And that definitely keeps me up at night and it makes me stressed and very anxious Hey y’all and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, I’m Heather and I am 36 weeks pregnant and today I wanted to do a pregnancy update for y’all and talk about all my pregnancy symptoms that I’ve had this week. In particular I have had a lot of anxiety and Me not wanting to sleep at night. The pregnancy insomnia is definitely coming back someone mentioned in the comments that it sounds like nesting and I Definitely agree with that. I think that I’m just Wanting to get everything prepared for her and I feel like I’m running out of time And that definitely keeps me up at night and it makes me stressed and very anxious Which is crazy because for this pregnancy, we have so much stuff already We were not as prepared with my son, our almost three year old, as we are now. We are so much more prepared We already have a lot of things for her. Her room is coming along I’m not really sure why I’m I feel like I’m more nervous this time around then with my first pregnancy I’m not really sure why I think because I know what’s going to happen. I know how it’s going to be when I go in labor I know that it’s going to be painful and that definitely Makes me stressed. It really worries me I think when I had never been through it before I just didn’t know what to expect And so I think that that caused me to not be stressed. I even had someone comment on how unstressed I was when I was Like due in a week With my son and I was very Unbothered by it And we weren’t even moved into our house or anything or had his room set up and I was really nervous I mean I was not nervous at all is what I’m trying to say, but with this pregnancy We already have her room coming along We already have all the stuff that I had for my son plus much more stuff for her and for some reason I’m just more stressed out this time, and I don’t really know why but I think it’s just because I Kind of know what to expect now. I don’t know. So that’s something that’s been going on this week in particular I’m starting to feel the pressure of Labor coming soon at 36 weeks pregnant Your baby is around five to six pounds and at this point in the pregnancy What really is going on is more than anything. They’re just gaining weight. There will be one more week left until I am consider to term. As far as contractions go, a lot of y’all know that I’ve had contractions now for several weeks of this pregnancy But for some reason this week, I have had no contractions at all, and I’m very thankful for that It does make me feel a little bit better about everything. Also this week I went to my doctor for my prenatal appointment and they did a cervical check to see if I have been dilating and to my surprise I am Dilated to one centimeter which shocked me Because of my first pregnancy I did not dilate at all until I was actually in labor I kind of thought that I might be dilating But at the same time I was shocked but the reason why I say that is Because I’ve had a lot of pains down here like in this area. I’ve had a lot of shooting pains. Baby did drop down just recently. I don’t know what to think about that. Honestly. They also did the group B strep test on me Which I’ll be finding out the results probably within a few days to probably next week sometime. Also this week I have been very very tired and very Sleepy I’m trying to take it easy because I don’t want to go into labor too soon so when I go to Walmart or anywhere I try to not walk so much and she’s also so low that It’s kind of uncomfortable to walk around and it’s uncomfortable to sit really anywhere like when I sit on in the bed and I sit up like this it it’s like my belly doesn’t have a lot of room because she’s dropped down so that when I went to edit my video yesterday I had to lay on my side because She’s basically sitting in my lap and there’s just not enough room for me. I’m definitely getting uncomfortable But also I’m trying to enjoy these last few days or weeks of pregnancy Before she gets here, and I know once that big thing is I need to catch up on my sleep. I have not been sleeping whatsoever in fact When I go to bed, I have a really hard time going to sleep so a lot of times I will just get right back up and Do something productive. For several more hours until I’m so sleepy that I have to go to sleep Which is not good because I know that once she’s born I’m not going to be getting any sleep at all But I think a lot of it is too due to the anxiety I think that I just not knowing when she’s going to be born stresses me out and knowing what’s to come and The pain that’s involved with that Stresses me out. I’m also nervous about Tearing again. When I had my son, I had Fourth degree tearing. I’m just really nervous. Honestly, this week is just been full of anxiety and stress and yeah, that’s pretty much what’s been going on this week, but Let me know your symptoms at 36 weeks of pregnancy and if yours were similar to mine Were you super nervous about Going into labor or very confident? Let me know in the comments below and if you haven’t yet Please consider subscribing to our Channel I’m going to show you all my baby bump really quickly And I also want to share with y’all something that I got Shane recently for Christmas But I wanted to show you all ahead of time and also share it with y’all because christmas is coming up And I thought this would be a really great idea for a Christmas gift Okay, let’s show the baby bump Okay I think because I’m due in December, my son has a birthday in December, and there’s also a Christmas coming up it Puts a lot of pressure on me. I definitely want to be more prepared. That’s why I packed our hospital bags already and I’ve definitely already began Christmas shopping as Most of y’all have probably already did as well I wanted to share with y’all a really great Christmas gift idea and that is the X5UW SYMA drone I love this thing. I want to quickly unbox it with you out and show you What it looks like and how it works, but I Think honestly This will be a really great idea for guys if your husband is like mine he loves Drones, he loves things like this so I think this would be a great idea for a lot of guys or kids It’s a really cute drone. It’s a cherry red And it comes with two batteries The capability of recording video it already has a Memory card in here which I think is amazing. I really really like that a lot I want to start using this in my youtube videos If we don’t crash it It also comes with this which holds your phone so that you can actually connect your phone to the drone and you can see live footage of What the camera? on your drone Which is really easy to connect right here. You just connect it right here And You clip your phone right here I Just wanted to share that with y’all really quickly because I thought that that would be a really great Christmas gift idea for you or someone you know, or even a youtuber if you’re new to Drones, like I am and you want to start trying to record flying in the air and stuff I just think that’s so cool This would be a really great idea and I’m gonna leave a link down below for it as well It has a lot of different capabilities which I find Really cool. It also can flip in the air Amazing, huh? So Definitely check that out and I love you all so much If you haven’t yet, please consider subscribing to our channel to join our family. Also, follow me on Instagram at morganfamily_yt, and I guess I’m going to go now, bye

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