35 Weeks Pregnant: Know Your Baby's Position at 35 Week Pregnancy

35th week of pregnancy hey expectant mothers welcome to the 35th week of your pregnancy at this point your baby drops down to the pelvic area and settles there and this process is known as lightening as your little one settles deeper into your pelvis this reduces pressure on your ribcage allowing you more room to expand your diaphragm but now there may be more pressure on your bladder your baby's height is eighteen point nineteen inches anyways five point two five pounds by this time your little ones lungs are almost fully developed your baby's pupils now dilate in reaction to light approaching the mother's tummy the baby also practices sucking action at this stage an activity that helps the baby prepare its feeding habits by this time the pair of kidneys is fully developed and the liver too is starting to excrete some of the body's waste products your little ones brain is also developing and his or her brain weight increases by almost times and by age 12 that same brain will be more than three times the size it was at birth as your baby's uterine confined get tighter her or his movements will feel less like individual kicks and more like splitters and rolls don't be surprised if the contours of your tummy change from time to time it's just your baby's shifting position check back next week to know more about your baby's development only on consumer health digest comm till then take care of you

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  1. I'm 35 weeks now… So happy n excited to welcome my first baby😀😍. My baby's weight is 2580grams. Is it OK?

  2. Mam i am pregnent 35 weeks in 2 days and At my sonography repot my fetal weight is 2598gm.+379gm.(approx)
    Is my baby's weight too high??
    Plz reply mam i want to know?

  3. Today i m 35 week pragnant and i m soo excited to welcome my 2nd little prince ,cant wait and thanks such a lovely and informative channel

  4. I'm 34 weeks pregnant I have bad heart burn and excessive urine. I'm countdown I have 4 weeks left in Shaa'Allaah

  5. me too 35 weeks now and soo excite to meet my little prince. I feel soo tired and have breath problm sometimes. thanx for this site am following frm my 1 month of pregnency. this site gave me lots of facts and I shared to my frnds too..

  6. its hard to wait 5 weeks more. i m so excited and happy. i can seee my tummy hours after hours just to see my baby movement. though i can feel but seeing the tummy i feel extra happiness.

  7. I will be 35 weeks this coming Saturday! due August 5th 2017 🙂 so excited to meet my little man ♡

  8. Hi here. had really pain full tightening at 34 weeks,had 2 asteroids,no dilation,I was hospital for week. discharge from hospital because the teghtening going away and no labour present. Went home had rest,next morning rush back to the hospital with 7 cm dilated. My delivery was rapids with out no problems and I gave a birth of a live baby boy last Monday 24/05 at 35 weeks.He is good but we stay at NICU till everything is ok,brest feeding…. My boy is so cute and that was really nice surprise because I did know what I m gonna have.Thanks for all your video was really helpfull. I m Glad I commented here every week during my pregnancy.

  9. Today i m 35 week Pragnant,N i m sooooo excited to See & welcome My little one,Ohhhh my Little Prince we r waiting fr u & Thanks Consumer Health Digest for providing such a lovely & useful Information

  10. I am 35 weeks now! First baby and so exciting. I just wonder if I bend I am hurting the baby or sleeping on my side will squash him!! I just love him so dearly and I think about him all the time. I cannot wait to meet him! God bless every woman that wants to conceive.

    The videos are all awesome !

  11. can you please tell me about cystic lesions in left lumber of fetal pelvis??is it harmful for baby..??my wife is now 35 weeks pregnant..

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