31 Weeks Pregnant: What Every Expecting Mother Should Know

thirty first week of pregnancy welcome to the thirty first week of being pregnant your baby is now moving a lot more than before the expectant mother can likely feel a lot more of that movement your little one is now creating neural connections height of your baby is sixteen point eighteen inches and it weighs three point 31 pounds the baby can now turn his or her head fat is accumulating beneath the skin to prepare for birth and life outside the womb using the neural connections forming in your baby's growing brain he or she is beginning to process information and track light your little one can now recognize signals received from the five senses his or her eyes can now perceive light with fully functioning irises that dilate and contract the tiny ears can now hear and distinguish sounds it is said that baby's heart rate speeds up and slows down in response to different music your baby can now play with his or her toes nose umbilical cord and your uterine walls to improve his of touch mothers may experience an arm or foot moves slowly across the belly many expectant mothers also experience Braxton Hicks contractions and some can even experience preterm labor at this point check back to know more about your baby's development only on consumer health digest calm till then take care of yourself you

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  1. https://youtu.be/1sFkOegilbw im so tryna drop bby @ least into the pelvic…super high @ 33wks .. Im pass exhausted ..oowweee

  2. Hi I am a pregnant for 31 week.my farst baby was cerjarian. At 22.5.14.can I could a normal delivery. Please tell me I am from Bangladesh. πŸ‡§πŸ‡©

  3. Hi, my first delivery was through c section… I'm currently 31 week pregnant with my 2nd baby .. kind of nervous .. can you pls tell me is their any possibility of having normal delivery this time or should I have to go through a c section again… Thanks in advance

  4. M in 31st week now nd 1st time mom……and today is my first day……so much sleeping problem…what can i do…..incomplete sleep at night….plzz tell me something

  5. I'm 29 weeks and I'm experiencing cramps like period my legs and my lower abdomen. Hope is not preterm labor

  6. I am reading comment and thinking when I am pregnant I wish I can have baby soon please every one pray for me

  7. Hi, my baby's efw was 1578g at 31 weeks and 1 day. Please advise me whether thz z a normal weight or low.

  8. Hello maam .. im 31..
    its safe to travel alone by plane in 6 hours…

    Hoping your reply maam
    Thank and God bless

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