36-37 weeks pregnancy update || Nursery sneak peak || Megan Hurst

hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I wanted to give you a 36 week and 37 week pregnancy update because I am a little bit behind I don't think I uploaded any videos last week I'm really sorry things have been kind of crazy but anyways let's get started okay so at this time I want to kind of just prepare or compare my pregnancy with Sayla to this baby's pregnancy so at this time with Sayla I'd already lost my mucus plug and I was starting to have like contractions a little bit here and there and actually I think that like they were starting to wake me up in the night this time I don't have hardly any symptoms at all of going into labor so this baby could hang on for a little bit longer I am technically kidding I'm technically 36 weeks and five days that's a long time isn't it yeah yeah I feel huge I feel huge but I just want to make sure the baby's healthy so of course I would like the baby hang on as long as he or she wants to I'm still kind of leaning towards a boy as far as the ginger if you're new here we don't know what the ginger is we're gonna wait and be surprised which is really except getting really exciting um I'm getting very excited about finding out what we're having so I am if you're wondering where I'm at now I'm in the baby's next tree and I'll kind of give you guys a quick peek it's not completely ready of course we've got into picture frames and I'll push each it and there's a few walls they're a little bit bare but other than that things are going pretty smoothly that I mean I'm ready to have baby we cleaned the house yesterday so like I'm like okay this house is ready and I'm ready to have this baby thank you I don't know how much I weigh I go back in two days for the my 32nd week checkup with a midwife so the last time I ate 21 pounds I'm about to date did and I am on a stability ball right now this is what we have for a cherry in our office which I really like I can use it as a birthing ball like help me go into labor – and it's very comfortable and I love it so when I was going into labor or Sayla that's what I used to bring on contractions and as a contraction or come on I would get on my hands and knees work through the contraction and then get my father back the basketball so I like that try to think so you know wait I haven't checked that so I don't know how much up gained as far as food I have been trying I've been eat drinking my pregnancy every single night my pregnancy tea every single day know what I did sit um which tastes good just touch it so I've been drinking my pregnancy tea but the bad thing is I usually wait to leave I usually wait till the evening so like coming towards bedtime I have to pay probably ten times before I can actually fall asleep and then I usually have to get at least once in the middle a night to pee yes I've been doing that I've also started having dates in my smoothie not my favorite thing to do but I did it a lot worse a litte and she came early and so my theory is and that could be totally wrong but my theory is that boys need a little bit more time so that's why it's taking a long time for this baby to come out for a longer time than Taylor let's see baby still moves very very much I feel like the baby has dropped the Midwife said that she could fill the baby's head down low like the back of the neck and um but she couldn't move the head so it's not engaged but it's low enough where she couldn't move it so that was exciting to know that the baby's progressing down I don't have any idea how big this baby is although I feel very very large and I can look in the mirror and my belly just looks huge I don't have any stretch marks still I've been boiling up my belly every single night and I feel like that helped also not really had like that it's really whenever your skin itches I don't know if I'm gonna get Church once I hope not I'm so I'm being just oiling up oiling up my belly and keeping it moisturize I don't think that she is ready like she will kiss my belly and rub on it like that but she was also yeah just like that and she will also be very she started biting and hitting and pulling at pulling other kids and it's really frustrating so I need to do her 18 month update haven't done one since she was a year old so I can go through all that but we are trying gentle and loving and that is a very hard concept for an 18 month old or she's actually not too much yeah to grasp so the last two nights though I'm very thankful she has slipped to the night without waking up at all I know that some people are like she's still not sleeping tonight most of the time she does and if she doesn't usually come to hear me hey yeah usually if she doesn't I can just go in and give her passing she goes went to sleep so I'm hoping that this can be moving to sleep through the night continues because when this new baby is here I know that we owe several times throughout the night the baby's going to sleep in the room with us until probably about three months old and then I'll transition from her to her room or good learn in the crib and we'll start probably sleep training man I plan on doing the baby wise book just to kind of get me in a routine for the baby and I did I did this for sale but we didn't start until three month old and I kind of want to start a little bit earlier look at this one just getting like on the eat play sleep cycle so that the baby knows when it's not or nighttime and it helps me to know no you can't comment if it helps me to know when the baby's crying kind of like what's going on because honestly guys whenever she was first born up until probably about six months I heard cries didn't really sound any different like