hey guys and welcome to another pregnancy update we are officially 33 weeks pregnant let that sink in I know we're so close but seriously I have started to feel just ginormous I feel myself like waddling like it's really difficult to walk and there's a lot of pressure down low which I'm actually I'm at the point where I see my doctor every two weeks so I saw my doctor last week and I'm gonna see him again next week so I'm gonna ask him about all of that pressure and actually it's like they're like there's pain that like shoots down there some of it is in my hip area but some of it it's down low like when I get up and stuff and when I stand up so yeah I'm gonna ask my doctor about that but this upcoming well not this Thursday but next Thursday so when this video is up probably the next Thursday for you guys but we're getting too complicated but anyway I kind of just jumped into the woes of pregnancy but hello I wanted to say quickly before I get into everything in this update that I am doing I am Jane fog mist on my blog Channel and I just posted a blog of us like chopping down the tree and decorating it this is actually our first Christmas as a family so I don't know I think it's a really exciting and fun time the Christmas season is so much fun or the holiday season it you don't celebrate Christmas but we do and we're pumped about Christmas or the sofa so yeah definitely go check that out also I am doing a giveaway I'm giving away a diaper bag so if you missed my last video definitely go check that video out if you want to enter the giveaway for yourself or maybe you have a friend that you would like to give a diaper bag too I don't know but check it out but alright let's just get in to all of the fun fun pregnancy stuff so my feet I talk about this like every time I feel like and I probably will continue to talk about it they're so swollen you guys like it's clicking my ankles like it's like I almost have like rolls down there but it's from swelling like around my ankle oh I'm swollen and then around like my whole feet and my toes look really freaky for the swelling it's it's pretty bad so the swelling has got really bad and my ankles are killing me this is a lot like the last pregnancy update I feel like all these simply but it's worse you guys it is worse I am huge and it's just but we are 6 weeks away from baby time which is so exciting and in my next pregnancy update I will actually be able to tell you guys the exact day an exact time that I will be giving birth which is kind of crazy and definitely a perk to what I'm going to have to tell you guys in just a second which I'm going to tell you right now basically I have have a c-section unfortunately I really didn't want to have a c-section I wanted to do a VBAC which is a fashion alberto after c-section that was what I was hoping for but unfortunately I read the risks of a VBAC and it scared me to death first of all all of the nurses at my doctors office were like I had c-sections or pigna all but there was 232 but more than one okay they said they had c-sections and that they didn't want to risk it so you know they're nurses they're educated they're in the baby-making field you know and that's what they did and then but they gave me this form and they were like you know it's your decision you can either sign that you want to repeat c-section or you can sign that you want you a feedback but if you want to do a feedback you have to like acknowledge all of these many many risks and it's kind of scary okay Riley I'm gonna let you stay in here because stop snoring wake up sorry my French Bulldog she her leg is hurt you guys will see that in the blog if you watch the blogs and so I don't want to stick her in the bathroom right now but like she snores so loud Haley wake up and I'm sorry anywho basically some of the risks are they said the first thing it does is back 70% of the backs are successful now choose some people that may be a good thing to me all I can see is 30% of people have something go wrong and that scared me so I'm reading over this list like sitting in the doctor's office the nurse like what to do something or whatever that's the first thing I see and I'm like okay that's a little scary the nurse had also told me that there's a risk that your uterus could rupture so I didn't really think about the baby in that instance but I did think that um okay you're never having any more kids if your uterus ruptures so that's scary but then as I'm reading the list of risks a lot of them had to do with the baby and it was basically like you have to acknowledge that you are putting the baby at a higher risk by having a VBAC and that was just not okay with me like that was the deal breaker I was like I just I can't do that like this you know this baby is not born yet but it's my baby it's my child and I think about my son and my oldest my first child and if he was having some kind of surgery would I ever choose the riskier surgery for him you know I'm saying like no I would never ever in a million years even if if it goes well it may be a little bit smoother like or it's easier on me honestly because a vaginal birth tends to have an easier recovery time which would be good for mom and baby but I'm just not gonna take that risk I know I have recovered from a c-section before my son was actually in the