30 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Gestational Diabetes?

hey guys its kaya and I'm back finally with another pregnancy update and in my last one which i think was 27 weeks I did tell you guys that I was gonna do it 29 weeks update but today I'm actually 30 weeks and two days host um do this last week um but last week did not go as planned let me just tell you that it was a very big league stuff happen and I'm gonna tell you all about it this is basically just gonna be a recap of the last I guess almost three weeks of my pregnancy I think I was like 27 and a half want to film the other one so the 30-plus to today which which first of all is pretty darn excited I've hit the 30s which is hopefully the last I think I was almost it goes like 41 and a half weeks when I had Eddie he was ten days overdue I'm hoping that would happen again but you know she'll hopefully come when she's ready so you know it is what it is you can't really plan it but 30 weeks man so last time I spoke to you guys I let me look at my calendar because there was has been so much going on than what I wanted to talk to you guys about so let's see um it's the a-team today and yes because I wanted to talk to you guys about um wait five I had a doctor's appointment and then last week and I had a gynecologist appointment and a midwife weapon but there ended up being so much more so let's start on the favor first because I was little and my glucose test to see if I had diabetes or gestational diabetes which is the diabetes that usually it goes away after you have the baby I don't know if it's every time for you that's like the thing um which which can be dangerous and and it usually means that the baby will get bigger and it's supposed to be but anyway so I had the test it was how I know there were several different ways to take it and um the one that you do in Norway that normal one is you come in fasting in the morning and then you drink it gosh water with the sugar basically I things like 75 grams of sugar and then you wait two hours that like it's a good test your blood sugar when you come in mr. blood the test your blood sugar after two hours since to sit there and just be really wasn't really hungry um and I know they can get like flavors of the sugar thing and so that doesn't taste that bad but my doctor's office just gets you like regular sugar one and I swear it's like drinking liquid sugar it is absolutely disgusting it makes me want to throw up but I did it and this is the second time I did it and it will be the last time and it did come back negative no gestational diabetes but the roots of hiccups I guess I'll come back to that and but it was fine you know they make it measure tummy all I just like the railers i'm doctor stuff everything was good and my belly is growing I'd like at its curve it's following your little curve it's all good um and then a week later I had my gynecologist appointment and as I told you I've been seeing like a private gynecologist ever since I got pregnant and but this time she had referred me to the hospital because my I am service was getting so short she wanted them to kind of because I fight if I had to have something done it would have to get the hospital so she just referred me to a gynecologist there so that they could look at it and make up their own minds since they would be the ones doing it basically and so learn in there on Monday last week and they measured it was still short if it got a shorter um but I was so far along and you know they didn't really wanna they didn't feel like they would do anything I was squinting at weeks ah and because I was kind of wondering what they would do when it's not like cuz i know it was earlier there dude this is this um but um they what what they were kind of seeing if they should do was give me a steroid shot to help develop the baby's lungs earlier like they did we go under is really early labor um but they said it was firm enough and as I didn't not to so I didn't have to do that and mmm I was kind of always wondering she got in come early weren't you gonna come haha but he thought I'd probably go to turn I do have another appointment to see him again next week next Wednesday and some 31 weeks then he said that will be the last appointment as I think if you go into labor after 32 weeks they don't stop it it's either 32 or 34 I can't remember but you know I'm not for a long now um so the next leg plan appointment I had was for the Midwife the next day and I don't need only seen her once before and she's not the Midwife that's gonna help deliver the baby or anything like that um but it's just for like for prep basically um cuz i'm assuming with dr. a lot i'm saying i got caught how this a lot and but that is just like the medical things there's a lot of mental things going on with your prank when you're pregnant and so wasn't into her in to her office I'm just feeling like really nice lady we had a really nice talk and you know about um what's gonna happen after the baby's born cuz that's that may be a little bit different this time if we want to go home from the hospital earlier if we can and had I kinda like I want to be prepared I want to know what's gonna happen and if I don't know what's gonna happen I will be super stressed and stress and anxious and I need to know and so that was really nice and but we did talk about wait so you guys know that aren't overweight and that can't bring problems when you're pregnant and when you're delivering it's just like a little bit of a higher risk for complications um and when I got pregnant cuz I'd read up about being a wooden pregnant I was overweight when I was pregnant Eddie but it's not as much as I was I got pregnant this time and they goes both 10 kilos heavier this time so wrap up about it and you know if you're healthy and it can be safe or fine so actually this weight so my goal when I got pregnant I wanted to gain not like I think I gave 12 kilos with a which is not like a lot and supposed to this baby and fluids and you know all that stuff it was gone within like a few weeks after giving birth but this time I I decided and that it was possible and healthy that I would try to keep like under five kilos and but of course the dream I guess would be to not gain anything and you know that can be safe if you're you know your doctor Falls you up and all that and so actually when I was in my first trimester because I told you guys that i