33 week Pregnancy Update

hi guys and welcome to my 33 week update um it is third trimester and I've been in the third trimester for some weeks now so I did make videos like in the beginning of my pregnancy on my channel so some of you may be watching this that have seen my previous videos but I did take them down because I I wasn't I was very emotional in being on my pregnancy obviously this was like very unexpected for me because I'm only 20 years old so I took them down because I was emotional and I said some things about certain people that I just don't and I regret saying so I just took them down but I can put them back up up and just edit those parts out because I do think they were really good but just I just regret saying some things I said because you know it is what it is right but yeah so I'm 33 weeks and the gender is a boy and his name starts with the P but I'm not gonna say what his actual name is until you can see the cute little face on the camera and match the name to the face so I'm not gonna spoil it and give it away but yeah everything has been really great throughout my pregnancy so far I am really blessed I don't have any symptoms I never got morning sickness besides like a little nauseous here and there if I do eat and if I didn't eat I would still be nauseous and but like it would never get to the point where like I needed to throw up and like I was throwing up all the time it was never that bad I would just have my legs in the beginning that's all I had and now starting my third trimester what I have now is just lower back pain if I'm like walking around or on my feet too much but it's really not that bad and I don't have heartburn I really don't have anything and I'm really blessed for it but yeah it's been really easy for me so far I've just been uncomfortable like just having like look here there's a having like a basketball a stomach like that's what's uncomfortable and yes I'm in this huge like t-shirt because well let's be honest I get in a cute outfit and it's often like two hours like I cannot laugh I can't do it sorry anyways but yeah weight gain so far 33 weeks I weigh 140 which is a lot for me and I did take down all right took out my scale from my bathroom because it was getting emotionally like getting me emotionally frustrated because there's nothing you can do about it I was really small before I weighed 105 and now here I am pregnant gained like 30 35 pounds so yeah it's kind of it's a humbling in a way for sure and it's it's frustrating but I'd rather make a healthy baby than a not healthy baby so yes my baby will come out well fed and probably fat so I don't care I mean I was 10 pounds when I was born the father of this baby was 10 pounds and he was born so my baby is well fed and I'm not mad about I will insert a photo of what I looked like before it was pregnant the photo and and I was really like into working out and being healthy and also their stuff and it's kind of frustrating not being able to do the same kind of thing like because I would wait left and I'm not gonna wait with freaking eight months pregnant 60 pounds squatting like I'm sorry it's not but it is it was like a stress reliever for me and that's something I don't get to do anymore so it is kind of tampering with me in that way but it's worth it in the end and I just can't wait meet him that's all and I probably won't be doing weekly updates but I'll do every other week updates I'll let you know what my thirty fourth week ultra song I have that coming up and I'll give you an update after that yeah that's I'm gonna give you an update cuz I get an ultrasound during that so that's like super exciting for me but okay bye

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  1. Nice to see an update and you’re getting so close!
    Would you be able to answer a question in your next video? Have you had any embarrassing or TMI symptoms, like lots of gas/farting, during your pregnancy?

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