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  1. Congrats to all the mummy that made it this far just know that God made it possible… I’m 34 weeks 1 day already tired n I sleep all the time…

  2. Pelvic pain is real back hurts along with thighs crazy so ready to have this baby. But thinking God I made it this far and he's healthy.

  3. I’ve been going to counseling most of the pregnancy. Last night I couldn’t sleep because my mind was racing worrying about my csection recovery. I guess I didn’t realize I was so worried about recovery. My husband is going back to work pretty much immediately. Last time he was off for like 2 weeks and I had his help. It’s scary but I know it’ll be ok and I ll have family for support.

  4. Feeling big bloated and sore! Always worse when laying in bed 🤷‍♀️ Sore all over my bump and hips.

  5. I’m beyond tired. Lol 34 weeks is kicking my butt. And this child is in my rib cage and all up on my cervix. It’s like he’s trying to bust out! So glad I do these videos on my YouTube here as well. Love keeping up with pregnancy

  6. I’m exhausted and uncomfortable. Plus I fell earlier today and twisted my ankle 😞 bed is the only place I feel okay

  7. I'm now 34 weeks, it's getting hard to get out of bed lol, I've started experiencing rib pain, and it's becoming harder to walk for long periods of time.
    I feel like a walrus moving on land 😂❤🙏 but im so very excited for my baby's arrival.

  8. Due July 13 with my rainbow baby after losing my first baby April 2018. I have a feeling shell be here befere that tho

  9. Just had my health visitor come to my house! Lovely, lovely lady! Made me feel so safe. Just waiting now!!! Come on baby!!!

  10. Love your videos, have been watching them since the first trimester. Feeling pretty good just a little bit more tired certain parts of the day and energetic other parts getting things ready. Definitely feeling thirsty all the time and i am in nesting mode! Only complaint is occasional sciatica shooting down my right side. Just ready to meet our baby!! Eager & excited. 💜💜

  11. It literally feels like I'm being pried apart (downstairs) each time I take a step or when I try to get out of bed. So sleepy, so hormonal, and this is all so painful. I am basically bedridden til she gets here. But every time I feel her move, it gives me a little bit of comfort (and makes me pee myself😂). 😞💛 Hopefully this part goes by quickly.

  12. I have 3 weeks left!! I'm being induced around 37 weeks. We have non stress test every week until I give birth and I have possibly my last ultrasound tomorrow. We are so excited, nervous and scared at the same time about the birthing process. But in the end we get to meet our little girl. 😊

  13. Hurts to turn in bed which i do often due to discomfort. Lots of pelvic pain. When i get out of bed or put pants on. Heartburn. Cant walk for long which cuts my shopping trips short lol 🙁 and i have that waddle! Other than that this pregnancy has been a breeze! I feel great and have loved this experience 😊😊😊
    Being induced may 6th!

  14. 34 weeks today and I don't feel as bad as last week ! I'm just so out of breath and can't sleep much at night (have to pee 4-5 times !!!) Everything is pretty much ready for baby boy to come but I'm not ready to give birth again ahah
    Also is it me or those bellies are quite small? I feel huge compared to them!

  15. 34 weeks and 2 days, but they say he's measuring 36 weeks so I'm going for a sizing scan at 35 weeks. I'm so excited for the chance to see my baby again but I'm hoping he's not tooooo big. My worst problems are heartburn and pelvic pain!

  16. I've been watching these videos since I was 10 weeks and surely every week I looked forward to watching a new video.These videos have brought so much ease to my pregnancy 34 crazy weeks down and 4 more weeks to go 👏😴
    Thanks channel Mum

  17. I LOVE your voice, the way you talk is so soothing! LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS YOUVE HELPED ME SO MUCH MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY THANK YOU!!!!! 🙏🏻🥰

  18. I'm 34 weeks and through my whole pregnancy I have not had a good night sleep but last night I had the best sleep ever. My struggle is struggling to breath

  19. Im 34 weeks pregnant and can’t sleep enymore like I just to . Can’t shave my legs or my private area .😅 I cannot even put my panties i have to ask my husband to help me get dress and to help me paint my toenails.😂👶💙 cause I can’t reach at all , i have so much gas , I’m always thirsty and i have alot heart burn. . So that’s me at 34 weeks pregnant 🤰🏻. But putting all of that way i am so happy with my baby I’m gonna have . Can’t wait to meet him . 🤰🏻👶💙

  20. Thank you for sharing, Charlotte! I love your videos, as always. I will be 34 weeks in 3 days. I feel like every little chore takes forever and I run out of breath all the time. Baby is moving more, kicks hard and puts a lot of pressure on my bladder. I want to take naps all the time! The waddle is no joke! I look like a penguin! You take good care. I look forward to seeing your next video. Thank you once again!

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