33 Week Pregnancy Update!!

what's up back to our channel or if you are new here make sure to hit that subscribe button go check out our other videos so um we made this video three times now well I'm a we made the first one and then I made one and then here we are so hopefully this one makes it oh it's done yeah sometimes like I'm not in the greenest mood so Rick I'm not gonna put on a fake smile for you so you're welcome luckily you know she's in a beautiful mood today looking beautiful this video see you guys cuz what a whole month without a video that's unacceptable unacceptable Chanel's here with us yeah so I don't know if you can tell but we are in our apartments right now but it's not completely done so we don't want to give you a tour until it's all done looking nice nice finishing touches so just be patient for that and yeah so as you can see by the title we're going to be talking about my pregnancy update so I am with my so I'm 33 weeks tomorrow boy oh boy right our baby shower is this Sunday I'm very excited for it definitely gonna try and get some footage some content for you guys of that hopefully some beautiful day you know it's kind of a it's in the house but it's also outside so hopefully you know it's a nice day the weather of course I was gonna rain and thunder and lightning so hopefully that doesn't happen yeah but we're gonna have a tent so it's fine anyways so before I talk about how I've been how I'm feeling how about you start I mean I guess I'll start it off by showing all the pregnant ladies you know always that get pregnant all the mothers out there shut up to you cuz you know I'm not pregnant buddy you know just being here with my baby the whole time I see how long I don't wanna say straighten or just see how it changes you know it's hard yeah definitely hard you know I'll tell the woman out there me I think us men definitely got it easy you know I've been with they're obviously you know this whole set of months every day every night so I'm here for it all pretty much seven anything long it has been for me again I know I can get a little cranky good answer that's all I'm ready for myself being I just can't wait again thank you so much already I mean I'm not the barrel so it's not really that much woman yeah but I'm his nursery is almost done so obviously we gonna show that in the tour we were we started making a video like setting the nursery up or setting like the crib and stuff but the broom has room wasn't done at the time so we're trying to set it up in the living room and then we're going to move it but then like my smart ass was like if it was me when I was you buddy but I was like wait is this really gonna fit to the you know like the hallway do the hallway no no do the door like it didn't fit to the door so we had to like basically take it apart and then once it was done we started back up because you'll just see him in my house torso so how I've been feeling first of all this is different like before I was like a couple it was a couple weeks ago I didn't feel it as big I feel huge I don't know I feel like he's just cramped up in there I feel so bad I feel so it like he like how it feels like he just feels cramped when you get to the point where I would be uncomfortable too big that's the time but I guess I'll start with the negative stuff and end this video positive because there's a lot to this and this is like first trimester second trimester yeah we didn't do updating so it's the whole pregnancy so the first trimester was it kind of sucks because like I was very nauseous all time and I think I said that and like the pregnancy Mario video yeah even though you meant oh I didn't throw up but like I felt very sick all the time so glad that that was bad um so that was kind of bad and then the second trimester was like okay it was better I didn't feel sick and it feel to be it was actually great and now I only have a few weeks left this for you I felt this pain in my ribs around like 17 18 weeks and it hasn't gone away since I guess I'm more used to it now but it's very painful I don't know what it is I asked my doctor they said like it's just my you know I'm growing yeah there's no room play everything all the negative that she's gonna say like the pains and everything obviously we asked the doctors and everything everything's normal like yeah baby's healthy everything's good but she does best in the night time less time to go to sleep yeah recently it's hard for me to like breathe when I go to sleep because there's no room for Merlin lungs to expand I wake up like six times a night to go pee and then when I come back to bed I think I can't go back to bed because I can't breathe once I'm sleeping like it's fine obviously but I don't know it's just and I'm getting bigger like laying down like nothing's comfortable but I'm very blessed and grateful that this is happening should I give you a belly shaft not my actual belly because that's not cute but there it is thank you No so yeah I'm huge he's huge in there hopefully out hopefully I don't have to push out a tempo maybe but I have gained I've gained like 35 pounds so far so like I step on the scale and this is like 140 something and I'm like I hope I can use that after I think most of its water weight so like I will lose it but we go again in the gym we are gonna go to the gym see but yeah