20 Replies to “33 Weeks Pregnant- Gestational Diabetes talk + Belly Shot!”

  1. yes being a diabetic and it sux badly… i'm a type 2 and its because i'm pregnant but hope all goes well

  2. Thank you much, God bless you and Juliana. Will you post videos of her once she's born? I feel like family now hahaha!😂 I also see we use the same tru match, later!🤗

  3. I failed my test too. I just found out yesterday 🙁 I got a 152 and my doctor said I have to have under 140 🙁 what was your score on the first test?

  4. Question , why and around when does the mommy line grow. I don't have a child but I have a natural line under my bellybutton

  5. no you dont have a high chance lol but i no how you feel i have to take the 3 hour test and i cant take waiting. there is alot of things that can happen to the baby if you have it and i looked it up and now i just want to no that my baby is going to be ok. ps your very pretty

  6. can you make a video helping girls that do have it..i was diagnosed with it an it has me really depressed… i have no idea what to eat please help…

  7. Im glad u didnt have to go through having gestational diabetes i have it when i was preggo with my son and ended up having to take insulin shots which was not fun :/

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