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hi guys here's my 32 week buck update I'm 8 months oh my gosh I'm so excited hope you enjoyed the video leave comments below love you much hello a beautiful family really excited today it's bring you my 32 week pregnancy update oh my I am getting so close in the last two weeks I found it very difficult to get up and go to work I mean I've the nausea and just the fatigue has picked up from the beginning I mean I feel like I'm back in the first trimester the only thing is that it's not as bad even David told me that better the note wasn't my first trimester I was pretty miserable that first trimester but these last two weeks I've been completely exhausted and I I've been feeling good as long as I rest I feel pretty good as long as I stay in the bed till about 9:00 or 10:00 I'm usually okay that's normally I do much better that way I'm a night morning person but lately bus in fact link up earlier than that I ended up going right back to sleep you know later on I have been taking naps I found that they are very helpful and I have been feeling baby kick whoo this week I was a little paranoid because I wasn't sure it was in our eye position because I when I went to the doctor's appointment the month ago baby was breech in the wrong position um but I believe the babies in my position and I miss my point with my midwife this week traffic and we had like so few things going on but hopefully my next appointment and I'll be able to talk to dr. Terrence doctor be able to check to make sure that being in our position the baby was like sitting up high reason biggest very low but I couldn't fill it that was the bottom so the bum or if it was a big head of here I'm pretty sure right now I've been commenting attention the hiccups have been low so that means the face has to be low and the the feeling of I've been able to see like will look like a leg or an arm and I'm not sure if it's a leg or an arm but I'm pretty sure it's probably a leg because I can feel the feet and I can so they're kicking higher so keeping my fingers crossed praying and so keep praying for me but the boobs in our position because I do not want any any cutting happening down here I have been able to let the weak you know God has blessed me where I haven't had stretch marks so I'm like oh my gosh you've asked about a c-section that would suck planning to go completely natural delicate door oh I even talked to the doctor about side laying that on the you know the bed if I could why did she mention a yoga ball so I'll let you guys know I was even considering like pull water birthing but I'm not really completely comfortable with doing it at home because there's just so many things to go wrong and it's my first baby someone already bring a hospital but I want to do a natural layer in the hospital and the doctors made really nice and accommodating so we will see in addition to that the clothes that I brought have been still fitting me well this is a dress that I had even before I was pregnant amazingly I just end up taking the profits the belt off and moving it up under my breasts that are you know relevance wiki flow back worked out deadly recommend doing that and I just learned my slacks last night we went for at the bonfire and I was I was so upset because they were making hot dogs and I couldn't eat them I have an ADA that's what pregnancy I was like oh I really wanna how dogs sleeping here not supposing you're pregnant drops of us will see it watch me I've been doing that so but I'm not going to have a hug I'm sure that activist I'm gonna get one so it's but it's you know how do I get an idea and my wedding ring I end up taking it off yesterday for the first time just because it was really hard to get on I was like I'm afraid yeah Greg's gonna get stuck so my fingers are definitely bigger more slow and I gained about 30 pounds and my feet are not swollen so I'm trying to keep that that way I hopefully I wasn't happening as far as contractions I just started building them a couple of days ago grazie like small you know the little practice contractions practical braxton-hicks I just start feeling that pokedex go very light mix lightly I used to try to go like down because I don't want the baby come any sooner and they're supposed to go but anyways Desilu going on man it's hidden realest feeling real I've definitely been a little bit more afraid of deriving that it was the drugged me you know where I do to go with it if it's out of this city it went bad and had to drive me because I don't know like you just always have that thought like wow I'm getting close it could happen and I didn't think that was gonna happen to me the paranoia but it did shouted some Shana my friend Mashona she's also pregnant and she told me hey this is going to be wise I am so excited I just felt done with the registry working on the baby shower we went and picked up some stuff I'm going to be doing some DIYs three guys see things that were getting ready for the baby shower and then mutations and all that so two months away so 32 weeks is seven sorry eight months and – away and I believe this is my prediction this baby's going to come before the due date which was mentioned first I just have a feeling this baby was pretty long happen hopefully not before me but anyways I hope this you guys enjoyed this video if you have any ideas for what you guys want to say for me please leave them below got any questions I think covered please let me know I love you so much thank you for watching and I will see you guys next week this is the same type of address the black and white was a high as a high low but this one's a long one that I would really really love them it's here gasps see I've got all kinds of grab bags how many stores are in the different times usually every time you go you just pick free

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