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it's the final countdown you are now at 30 weeks pregnant which means there are just 10 weeks left to go until that mythical due date but in the meantime let's take a look at how your baby is doing at 30 weeks are you feeling bigger at all this week well if you are there is good reason because your baby is now weighing in at around 3 pounds and they are estimated to put on half a pound a week for the next 7 weeks which is pretty crazy so prepare to get big ladies textbooks also say that baby is now measuring in at around thirty nine centimeters in length and the side lighting around the same size as a cabbage and think not long ago their website a little blue brief so your baby may be fully develops now but it doesn't just mean that they're just having a snooze in there while you wait your own impatiently baby's brain is actually getting bigger now and instead of having a smooth surface like you did originally it now has a more wrinkled one like an adult so what's the reasons about well those wrinkles allow more brain tissue and a more growth as they be prepared to learn all about the world outside of the womb and one other interesting fact is that baby's digestive system is now almost fully developed ready for all that lovely milk once they are born so let's take a look at some real cam footage for week ability [Applause] now we talk about babies but what about you how are you feeling and what is being released but never really like well here at channel moment we're comparing the textbook of this with the truth with a little help from some other expectant moms just like me physically it's time to prepare to get bigger and bigger in these last 10 weeks or so because as I mentioned before baby is going to put on around half a pound every week so prepare to see that belly of yours grow before your eyes but make the most of it and treasure this beautiful big belly while you can some ones like to have pregnancy photos she's done and others even have a big cast leader than belly something to look back on because believe it or not you may actually miss that bump in a few months time when your baby's in your wrongs I still miss mine a little bit even though so one very important thing that we haven't spoken about yet are baby names have you decided have you got a name picked out or are you going to wait until baby's born and see what sort of namely suit have you told friends and family what you're going to call your baby or are you keeping it a secret let us know in the comments below and if you do have a name picked out you must tell us we'd love to know for me personally I have a William gene – I call Bill and I have a Daisy Nell and I kept both of their names secret until they were born and announced it with the birth announcement but when I was in secret I would whisper and talk to them and use their names all the time and you know what they really deceive them as well so if you'd like from me my dears where you would like to know why other moms pick the names that they did then we will leave our making a playlist down below for you it's always weird to watch and you might get some last-minute inspiration you never know and now it's bump the time so let's take a look at those gorgeous 30 week bumps they are getting so big in volleyball I really saw around here is my hatchery and it's just absolutely solid so quite quite painful feel though babe is really really pushing but my tummy doesn't muscle is very pushing back on it here's my bum and we think it's very much since the last one the yeah grow my stretch marks he's still quite out in front bumper still skin is still very nice and soft and stretch mark free so what else can you expect well here at channel mum we have tons of logs for every week of pregnancy from other monitor at the same stage as you are right now now let's take a look and see what they had to say about being 30 weeks pregnant this is my 30 week pregnancy obvious very interesting to be that number but you're on the major countdown now like the baby could come with in wheat but obviously I could still have like 10 11 maybe even 12 weeks ago get to seek and it has been a pretty hard one people with homes being loath letters but I live get ones amazing last night living that one really my groove from freaking out it's just I just feel like we haven't Lansing for this baby I feel like with fire like she was at first I had checklist so I had this I had that up and being okay not too bad I've got that feeling again where I feel like I'm full all the time I think the main thing that has been on my mind is or is it going to be like like there's clearly going to be bad days going and learning curve anyway try to like adjust and you know readjust and tweak for the family life balance and routines going out house I just feel like it yeah I've just been going for guns blazing and almost having this mentality of this pregnancy ain't gonna stop me and that's such a stupid mentality to have that this pregnancy should stop me of course it showed that the whole bloody point just slow down and finally it's time to get honest with the channel mum the good the bad and ugly of being at there two weeks present the good technically you have just ten weeks to go now to your d-day which sounds so much better than 11 doesn't it you're always done I'll divide the tightness is starting to creep back in you know it I know it so time to rest up and concentrate on you and the ugly the waddle yes by this stage especially as my belly grew and grew I found that I developed a rather lovely pregnancy waddle no matter what you do it's really hard to stop it as well so as always we hope you've enjoyed watching my textbook vs. the truth about being 13 weeks pregnant we'd love to hear how you're doing down in the comments below so don't forget to let us know we're thinking of you know is not too long left away and if you'd like something to watch after this and why not check out all the other blogs from other one through a 30 weeks pregnant right now over on channel one the link will be down below for you as always so that's all from us here at channel mum so we will see you and that's gorgeous baby of yours next week for week 31

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  1. Mid September Momma Here! 😱 OMG Can't wait to see my baby girl…. Ugh the wait is killing me…..

  2. Early September cant come soon enough! Me and my partner chose a name, literally the same name without realizing it. Now our only issue is deciding how it is spelt. Ashelin, Asilin or Asiling. We just cant decide!!!

  3. My first baby my little boy is due early september
    Cannot wait to meet little Robert robbie Alexander River Milne

  4. Been watching all these videos since I was just 12 weeks pregnant now I’m 30 weeks and can’t believe I’m getting so close to my baby 💕

  5. 30 weeks tomorrow! Only 9 weeks until my csection. Her name is Kensley Christine🥰I've been super fatigued and lightheaded. Just diagnosed mild anemic this week. Been trying to slow down and take it easy.

  6. I am due in August 2019 I'm having a wee boy his name is Jaxx Vincent Pearson👶🏻, going to be a first time mummy🤰🏻💙💙💙

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