?! Haha. I hope the next 10 (ish) weeks go well xx

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