31 weeks pregnant update || Placenta Previa, Gestational Diabetes and Complications

hi everyone its Erica again sorry it's been a little bit since I made my last video but um I wanted to do an update on my pregnancy sorry about the awesome face stuff height makeup it takes away too long and yeah um anyway so this is an update this is my 31 week update and the reason I wanted to make this video I haven't really done any videos like this but I've kind of had a really eventful last two weeks and I know that I'm gonna mention them in my other videos or mention pieces of it and so be just much easier to say hey refer back to that video then to have to explain it every single time so um basically I'm 31 weeks and 2 days right now and a little bit about my pregnancy it's been a smooth pregnancy until about two weeks ago and I have listened to preview which means that for those of you who don't know my placenta is completely covering my cervix so like here's my cervix here's my placenta and then there's my uterus so like if she was to try to come like try to be born the bullet is in the way like she can't come out the cervix so if typically with placenta previa they um they it'll move on its own um I've been told 99% of them move on their own of course I have complete person listen to previa and I've had complete since the beginning of my pregnancy it has not moved ever so I had to have an emergency or non-emergency a plan of c-section um Lutz has its benefits and it's not benefits and I can talk about that later I don't totally another video but yeah so basically when the uterus like when the uterus is really little the placenta will like grab ahold of it kind of attached to it and then as the uterus grows then placenta will just move with the uterus because it's attached to like that part of it right and that's how it moves out of the way and just for me it just isn't it never connected and then I also have gestational diabetes lovely so it's been a really eventful week and really eventful two weeks so basically here's what happened um everything's been good until about two weeks ago when I started bleeding and with placenta previa if you have like the smallest piece like smallest tiny dot of blood you have to go in like any kind of spotting nothing like I went in and it was like barely pink and I was like I'm not messing with it I'm going to the hospital by the time I got there it was like a period so sorry this is T my if it is shut off the video like you don't listen to me but barely it was barely pink right and then by the time I got there it was like full-on and the reason that it's so important to go in right away if anybody does have placenta previa and I'm sure your doctor will mention this but the reason that it's so important is because the bottom part of your placenta is covered in blood vessels well those are my blood vessels and those are the baby's blood vessels and if I start to bleed they don't know if those are my that's my blood or if that's her blood and if it's hers she has a lot less to give so if it was her blood that I was bleeding we gotta get her out you know we we can't mess with that if it's mine which mine was it was just my blood and then it's not as big of a deal just I mean it's a big deal but it's not it's not as life-threatening so basically they admitted me and they wanted my hospital here has a rule that they want if you're here or if you bleed they want to keep you for seven days to watch you so they admitted me on the Sun Saturday so they wanted to keep me through Saturday to watch me to make sure she wasn't in distress that I wasn't gonna have any more all of that well then oh and they also gave me a steroid shot that allowed if she was to be born early it would help her lungs develop and then they on Thursday I had more bleeding um just like some clot clotting but it restarted my account and I was told I was gonna stay for another seven days that sucks my room is tiny I was getting really sick of it I really didn't want to be there any water so I um I mean everything was still fine baby's been fine the whole time they just want to watch me last on Monday I had took the three-hour gestational diabetes test and I did not pass it all right I saw I liked it my levels were elevated so now I have poked my finger four times a day which it sucks but you kind of used to it I guess and I really have to watch like my carbs and watch what I eat my sugars which is actually probably a good thing because I've gained a little bit more weight in this pregnancy than I wanted to and it'll help me get in the habit of actually watching what I eat so that by the time she's here I can continue to watch what I eat and hopefully lose weight in a relatively short timeframe not short short not like abnormally short but you know what I mean like quickly I don't want to this select class forever I'm gonna be little me again but um so that's kind of where my thing has been so I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks I actually asked to leave early because just a day early but I was just getting really emotionally unstable there I was just really a big mess I mean staying in a tiny room that literally I was like two feet from the walls on each side and I couldn't walk I could only watch at the bathroom I was on complete bed rest so I was there pretty much and so all of this it was just really hard to do it all and so I asked to go early so they gave me all the information I needed and they let me go yesterday instead of today I'm so thankful because I'm sorry if you had her and last night looks like nearly 12 hours which was just making up for being woken up at 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and you know how that goes so everything's fine I'm back home I'm on very very light activity so my next few videos if I'm very out of breath or anything like that that's why I don't get a whole lot of exercise anymore and I am my husband is his home so he's helpful and that's that's great and he is you know he's like you're not driving anywhere they said I technically I could drive I'm more paranoid I think about my rules than they are so I'm like I'm not driving I'm not doing anything because I don't want to go back there ever until she's born and be I just really don't want anything else happen so I'm really paranoid so it's pretty much like here sitting here sitting and we're laying on my bed um we have another couch in the other room which I'm gonna do some videos on that in there in a little while but yeah basically it's just moving around walking around the house a little bit to get myself you know moving but yeah so that's kind of where my pregnancy has been she will be born at between well she will be born at 37 weeks in one day but they some hospitals like to deliver at 36 weeks my Lots does 37 and you have to have a c-section with a with the previa because you don't want to go in too late because going into labor could Brazil and lots of bleeding and things like that so we already have our date which I'm not really gonna announce right now um we do have the date of her birthday which is really fun and it's already on the schedule for six weeks from now so yeah well that's kind of what it has been I'm gonna do my next video should be a a multi-part sewing tutorial on cloth diapers it's kind of everything some kind of be broken up so that it's easier to find and people can find like different parts of it or whatever they want to do so that's that I will see you soon thank you for watching bye

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  1. Im 28 weeks with placenta previa. and hospital for the 2 nd time cause of bleeding they told me that i have to stay until i have the baby wich is suck staying here for too long they told me they may be get me on c section at 36 wks or more but if an emergency happen they have to do it soon

  2. I'm 33 weeks on Tuesday (tomorrow) with my 2nd (first boy). My daughter will be 2 when the baby is born, and I'm also making some amateur diapers so I'm a new subscriber. Sorry for ur crazy 2 weeks but at least u two r still good and u have a great positive attitude about everything 🙂 wish u the best mama, D day aproaches!

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