28 Replies to “32 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect – Channel Mum”

  1. I’m 32 weeks today, due September 5th. All Glory to God… good luck to all the expected mummy 💗💗

  2. I’m 32 weeks pregnant today with our first child 😍 not long to go. I love watching these week to week videos. Keep them coming 🌺

  3. I'm 32 weeks pregnant today…I've been having false labour alot and I'm clumsy with everything, also heartburns are terrible at nights. My bag is almost packed and I'm due August 27 with my baby girl💕

  4. I'm 32 weeks and having my baby at home. Hospital only if an emergency comes up that we can't deal with. What videos you have for home birth to have ready?

  5. My favorite part of every Wednesday is getting to watch another one of these videos! I'm so scared but I feel like I'm not alone, thank you!!

  6. This is my 1st and Im 32 weeks and very ticklish. So when he kick me (only at night) I freak out and my hairs stand on end. But during the day I love it and it doesn't feel like somethings crawling on me. Idk what to do

  7. God bless all the children and unborn children and all the mommy and daddies I can’t wait to meet my third bundle of joy 💓💓💗

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