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hey guys what goes on it's like mr. Misha huh welcome back welcome to my channel I'm doing video and so long but if you are new to my channel and make sure you subscribe like this video and come down below if you're pregnant introduce yourself let's chat as you guys can tell I haven't uploaded in a while and that's just because I've been so tired like third trimester problems are real I can spend pretty much sleep and laying in bed all day every day different scenery because I know y'all probably was getting tired of seeing me in there bro and that bed and just like I needed a new scenery too can you not I want to say thank you for all the love you guys have been giving me on my last video which was my 30 week Twitter pregnancy update ahead girl I got like a thousand views in like six days so you guys are great thank you so much I know it's not a lot to me it is and I love and appreciate you guys so much you have no idea also I've been getting a lot of new subscribers so hey I feel like my updates are getting like boring so I don't know if y'all feel like that but I feel like that I'm gonna do like my even number updates so after this one the next sit down video will be 34 weeks and then 36 and then 38 if I have not already come then for my ugly so I'm gonna do like pregnancy blogs and I think that's pretty cute so it's gonna be like from Monday through Thursday and I'll upload it probably Friday or Saturday I'll try you know marry off but yeah so I am back is another twin pregnancy update this week is my 32 week pregnancy of dead I also that I feel you guys in line what happened last week because I was 31 weeks opti yes so yeah let's just get right into we are eight months oh my gosh for eight months but this little picture that I kept and I like those I referenced this picture I'll put it on the screen and it tells me 31 to 34 weeks is 7 months and 35 to 38 and then whatever but yeah the google says that 32 weeks is 8 months but I guess it depends on how you look at it also you have to take it to pivot also you have to take into consideration twins gestational age so I don't know we're even seven months or eight months I don't know but you know happy eight months type II cepheid's it doesn't matter we're almost until the first thing I don't know if I ever told you guys but I am pregnant with mono die twins that means that they are identical they're sharing one placenta but they have their own like amniotic fluids they have their own vocal cords so that's great it's a better chance of them not having not twenty twin transfusion but one is it the conjoined might be they're not controlled so that's great so I wanted to tell you all that because I don't know if I ever I'm pretty sure I never said it so Crimean twins identical mono guy twins or just modified twins so last week I discovered that I had swollen gums and when I brush my teeth they just bleed if I come in if I didn't have to brush my teeth honestly I just wouldn't because it's just an uncomfortable thing to go through I have night sweats in kind of calm down the way I position my fan it kind of helps me girl I was waking up in pools of Swift and it just wasn't cute and I have the smallest amount of pee like two tables literally the smallest amount of pee I have braxton-hicks contractions and it's just like Oh so I try to clear my bladder what for what's it called I try to empty I try to empty my bladder as often as I can just so I won't have the contractions because it's just like I have four contractions every hour don't worry I told my period at all just he said that that's fine as long as it's not five an hour over two hours I'm seeing my parents halogens every week now which is exciting because I get to see my girls more often and it just means that we're getting closer to the date and yes but I don't have a date yet of course he wants to push for 38 weeks which is exciting I thought he was gonna stick with 37 just because that's what he told me in the beginning but he wants to go to 38 so hopefully my girls can stay in that log that would be great for everyone if they can give me a date and I feel like schedule the CSS to this room if I can schedule the c-section now that will be perfect just so I could have like a date you know set and it'll be like a fish show that my girls are coming on this day even though they can come early but just like oh just in my mind like you few moms understand like you just want to be prepared you know I'm gonna ask him every single week that I go magazine but probably every two weeks or you know degree in the night within the next three weeks I'm gonna be like you know so what dates oh just trying to get it in there last week was worse than this week with pressure like oh it's so much pressure well it was so much pressure that my lady bits were swollen I don't know what the definition comfortable means anymore well it seems like my body doesn't know what that is anymore because I just I can't find a nice like I can't even get just one position that feels great for like hours when I go to sleep I wake up literally at least four times throughout the night and that's so annoying because it's just like we know when I wake up in the morning I'm like did I even like get sleeps really like did I really even go to sleep I sleep with seven pillows seven yes I said seven I think that stays in Spanish dossier I sleep with seeing their pillows let me choose cameras too important because it's not I'm just so pissed what is that J videos and this is your first one I was 142 before pregnancy and last week I weighed 173 and the girls last week where 12,000 12 12 B 6 baby was 3.06 in baby feet was 3.07 okay because when the nurse token that I was like oh my god stare halfway to four pounds and she was like well I was like their uncle's had four pounds when she was like ya know they're like almost three and a half pounds and I'm like oh okay but like why don't they say 306 307 at the doctor instant instead of saying 3.30 instead of saying three six and three seven because that makes me think 3.60 like you know am I the only one or am i that slow to where I was like feeling all along oh my gosh because I don't know anywhere it's just like they're ju up what the s balls I got you asleep because I heard something I was like maybe he's snoring whatever anyway say yeah I was like feeling like I was all along and I kind of forgot that it's actually a world outside of these doors and people's lives are still going on and people are working in graduating high school and doing summer school and all that stuff and I was kind of getting sad like not the press but I was just something sad like I wasn't doing anything I felt like I wasn't doing anything it's been to benefit my girls or just you know myself so I was just getting sad in thankfully my mom Kate with the house we went to our house last Saturday and I had so much fun literally we were outside well we were only there for probably like an hour and a half and we came back home but that hour and a half felt so good like if I was so good to get out the house its smell fresh air and just see people like I don't know if you got it I know you can relate but if you're