had a like horrible morning sickness and I couldn't really eat a lot so I actually lost a lot of weight during my first trimester and I don't know I just haven't gotten that want like I'm just so sick of food like so crazy super sick of food I don't really want dude I eat and I can and I can't eat along I need to survive basically I want to do it but it's not soon so I've actually continued to lose weight so I was 90 kilos when I first got pregnant and I am now I think like eighty seven and a half um and probably like five to seven kilos of those are a baby related like you get blood and baby and I'm having fluid and your presenza all of that stuff so technically I'm down to like 80 or 82 m which is crazy um yeah it's crazy I don't know um I've been healthy and you know we can follow very well and it's fine don't do it if he can't like do it with a doctor if that is you but and the doctors are good right please obviously since everything's been going great and I'm not as overweight anymore but okay my point being she was kind of like even though my like measurements have been just perfect and she was kind of thinking okay maybe you should have the baby in measure his life via also sounds um I hadn't had that in a long time it's not really like they do it on the ultrasound like you just get one bringing the ultrasound in our way at about 17 weeks and then they measure like age of the baby and that's really what i do say oh really if everything is normal they're not gonna go in and give me more up just ultrasounds that measure the biggest how big it is but she was like okay she's not which is she told me she wasn't worried or anything like that but she would give me a referral to the hospital and that they could kind of see if they wanted to measure the baby just to be a hundred percent say I was like yeah sure cool water um ah both because I was overweight so she wanted to she it's like both hands of the specter since I was overweight she wanted to see that the baby wasn't too big and since I've been eating very little and she wanted to be with the baby goes into small so it's like Yankee her I didn't really think a lot about it and because they're super busy at the hospital ah but then it was on Tuesday didn't think a lot about it went home and then on Thursday morning they call me and they're like hey can you call him come in tomorrow for an awful sounds and I was like okay sure so lunch and that was us friday almost a week ago they did did the ultrasound sound came with me think it's really nice to him for him to see the baby again as they measured her and they also measured my and the amount of amniotic fluid and and I never heard that you could have too much Mei fluid but I guess you can and I guess I do um so had a little bit much of amniotic fluid and the baby was a little bit of big like both were normal um but they were in a higher range of normal not dangerous or anything like that just like a tiny tiny bit high and the doctor there actually said that maybe I had like a latent diabetes and they didn't really know because it tests came back fine and but still and the thing that usually causes a bigger really and more of it an apneic foot will be a sugar so that was that was that but everything was fine like I said normal she's not freakishly huge I think she was think she was what hundred grams more than they like average and that i thought was what i expected to be honestly to be uh to be honest and it was over four kilos when he was born he was 41 which is normal but if you hide hide her range of north so that was the last friday and you think this was enough for someone on sick leave had doesn't have a lot of energy also stuff going on but oh no so in the evening friday evening is getting really um i was having I started having like back pains in the middle of my back which which I got when I was pregnant last time as well and I kind of thought yeah it's probably just because I'm not sitting that well in the sofa so we're watching TV and I was sitting in the sofa which which doesn't have a lot of lumbar support let's be honest but it was just but then it was just getting worse and worse and worse and it was like okay this is getting crazy I'm gonna have to lie down and then I had started to have some pains in like I thought it was in my stomach I'm thinking nami like the diaphragm um I thought I was having his back pain so though they got the piece paint in the middle of my stomach and I thought okay um why am I so hungry I suddenly felt like the hungriest I've ever been in my entire life um so I told time to make me some food and then I went to lie down in the bed and it's just getting worse and worse and worse and then the pain starts spreading of my back and just getting crazy painful and then down the sides of my and tummy and then let's go at least it lastly in my chest as well and okay let me tie guys these pains and I would say as they compared to the most painful part of giving birth first I was like okay we're gonna have to go to your emergency room wake up Eddie and no i said call cuz you kind of call in advance um Anna said he was like waiting in line on the phone and I was like okay just wait I could just skip the calling will call from the car we're going now I'm gonna head get Eddie get some clothes on him I wanted to put on my shoes and I could just talk this isn't happening I said you're just gonna have to call an ambulance ah I don't know I wasn't even that scared I knew it wasn't like the baby it was me that was a pain and it felt like in my muscles I guitar I could well I couldn't tell but I cut a new inside that the baby was fine and so he calls um he called well the Norwegian equivalent of 911 and and yeah just kind of told him what was going on we need an ambulance and I was I was in the height of pain it was I could lifestyle I was crying holy crap and then he hung up he's like ok they're calling they're coming and then it was a few minutes after hung up and like that all the pain disappeared like in an instant hold on i think i think i've been in like the deep pain for i think he said 10 or 15 minutes and it was probably like 40 45 minutes since i started feeling it in my back at that point and I was like okay I feel perfectly fine now and and we were just like waking up in the ambulance and I kind of felt silly to be honest so have I had a call back and they're like well okay that's that's good that it's thought but