she just cried now I can tell she's just sleepy or if she's hurt or you know things like that so but at that time I didn't know so that that kind of helps me to with them with the baby on a schedule to know if it's time to eat or if it's time to sleep or if there's something else wrong like gas or a stomach issues or something like that so I do plan on doing that all of our home birth kit is ready if you have it supposed to do I will put in a card up above and you can see what is all in my breast kit so birth kit is ready I'll go back Thursday for my 37 week checkup and I will get the pool so that will be ready I I'm kind of nervous to like go always you know further than an hour away from my house because I don't want to have to drive back in car in labor today our trip will be about 45 minutes so I'm praying that nothing happens while we're there because I don't want to ride in a car in labor that's like kind of like my whole point of having a baby at home is the whole point but part of it that I don't have to be in a car in labor because I just feel like that would be so uncomfortable it's not be amazing right get in the position you need to get in I have been watching it oh really I have been watching Saila mommy's trying to talk okay okay you play I have been watching some birth videos and honestly the other day I kind of had to like fast-forward some of it so I was like I can't do this I can't watch everything Buzzard was sitting there right next to me it's turning my stomach please yeah nervous so um I'm not looking forward to honestly it's just pushing the baby I wish I know I could make it through the delivery – but she's a baby out it just kind of scares me so I'm hoping to get over that fear my child during home birth so just being honest with you guys it's not all sunshine and rose petals but I'd say that before having home birth like it is nice to be home and to linger at home and to be in a pool and be able to get into your own bed after that and that part is nice but you have to go through the pain so I've been drinking tons and tons of water and eating lots of ice I love I still I did talk to a midwife about it and she said sometimes that can mean little iron and I said well the last time you took my our levels they said yeah they're really good she said I doubt that that's what's wrong she said you might have like a lower vitamin B or it can just because it's hot there's no ice it's all melted drink so I'm not really worried about my iron levels being low I don't know if she will check them anyways that's really or if she will just I guess I'm ready I'm still ready to get my body back I'm so ready to hold my baby and find out if this baby's a boy or a girl I'm getting really excited about that so um to end this I am going to show you a shot our belly just let you guys see what everything's looking like this is kind of living right now and I just want to give you like a quick nursery tour I just be finished of it and yeah so okay so here is my belly on the side should be in the show so baby is really really out here now I don't feel like I've gotten like super wide but okay so a couple other things before I do the nursery tour is that I forgot I'm here and I should have written down notes in my phone that she's paying off on anyway so um one is one is as far as my exercise goes I have pretty much not been going to the gym at all lately I went oh it once last week I have been walking and I have been swimming because my hips hurt it hurts to do squats and lunges and things like that and I just don't want to hurt myself so I just been saying I've been staying active and trying to keep a lot of Perisher movements out of my exercise so I am still moving but I have put it down to walking and swimming which I love swimming it feels so just how my body I feel like I'm so weightless and who hotter and then the other thing that I wanted to take out my baby okay okay well I'm hopping project okay so this is our changing area and I will do a full video on Mommy's trying to video okay this is our crib I don't have a crib sheet yet and this is gonna be a nursing chair we have picture frames up but nothing in them yet of course so I'll wait till the baby's here a little shell and then this is also going to serve as an office too so we have our office desk here and it's about C bald at I was sitting on and then we also have the car seat that I just got so yeah so like I said I'll do a full nursery tour what everything's ready and explain where I got everything so this little girl I try to keep this room closed because she can mess it up in 5 22 seconds ok guys I hope that you enjoyed this video and got something out of it I still feel very scatterbrained so so that's just pregnancy brain that's just another brain I bring so anyways if you haven't already I would love you to subscribe that way you can get a date on my newest videos and follow along with us on our journey to become and also I love to fitness and any tips as well so it's all about motherhood I love this I love sharing with you guys yeah I like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up because it helps my channel and leave me a comment down below I'd love to respond to you guys and have conversations and get to know you guys so obviously you guys in the next video could be my birth blog it could be something else that you'll see

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  1. I still don’t know how you have waited this long to not know the gender!!! I’m dying to know lol

  2. Congrats to you and your family what are you having a boy or girl what brand of diapers are going to use and you look absolutely stunning gorgeous

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