34 Week Pregnancy Vlog

hey guys so hopefully this quality of video is a little bit better I'm actually filming on my iPhone at the iPhone 5s instead of the webcam that I used to always use for my videos so I think that this um camera is actually better quality so I'm hoping it will be free wise and I think the Lighting's a little bit better today as well so fingers crossed because I feel really bad that I've been giving you guys like crappy quality videos but I just really don't have any other options so this is going to be a pregnancy update for 34 weeks I am 34 weeks in 4 days now so yay to me for actually updating um a little quicker than I have been in the past but now I'm getting down to the end of my pregnancy and I want to make sure that I am giving you guys updates um so since my last update I did go see the doctor and um everything looked great with Lincoln he is perfectly healthy but he is breech so um that is kind of what we've been struggling with lately I still have the absolute horrible pelvic bone pain um it is just getting worse and worse um and more and more painful and I really don't mean to complain I'm just telling you guys about it because it's a symptom um I'm really not complaining because he's healthy and that's all that really matters but the pain is really um pretty bad and um it does kind of suck so um I actually was able to borrow a wheelchair from my aunt who had a wheelchair and that's been really helpful because I can actually get out of the house now um the pain was so bad that basically like all I could manage was to maybe walk from my car to a destination and then instantly sit down like I can't walk around so that really sucks being somebody who I like to get out of the house I know a lot of people just love to sit at home all day and they would be super excited to sit at home all day and I'm really like how could you not appreciate that but it really drives me crazy to sit at home all day I actually really really hate it I get super super bored I'm a really active person usually I'm able to get out of the house a little bit and actually be able to do some things so I was able to go Christmas shopping with my mom and her friend and they push me around in the wheelchair um so that was really really nice thank God for that um I'm sorry you guys I just realized I'm staring at myself instead of the camera like I said I'm getting used to filming in this iPhone instead of my usual camera so I'm sorry if I've been staring at myself this whole time I'll try to remember to stare at the camera so anyways the wheelchair has been helping a lot um so the pelvic bone pain thing is still definitely there it's very excruciating and I hate it it's painful but it is so worth it so back to lincoln beam breach so that's really what we've been dealing with lately um everything else is just usual and he's really healthy so his head is still right here um right up into my ribs and so if he doesn't turn I will need to have a c-section which of course you know I'd rather have a vaginal birth um so we're trying to get him to turn so my doctor suggested I see an acupuncturist um they um have some studies behind it that show that they actually help to turn breech babies and they use this thing called moxie and it's basically like a I would go upstairs and get it for you guys but it's upstairs and I don't want to walk up the stairs it's like a stick and you light one end on fire and it heats up and it gives off a scent it's like an herbal II scent and you actually put it on these points on your little toes and it's actually proven scientifically to help to increase fetal heart rate and fetal movement and to get that baby to start moving around and getting ready to turn so um I went on last Friday um to the acupuncturist and got acupuncture done for the first time I never thought I would ever do acupuncture um I just it weirded me out that you stick needles in yourself like it's just weird um but it was really cool she just put one in my forehead one behind my ear and then a few down my leg and one of my foot and I laid there for 30 minutes it was very relaxing they turned the lights down and just have like candles lit and like relaxing music playing and I basically just like took a nap for 30 minutes and then she did the moxie on me which is the heated little stick thing and she did it on my toes and she also did it on my pelvic bone which felt really nice cuz it's warm so that was really nice and um then she sent us home with a Moxie stick of our own for my husband to do the same thing on me so I lay down and then he heats it up and puts it on my littlest toes and I'm supposed to do it twice a day which we were able to do yesterday but he works in the morning and it's too hard for me to try to bend over with my pelvic bone pain and do it on myself so we're just gonna have to do it at night when he gets home um I did notice it does increase his movement and so she also suggested I get down on all fours which isn't the most comfortable considering my pelvic bone condition but I get down on all fours and then I kind of like go more on to my arms in the front so my body is tilted and the gravity helps encourage him to flip over and she also said to get like a towel and wrap it around my stomach and like jiggle it um again to get him to turn so we did that yesterday and the day before and on Friday of course uh I'm sorry I didn't see her on Friday I saw her on Saturday okay even think um but yeah so we've been doing that trying to get him to turn so far his little head is right where he likes it um under my ribs and it's uncomfortable he likes sometimes like I swear he like stands up into my ribs in this little head just goes right into my ribs and I like literally have to like be like this and like oh my god Lincoln I just want to be able to sit normally can you just scoot down a little bit I'm going back to acupuncturist again this Friday that's why I was confusing that I went and actually saw her on Saturday but this Friday this upcoming Friday I've