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while you're into single figures now at 31 weeks pregnant you've only 9 weeks left to go until your GJ how it is did that happen now as I mentioned last week baby is now gaining half a pound a week and should now be weighing in somewhere around three and a half pounds crikey they are getting it big and lengthwise they should be measuring an around 40 centimeters long and will be the same size as a coconut so as you can imagine the changes with your baby are going to become much less noticeable now aside from the size of course but really there isn't as much change going on in there as the ones was but why you can't see it your baby brain is working some serious overtime right now developing and growing at a rapid rate ready for that all-important big day connections between nerve cells are developing at a speedy rate and baby is now processing information tracking light and receiving signals from all five senses but other than that baby it is getting chubby have an uber dog snooze pulling a few crazy faces having a wiggle and just getting ready to meet you so let's take a look at some real scam footage for research you want shall we now we talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling of what is being dead you want me to pregnant really like well here at channel moment we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from some other mums just like new in the coming week we would help you feel is prepared and possible for this gorgeous little baby of yours so we're going to be talking all things labor answers along with a little bit of practical how-to this is all just stuff that we wish we'd known ourselves the first or second time around or just a few tips that we picked up along the way so today we're going to start with you now your head is probably full to the brim with baby right now try not to get involved yourself as well because this is actually a really nice time in your pregnancy to pamper and treat yourself now I actually had a pregnancy massage around this time in my last pregnancy and it was the most amazing thing for a tired and achy pregnant lady honestly I just thought it was absolutely incredible so if you've got a birthday coming up or a friend or family member wants to treat you then we can't recommend it enough another thing to cheat yourself would be to get a nice haircut or color in the coming weeks because you'll come away feeling really pampered and special and you can keep that gorgeous thick healthy pregnancy hair in good condition while it lasts – and don't worry about coloring your hair by the way because the NHS states that research while limited says it's actually okay to color at your hair while pregnant though most women tend to wait until after they are 12 weeks but that's really not a concern for you anymore is it and it's long time so let's take a look at those rapidly growing at 31 weeks bellies here is the ball only one week and this is my thumb I feel like my son is quite veiny at the moment it is bump I'm coming at the bowling ball stage where sometimes in a lot of tops I just like a shot some sort of football or bowling ball up my job so what else can you expect well we have tons of logs over on Chatham on set every week of pregnancy from other monitor is the same stages you are right now now let's take a look and see what they had to say about being 31 weeks oh my goodness the countdown like seriously freaking out of it though I now officially have eight weeks and six days to go little one is still moving lot which is very reassuring her movements are regular and to the point well i candidate she will have a good Wizzle in the morning and she will have a good wiggle around lunchtime thank you been quite a movie I've seen from before like I went and boring Rikishi and does move a lot and I can really feel like lots of them in hardness my of little limbs and things I'd like to be pregnant forever and I don't like you hear that very often I feel like most women alike get this baby out of me I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore so I'll give you a chance now to be pregnant for an extra nine months I would do it don't worry symptom by far initiative TMI but I don't care because what's the point in doing a pregnancy blog and then lying concentration which is not nice I am bummed oh I started getting a bit nauseous at night again and certain foods is going to mimesis sick heartburn has been quite bad it's been a lot more ignite now when I lay down and haven't got scores all the time supposing it really hard to sleep she's still feeling quite high up at the moment one selfie in a bit like that my vision is that you can't really fight you know super anything something like this and still super tired I haven't got that last burst of energy yet before you have the baby to saw your stuff on Webber definitely just the pentateuch wrestler since that night has been awful with only my left leg though not after how I lay is when we just left load and finally it's time to get on it so here are the channel mum the good the bad and the ugly of being at 31 weeks pregnant the good you might find now that because your bump is so big and your baby is so active that your other half is able to bond with baby so much more I just love this time in my last pregnancy because I would lie back in evenings and just watch weather have talked to my baby and it was absolutely gorgeous the bad you are now around that stage in your pregnancy where you've gone from wishing you had a bigger book to wishing it actually wasn't quite so big and you might actually find that you start missing your pre-pregnancy body – we've all been there and viously you may notice with all the increased blood flow in your body right now that you are way more veining than usual my hands went super veiny and my boobs did – it was really weird to see so as always we hope you've enjoyed watching our textbook versus the truth about being expensive one week we'd absolutely love to hear how you're doing down the comments below you've really not got long left now have you bless you and if you'd like something to watch after this and why not check out all the other blogs from other ones who are 31 weeks pregnant right now over on channel mode we'll leave that link down below for you as always and that's it for lazier eternal month so Italy take care you and that lovely pump of yours met week 4 week 32

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  1. 31 weeks on Saturday really enjoyed listening to your videos each week can't wait to meet my little man hope he doesn't come too early still loads to get x

  2. 31 weeks today. Me and my fiancé saw baby beans arm or leg move from one side to the other this morning and she’s getting way more active 😁😁 I can’t wait for the big day!