we still want to send ya we still want to we still want him to check it out so after a while they came and they kind of checked me out and they took me to the emergency room and in the ambulance is my first time hopefully the last time I've ever driven an ambulance wasn't as fun as it sounds um but the the two people that came they're really nice and really just they're great and they drove me to the emergency room and they like even follow me in and at that point it was like midnight Friday night so you can guess mergency room lots of drunk people luckily it was not busy and like I need a little test on me but then really find out anything and then it went into well we're in the emergency room there is some more tests you know they let's listen to your hearts and do blood tests and everything it couldn't really find anything so still don't really know what what happened the doctor which I think I've met that doctor before with Eddie and I didn't like him then because he misdiagnosed Eddie you know I I'm kind of thinking it seems like it wasn't really easy diagnosis because we were back and so another doctor and all the time and it was like oh no it's not bad it is obviously this so's him again he barely looked at me but he like this into the baby a little bit my heart and kind of asked questions so he just thinks that it was a muscle cramp and i'm still at all hows it happened again and that's it that we went home that was like the end of the drama um so kind of lot happening it was kind of it was scary and scarier in hindsight in hindsight then it was when I was oh that is that really that's kind of a recap but what's been happening and well I did actually see um I'm gonna go start seeing a physical therapist for my life pips pelvic pain thing and I would see here for the first time yes sir I she seemed really nice she's kind of she's an expert but you gotta specializes in these type of things and I'm gonna have my first real of people with her next week and also ho today actually I have my first I guess they're like water aerobics like super like super easy water aerobics for pregnancy for wool for pregnant women and which is kind of exciting I don't know it's kind of excited but I'm really nervous because I don't really know what I've got myself into and i guess like studies have shown women to take these type of things because it's kind of like I think there's like some birth prep in there as well and you like whole session is held by Midwife and so they'll get a workout as a birth prep and that's supposed to be like well I guess I don't know how many studies or how serious but they think it's supposed to kind of help with the birth process and be a positive thing in that and will the study show that it is a positive and purse on so many women it makes the birth easier which I want of course those out a bit before I but you know I wasn't it wasn't perfect kind of was perfect but there are deftly improvements that I would want for this flavor or this birth as long as I'm going to do that I don't really have anything to show even though we did actually order the stroller pram yesterday and I've been holding on getting along because they're like or several look big chains so do baby stuff here Norway and they do have days where they have big discounts and yesterday um I finally got the email twenty-five percent off everything so we stake a lot we ordered it I think if I going to be here in like four four weeks six tops she said and I can't wait to show it to you I can't hit the to get it finally it was so excited I've won this for a long time we did order the stock air trails which is their newest one is really stuff between that one and exploit exploring which is gorgeous but I think for our needs and the fact that we walk outside a lot I wanted to get trails because it has air tires so I'm going to show you how we would get it i did also order some been stuff for her online and hopefully it won't be too long and so i can like get her she won't have her own nursery we just have two bedrooms here she's gonna sleep in our room and first Eddie slept in our room for seven months so if we had a nursery she'd probably still be in here a filthy in our room but I'm gonna make um in the corner there I'm gonna do like a little corner for her so that's what stuff for that which I'm really excited about I'm gonna show you that when it is ready and it's gonna be pink let's just let's just say that it will be big and but I don't really have anything to show you a kid I feel out of bad i think i should have I feel like I should have a show-and-tell or something but i'm sure this video is already long enough and we can probably just and here i don't know i'll be back in a few weeks probably look at you guys know what's up hopefully there won't be any more exciting things going on um cuz i don't need any more excite excitement in that sort of way there's enough to do getting everything ready for the baby and there's well there's ten weeks left but it's getting stressful and ordering the pram was actually a huge relief off my shoulders cuz that's a big thing um so i will see you guys I'll see you guys in my next video next week but i'll be back with another pregnancy update soon I promise oh I'm sure your belly I have to Oh Oh my hips are moved my names are really stiff today guys bull embassy so a warning i just have a sports bra um this is what it looks like I feel like it's getting pretty darn big and firm there's a lot of baby in there and this teacher are born before I think it's from asos maternity and then these are some really fold leggings from asos maternity but it just still have them these are once they had from game crime with Eddie so they're pretty another good quality for the price because their religion and I will do a pregnancy essentials video with like beauty products and close probably soon I should probably do that soon I kind of tell you guys what I feel that I need to go to get get through um okay but that is that I'll see you guys I'll see you guys soon i hope you enjoyed this video if you did this video if you did enjoy I would actually like it if you gave it a thumbs up um I kind of feel like I'm begging what I'm saying that but I just heard that that kind of helps in surges makes it easier to find my videos so now you know i'll see you guys i love you so much thank you guys for watching

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