seen her for another appointment of acupuncture and hopefully it'll get him to turn because if not I am scheduled to do this procedure I believe it's abbreviated ecv I believe um and it's a procedure that they actually do at the doctor's office so I'm actually going to labor and delivery on November 25th which is exactly four weeks before my due date so I will be 36 weeks and um they are going to do this procedure where they actually turn the baby so I guess they watch him on an ultrasound and also have like all of the you know fetal heart rate things to make sure he's not going into distress and they are actually going to physically they from the outside of my stomach they hold his head they find his bum and they push him and they try to encourage him to turn and um dad just really makes me nervous um please guys if you have scary stories about it don't tell me them um the last thing you ever want to do is freak out a pregnant lady it's just not nice and um but if you have encouraging stories please tell me them because well make me feel a lot better what I was so comforted by is that my acupuncturist lady that I saw she actually is a midwife at the hospital I go to and she actually is the one who does the procedures so she's going to be there with me doing the procedure on the 25th if he hasn't turned by then and that made me feel so comfortable is just so reassuring and kind and very holistic so it made me feel better about the procedure because I felt like it was a very aggressive procedure and I even asked my doctor I mean is there risk that it's gonna distress my baby is it better I just plan on having a c-section I mean I don't you know I don't want a c-section of course but I want to do what's best for my baby and he was like no no no like he wasn't even concerned about it alone I really trust my doctor he's a really amazing doctor so he made me feel a lot better about it um so I am going in for that procedure on the 25th and my husband is taking the day off um if everything's looking great he might go in later in the afternoon to work but he's taking the day off because my doctor said there's a very very very small risk baby would go into distress and have to do an emergency c-section if that's the case it's alright I am gonna be 36 weeks along so everything will be okay with the baby um most likely I mean he will be perfectly fine he's weighing a little above average so he is looking super healthy and my doctor is very confident that if there was an emergency and he had to come out via c-section um he would be a perfectly healthy baby um so that's very reassuring but to think oh my god I'm going in on the 25th of this month and who knows what could happen I might have a baby now and so four weeks from now is kind of crazy um but why I don't think that's going to happen I'm trying to think positive but I also have heard that this procedure once the baby gets turned encourages labor so I've always suspected that I'm gonna have him before my due date but we'll see um so yeah wish me luck with that but I'm really hoping he's gonna turn for us with the acupuncture and everything else that we're doing I'm really hoping he's gonna turn for us so that procedure won't be necessary but it is gonna happen on the 25th of November so I will let you guys know how that goes and then the next day I have an appointment with my OB again just to check on everything like usual um so yeah that's pretty much everything I have to update you on as far as my 34 weeks and what has been going on Oh in the appointment we did find out he's weighing over five pounds of course those measurements are not exactly accurate um they can vary but according to the calculations he was actually almost at six pounds so that's pretty crazy he is a little tiny bit above average but not like overly big baby um my doctor also did tell me that I'm doing good with my weight gain because I know last time I updated you guys he was kind of on me for eating too many cupcakes and gaining a little too much weight but he said that I calmed it down and I'm now on track with my weight gain everything else is looking super super great and I'm just so lucky and so blessed and thank you all for all of the really sweet wonderful encouraging things you guys said to me in my infertility journey video um it just was I was shocked with that video got as many comments and just feedback as I did because it was such a long video and I wasn't sure if everyone was gonna be interested in watching it but it seems like it's just been a really great video and you guys have been really enjoying it and it just makes me feel like so wonderful that you guys like are enjoying it so much so yeah I wish me luck with turning a Lincoln and getting him to turn and um I will see you guys all in my next pregnancy vlog probably won't be until after the procedure happens so I guess I will be updating you guys around 36 weeks um and I need to be getting my nursery tour diaper bag video up I will be doing that probably this week so keep a look out for that and I will see you guys all in my next video bye so I totally forgot to do a bump shot for you guys so I had to quickly just like um run in here and film this really quick for you so here is my belly at 34 weeks this is like the best part how did I forget about this so there is the belly at 34 weeks and four days so it just sticks straight up it's kind of funny from the breast from the side and I am getting stretch marks finally you guys out of you can see them in this lighting but they're only on my sides and I have them that's from my pants but they're like this and I am getting them inside I don't know if you can see I used to have my belly button pierced and on this like little bit of skin um between like the holes from where the belly button ring was it's totally got like a little stretch marks on it and the other that's kind of weird so yeah there's the belly let me get that in I was editing and then I was like oh my god how did I forget to do the belly shot so yeah there we go