he's gonna be looking so I've also been having really bad back pain just recently explained like bad like to get up and go to the bathroom that night I feel like walk like your grandma because it just hurts so bad I don't know maybe because I can't get comfortable I do have a pregnancy pillow which up a lot yeah but it does still hurt but what are you gonna do right um seven weeks and then I can sleep but not really I'm excited definitely and very scared to like go into labor and like have to deliver him I don't know my friend just recently had her baby and it made it more real to me I don't know so now I'm scared yeah I hope everything goes smooth but I am definitely scared it's a scary thing like you don't really think about it until it's happening to you the like you got to push that thing out a whole like this thing and if you don't have to push it out you have to have surgery for it and I've never had surgery so like either way it's scary for me I have a good support system so the nice things about being pregnant um definitely seeing my belly grow and knowing like how big my belly starting is how big he's growing like I don't know see I'm feeling him keiki eyes awesome I don't know just being pregnant like knowing that you're growing a life inside of you he's great yeah now his kicks are like a little more uncomfortable for me because I feel like he's like stronger so like he just be like beating me up but I still feel like it's crazy I feel huge like even like two weeks ago like I don't feel so bad belay and I still have seven weeks so I don't know they say that you grow like half an inch right this way every week so like that's still awake I'm gonna be huge by the end of this but they're looking beautiful to them as long as he's healthy I don't care what I look like I did get a little bit of stretch marks like in the back like I didn't think I'd get stretch marks back there so I wasn't putting stuff right there but I did hopefully the go away if not it's fine I didn't get any on my belly knock on wood but I have been putting this on I'll show you so I have this earth Mama belly butter it says it's rich moisturizing lotion to help ease skin and stretch marks so I use this every day usually after the shower because that's when like it's dry and like I don't know I feel like that's when it would stretch and make stretch marks so I use that I use the same same brand it's just belly oil so this one's body butter this one's belly oil they they workbook together so use those sometimes I use baby oil and then I also have this bio oil it says helps improve the appearance of both the new and old scars it's this user for stretch marks if you draw if you want I started using this my second trimester because that's what it says and a lot goes a long way like I use this a lot and only this much is gone so it's a really good one I don't know how much it is or where to buy it his mom gave it to me so shout out to you but yeah I really like this and they helped I don't have any judgements on my belly I just wasn't putting them on my back cuz I think like you get stretch marks are perfect but you would so do that I plan on making a what's in my hospital bag videos in a few weeks let so many other people do yeah so be on the lookout for that in a few weeks we plan on doing it not too long after the baby shower so like we can use some things that people get us I don't know so I might miss anything in this video and I remember gonna write down my phone and then either the next video or the hospital bag bag video the hospital you know mention it quick in that video so thank you so yeah so that's it for today I'm glad we came on here and made a video because we've been really wanting to make a video but time and you know we're like I've been trying just prepare as much as we can get ready alright guys like we said before you know now that we're finally in the Parmen just gotta have some finishing touches to it now that were a little bit more prepared for baby II to be here you know now we're just pretty much waiting playing the comb we can make more videos for you guys you guys still rocking on us don't make sure to smash that like mine makes you to comment down below let us know what you're still here with us and most importantly smash that subscribe button if you knew or if you're not knowing you haven't hit it yeah I don't know what to do in public see it's like so yeah I love you guys she loves you guys so know loves you guys we'll see you guys soon

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  1. Emy, u r a beautiful mother–2-b. U r just glowing. Skin & all.🙂 Its so good how Jeremy is so loving & supportive in everything with u. U 2 r so blessed.☺️😀😊

  2. Feeling very uncomfortable in 3rd trimester is normal, baby pushing up on diaphragm making you hard to breath, you are beautiful, get ready for the baby dropping and uterus being prepared feeling Braxton hicks

  3. I can't wait to see the baby. Its going to be so cute and beautiful like y'all. Love yall ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. God bless, good luck and much love to y’all from Brooklyn,N.Y. Peace. Oh by the way I watch all your commercials so I hope your paid for them. Hang in there girl it’ll be over soon and you’ll have your bundle of joy.

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