pregnant and you don't work and you're just stuck in the house and I'm pretty sure you can relate like you need to get out at least you know once every two weeks or something because it's just like you hooked up in this I'll see you just watched YouTube and Netflix and that becomes your life just really really weird so I'm glad that my mom got me out I was thinking I need to stop saying literally and definitely I need to take that out of my vocabulary I have no balance you guys I have no balance I would literally trip understand literally and understand whatever I would trip over my own foot standing straight up like I don't know I don't know how that happens I was tripping when I was setting up the camera to do this video I don't know what's happening but that's literally mmm stop saying that that's a symptom that I read on the bump that actually started this week which is so crazy like I have most of the symptoms that the bump says you're gonna have so that's crazy let me make sure this game and we're bad accident cakes attractions again so much more intense which it makes me think they're coming soon I really want them to stay up to 38 weeks like I didn't want to get my hopes up but then the doctor told me 38 weeks and so then I got my hopes up and now I really want them to wait on to 38 weeks but I just know that they might come before their day weeks I just want them to say they have been getting like extra extra extra intense and so much more uncomfortable like to where I don't want nothing touching me the other thing that the bump said that your nipples will get darker because the baby needs to see for breastfeeding so that's something that gets happened to me which is like super weird and they're super big and it's just like food keeps getting stuck in my Prada other day I was just like wiping just casually wipe and sweat cuz I know I sweated you so I was like my parent under food and it was a piece of Teddy tire crumb was like I was like what like why is there Tater Tot crumbs in my bra and I didn't know about it and I didn't even feel it like I'm them so weird hold on I gotta be my veils are growing so that oh my gosh this is like my highlight of my week yeah well other than effective I got just sit there be a tease that's the first one but then the other one is my nails like look at these babies they're so I need like a manicure and I'm trying to keep polish on them clear polish so they won't break but they are pretty healthy and strong so I'm really really excited oh my gosh I think for the first time I peed my pants on Tuesday I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure I think like I think so and I put on my Instagram I don't know if you guys follow me but all me what's my Instagram name Oh Jimmy should be follow me on Instagram I don't even know when it happened I don't know how I feel like I just went to take a shower and it was just like super wet and I know that's like one of the things that happen throughout pregnancy but I thought it would only be like if I sneeze or if I pop or I left and I don't know what that was thought of all you happen if I do either one of those things but apparently not hold on I got a date baby a pick ups every single night and it's so weird like it's like a throbbing village it has rhythm and it's like really fast and I don't know it's just so weird I just feel so bad because it's like nothing I can do to help her I feel like Kim Kardashian I just feel like I look like Kim Kardashian's first pregnancy like this was how I feel and you know thanks for the comments but you know I mean the compliments I don't get through to my head apparently kids are not comfortable anymore like oh they're cute at the top like if they're like right under my boob like that's fine but below it's just like all in the wrong places like it feels so bad so so bad and I feel bad because like it just makes me so ready to not be pregnant anymore but I love like all the benefits of being pregnant like feeling them and here there are meat and all this stuff at the same time it's like can you not can you just not convenient today can you just not take my rectum today can you just not have hiccups so I won't feel bad so yes maybe sir moving yes okay how many now what is it boy okay you're okay with that yeah what I mean is you don't need to do anything about right here okay you're doing the baby ice cream that you NATO someday so what about 32 weeks and five days today we did the measurements last week so what we're doing now is that biophysical okay okay so the biophysical is a form of antenatal testing where we check the baby a you know both babies who breathing movement on fluid okay and it tells me that the baby is doing work inside the heel-toe so that's what we're gonna do every week now and then we make sure you every four weeks okay okay and then we'll go from there okay so everything looks good today okay any questions yes do you have like a estimate of like an induction day well normally we say delivery 38 weeks so the clown would be if you haven't gone into labor by 38 weeks to induce your 38 weeks sometimes able to 38 with someone day you see depends on there will be scale you around 38 weeks because they won't do it on a Saturday or something yeah perfect baby next week ever do what you do lastly is my pills so I can take it prenatals I don't know if I ever told you guys like my table intake but I take three needles every single night I take iron pills every other night because I'm anemic or I have low hemoglobin or low white blood cells whatever you want to call and I take baby aspirin every other night that I don't take nine pills if that makes sense and I also take allegra every night since I have allergies in every morning I take iron food right now I weigh 170 4.8 I'm pretty sure that's not accurate I just weighed myself tonight after I ate all that stuff so I'm gonna whip myself in the morning and here you guys go so three point six I don't have the girl's measurements for this week just because last week I did them and they do them every four weeks so I'll have them in the next two weeks for you guys okay yeah yeah not my favorite part the belly shot belly shot Jay come here I need your human body to focus my camera let's go right side front um okay buddy could've just walked by just to reiterate I will be doing my 33 week pregnancy update but in a blog style so I don't know just to switch it up I hope you like it if you know go on to the big video my 34 week pregnancy update I'll do another sit-down video I'll know we're probably on that couch but it will not be in my room because I'm sick of seeing that background I'm pretty sure y'all are too so yes I will see you guys next video

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  1. 38 is great! My twin girls were born at exactly 36 weeks! Healthy as a horse & no nice time! Good luck mama!

  2. You should do a room tour of the twins nursery! If it's done yet. Still looking good girl! You nervous…?

  3. This video is so late but honestly y’all can’t even blame me I tried to have this up on Monday but iMovie and YouTube was hating on me again of course 😂 But enjoy this new update💕

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