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  1. Okay I have a question for you or any mom that have or are having boys. Do you loss weight the first trimester cuts I'm loosing a lot and I'm 14 weeks. And with my daughter I didn't loosen any.. so I'm wondering customer they been telling me I might have a baby boy. Oh and another question how early can yup see yur baby's gender. Customer with my daughter I got to see at 7months.

  2. You shouldn't be scared I had that problem with my baby girl. She would turn and they said I was go in to have a couple section but like at 34/35 weeks she turn on her own.

  3. I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby and oh I'm so sorry about the pelvic pain, sounds like SPD. Some people don't understand how painful it is. I've had it this pregnancy and I've just kept it to myself because I don't feel like people believe me or understand how painful it really is. I've heard it goes away very soon after birth! So that's good 🙂

  4. I'll pray Lincoln turns all by himself so u won't even have to deal with the stress of tht procedure even though I'm sure everything would be fine:)

  5. Hold up girly! Are you wearing mascara!? I thought that was a no go for you! Good luck with baby Lincoln <3

  6. Can i ask you where you got that white maternity shirt from? It looks longer then most and I can't stand short shirts and my big pregnant belly peeking underneath. Thanx for the update. My sister had the procedure done to turn her son and it worked. Each pregnancy her babies are breach. Last time I made a huge list of ways to flip the baby to head down and it worked! I told her to let me try to flip the baby at home in ways that are pain free and she's glad she let me try! Positive vibes for your procedure….

  7. Good luck with everything girl! It will all be great no matter how he comes out. And by the way, c-section babies are the cutest 😉

  8. Yeah you better not forget that belly shot!! ;D haha jk! ..Stubborn little guy 😉 But good luck!! 🙂 I'm sure it's all gonna go just perfect! Exciting to think you may get Lincoln a bit early! 😀 you'd get to have him for thanxgiving in that case!! ….an unimportant side comment lol, 25th is also my state board date! Haha, so I'll be thinking of ya that day too & watching for any updates 🙂

  9. I have a friend who went to a chiropractor. It helped along with a trip to a midwife to manually turn the baby. Between the two she delivered vaginally head first!

  10. I'm currently only 20 weeks, and I love watching videos of those further ahead than me so I can see what might lay in the future (:
    You are glowing and you look amazing! ❤️

  11. Aww,so adorable. I really missed your vlogs!!Your always such a sweetheart. I wish you lotsa luck my dear.🍀🍀You look so beautiful BTW🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  12. I wanted to let you know my experience because it is so similar to yours.We actually didn't find out until I was 39 weeks that my daughter was breech. At that point there wasn't very much room in there for her to turn. I went in and had that procedure done that you are going to be having done to try and turn her. They monitor the baby the whole time and they take breaks in between to make sure the baby is not stressed. I don't know how your experience will be but with mine it was painful. I'm not trying to scare you at all but I want you to be prepared. It does kind of take your breath away. You have a good chance of it working because he still has room in there to move. My daughter did not and the procedure did not work. I had a scheduled c section 3 days later. I really hope he turns for you 🙂 I know you don't know me but if you have any questions about the procedure or C section don't hesitate to ask.

  13. I just had a baby 3 months ago i was terrified of having a c section too! I ended up with a scheduled inductiin because i was a week over due date . I think youll be just fine i feel your anxiety though ..

  14. Hey! Thank you for sharing an update! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with a little boy as well and we are so excited for whats to come. I hope the procedure goes well on the 25th! You look gorgeous and its inspiring to see you document this new journey. Wishing you all the best! Blessings, xx Alba

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