33 Weeks Pregnancy Video

Week 33
Welcome to Week 33 of the KidandParent Weekly Show. Do you get jitters about your delivery
date ? Well, as we are all part of creation, you know there is nothing to fear about it.
In today’s show, we will discuss anxiety about labor. We will also discuss what is carpal
tunnel syndrome and how to prevent it. Changes Taking Place in Mother
If your hospital allows pre-registration before delivery, it is a good choice to do so now.
This quickens the admission process when you actually turn up for labour. The uterus pushes
your diaphragm up and that in turn compresses the lungs. Pressure on your bowels may cause
you to have frequent or irregular bowel movements. You might make more regular trips to the bathroom
at night than usual. Can you differentiate between false alarm
or labour, it is time to read or attend labour preparation class. How is Baby Doing ?
Your baby’s muscles are developing rapidly at this stage. He gains weight rapidly through
more layers of fat. His brain develops many billions of neurons and his head increases
in size. The pupils in his eyes can adjust themselves according to the intensity of light
in the surroundings. He sleeps most of the time like a new born and experiences the Rapid
Eye Movement (REM). His lungs are almost fully matured. His skin starts turning slightly
pink as the fat adds up on his body. Anxiety about labor
You are handling a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you feel excited that you will
finally see your baby after waiting for so long. On the other hand, the process of baby
coming into world or delivery worries you. You are not the only one fearing labor. Most
moms fear about not being able to reach the hospital on time or pain being too severe.
They worry a lot about the well being of the baby too. Here are some tips to overcome anxiety
about labour. Tips to Maintain Your Cool
* Fear of unknown is bad, try to get informed. * Talk to your doctor about all the fears
and know what to expect and how to cope with it.
* Labor classes are a good option to get the comprehensive view on all delivery and birthing
related subjects. * You can talk to a friend who has given birth
recently and openly address all the issues. * Try some meditation and breathing exercises
that will help you during delivery also. * Read about labor and delivery and know more
about what to expect. * Have faith in your capabilities to withstand
labour and be positive about it Can I use insect repellent during pregnancy?
It is advisable to avoid insect repellents or other pesticides as they contain strong
chemicals that affects the nervous system of insects. Using insect nets is a healthier
option. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel in the wrist. If you work in a job that requires
your wrists to be bent for a long time, like typing on a computer or playing a guitar,
you have increased chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. However during pregnancy,
the increased fluid retention in joints and swelling can also trigger carpal tunnel syndrome. Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* You may find the swelling worse in a warm environment. Avoid hot stuffy places, stay
in open airy areas. * Avoid maintaining the same position for
long periods of time during pregnancy. * It is advisable to take frequent breaks
while doing so. * Wearing wrist bands while typing or using
computer can help to ease the inflammation. * You can do some simple stretching exercises
of hand regularly. That will enhance the movements of joints.
China has the lowest rate of twinning in the world. Have a nice week with this lovely thought
No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you …
Life. ~ Unknown

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