  3. I've watched these videos all through my pregnancy so far and I'm so glad you've made these blog compilations ❤️ very informative and reassuring for a first timer

  4. 40 cm is more like two coconuts together, not one. I experience no pain at all, just very very tired, i would sleep all day long. I'm 31 weeks and 4 days, who else is due on 17th August?

  5. i literally can not sleep the baby pokes n prods only at night in the day minimum movements. always tired n im so vainy lol

  6. So tired, still throwing up daily. I just figured it out and if this baby is 9 pounds at birth (most likely based on my track record) then this baby is actually closer to 4.5 pounds right now!!! Which would explain a LOT actually.

  7. 31 weeks tomorrow!! 9 weeks left! Wow! Heartburn is the worst. I can't wait to meet little miss. This is our second baby and also our second girl. Almost a 7 year age gap but we are all excited

  8. wife is 31 weeks today I watch these videos every week so I can develop a deeper understanding of everything she is going through and it just makes me appreciate and fall in love with her more and more

  9. 31 weeks today with my very first child, and she’s a girl. I’m so excited. Feeling so much back pain if I’m up for more than 15 minutes. Super duper horrible heartburn and for the first time in my pregnancy I’m actually getting some breakouts on my chin. July 15th 2019 couldn’t get here any sooner!

  10. I have my baby 7/09/2019 i can't wait 2 have her i just hope she come out wit nothing wrong wit her God and please watch over her and keep her safe

  11. Am in India here gender reveal is prohibited I want to know my baby's gender can anyone suggest me plz am due on June 2019 I tried Chinese calendar it says boy but baking soda doesn't fizzle n it means girl am confused plz reply

  12. Anyone 30 weeks 5 days and leaking milk?!😊 my boobs are awesome now love the size….wish I could keep them after baby is done with me. But😩… my nipple are itchy and the milk stuck on my inverted nipple was horrible. I nearly gagged!
    Please tell me I'm not alone!. 🤗

  13. I’m 31 weeks today! And the coundown definitely begins at single digits. So excited but also overwhelmed!

  14. I have very bad shooting pain in my right leg, near calf muscles. Anyone else experienced that? By the way I too am in 31 weeks now 😊

  15. I can't believe I've made with this far! 💙 This is my double rainbow baby and he's the best thing in my life

  16. I should be getting my first 3D ultrasound next week at 32 weeks and my husband and I are really excited

  17. Let me just get the tmi stuff out of the way really quick.. boob sweat galore like I had his issue before but now oh. My. Goodness. 😬😫 and hemmorids are really kicking in for me I got them with my first child and kinda had them a little here and there throughout the years but now they are making a comeback and are currently hurting so bad 😕 so now with the gross stuff out of the way I’ve been getting foot cramps like crazy insomnia still kicking my hind end I’m getting some nausea back and I feel so exhausted all the time and my head is officially overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done and how little time I have I’m going into panic mode but trying so hard to stay calm and BRAXTON HICKS like crazy!! Had me convinced it was real contractions and went to my dr to make sure cause I didn’t have them with my first so I was a little shook up.. baby girl has definitely dropped I’m feeling lots of pressure in my lower tummy but above all the crazy she definitely has a moving pattern and I feel her moving and wiggling all the time and it makes me so happy and her big sister is just above and beyond excited to meet her every dr appointment I go to she asks if baby is going to come out so she can meet her and hold her and she always kisses my belly and says love you baby sister and it’s so sweet 💕 9 weeks to go and we’re so excited!

  18. I just love your mom's videos I'm officially 31 weeks my due date is may the 29th on 2019💓💓💓

  19. Currently 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant and 😫soooo congested, stuffy nose, blowing my nose alot, congestion bothering my sleep, making me kind of cranky, literally have to sleep with my head lifted or elevated

  20. Ladies please wait for coloring your hair a lot of those paints are toxic and that's going into your hair directly into your scalp and into your brain and into your blood try to stay away from us as much toxicity as possible

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