NICU for five weeks so I haven't liked how to make me home with me while I'm recovering from a c-section but plenty of people do it and they survive honey I'm really really wanting to breastfeed like really really want to and I know some people struggle with breastfeeding after having a c-section but I know some people that do perfectly fine so you know I'm just gonna do the very best that I can with that but yeah so basically I'm just not going to put my unborn child at risk another thing was if you don't sign saying that you want to have a repeat c-section then it's like they're kind of assuming you're gonna have a VBAC and they don't schedule it because they have to schedule these things like month in advance which is why I am I my next appointment I will know like the exact day and time that the baby's born unless for some weird reason he comes even earlier than that c-sections they take the baby a week early so that's why I have six more weeks instead of seven more weeks which you know that was a perk I'm trying to think of like all the positive things with a c-section because there are positive things I will link Mia from Sam and Nia her and her channel called Mia's nest I would like her video on c-sections because she has had three c-sections now and she talks about how some women can feel like Oh am I not really a woman because I haven't given vaginally or whatever and how that's not true at all it's just a different experience so I think she has a really good video on it so I'll link that below but yeah I really wanted to go the natural route but to be on it sometimes the natural route leads to death like back in the day women died in childbirth plenty of babies died when they were porn and that was all oh natural you know and surgery and you know medications and things like that that keep people alive aren't natural but they keep them alive oh I do feel like he is down low and there's lots of pressure he's in the right position like his head is down low it's kind of funny the last time we had an ultrasound it was cool because I was able to like really get a feel for where he is like where his head is where his legs are the top of my belly hurts a lot and my doctor says that that's because you know he's kicking his feet her up there and his butt is up there right oh he sticks his butt out like my stomach will be like whew offside kid when he sticks his butt out so that's causing back pain so that was nice to know you know it's nice to know like what is causing this pain it's nice to know that it's that everything's okay with the baby you're just in pain you know what I'm saying oh yes I cannot forget this so in my last pregnancy updates I said that I was going to do a live birth on Facebook well I still want to do at birth even though it's gonna be a little bit different since I'm having a c-section but I'm gonna do it on Instagram because I did not know i don't i think it's new but who knows you know I may have just not realized it but Instagram actually has a live option now and Instagram is where I'm a lot more active I mean like all my Instagram pictures go to my Facebook and they go to my Twitter so you know I'm on those but Instagram is like the first place that I post and it's my favorite it's where I'll do like I'll share my story kind of like snapchat but on Instagram so I decided that that would be best to do the live birth there so I don't know how much of the birth is going to end up there we're vlogging it 100% no matter what it's going up on my blog channel but I don't know because you can only have one person in the room when you have a c-section so that would be my boyfriend and I don't know if he's gonna be able to like be filming both at the same time but I'm definitely gonna get him to you know at least do some live and I'm gonna be updating you guys like oh you know it's time and reminding you guys even though I will let y'all know like the exact date and time so you guys can tune in but I'll be reminding you guys on all of my social media but it'll be live on Instagram so that's why I've decided to do okay I think that's it so I will show you guys a little bit of it today what I'm always seeing that okay so it is very big very very big very large I feel huge I like bump into people no joke it's actually really funny like when I substitute each eye the kids they just come running you know and they're not paying attention it'll bump into my belly and it's like oh it's really funny but they're always super interested in my pregnancy they always want to know if it's a girl or boy and stuff so it's sweet oh I think he's kicking a little bit maybe you guys can see that he kicked a little bit over here I think he's stopped but yeah super big super over it but we're really close six weeks away sad that he won't be here for Christmas but don't have a good Christmas next year and he's here it just kind of feels like somebody's missing you know like in all of our Christmas celebrations because he's not like outside of my stomach but he's in there and he's kickin and he's making his presence known to me every single day that's for sure alright peace guys you're gonna hook it on this thanks branch right here here another position in where basically that's what you want right right there

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