36 Weeks Pregnant – Sjogren's or Preeclampsia?

so right now I am in labor and delivery I'm in an observation currently I came in and I don't know what time I've thirty maybe six we're a completely different reason from what they're keeping me in for I had some severe Caspian said no passing of gas and a little grade fever so I'm in labor and delivery for the second time this week I was here yesterday I came in because I had a slightly elevated fever my attempt was 100 fahrenheit and and I was having some abdominal cramping like gas pains but not passing any gas um what specifically I was feeling was that the gas pains would start at the top of my belly and then radiate down the sides on each side then I would get a contraction and then I would get a wave of nausea so it was like a a process to these pains not all of my contractions had included the gas pains in the nausea but all of the gas pains and nausea included the contractions so I was very concerned about it I called the nurse at my doctor's office and she told me to go ahead and go into labor and delivery if mylanta didn't help and if my favorite kept getting worse so when I called her my fever was 99 or yeah 99 and it went up to a hundred point one she said to go in at a hundred point four but my doctor but the hospital that I'm delivering at is half an hour from my house so because of the rate at which my temperature was climbing we decided to go ahead and go before it got to that point luckily it ended up peaking at a hundred point one that night so that was a plus when I got there and got hooked up to all the monitors they realized I was having contractions every three to four minutes and that my blood pressure was reading in the mild preeclampsia range which is not good for me having Sjogren's syndrome that could mean one of two things I could have preeclampsia because that's more common in people with inflammatory disorders people with lupus get it all the time or I could be starting to have a flare-up of children's but yeah so that's where I'm at right now you this is my hospital room it's pretty awesome I'm gonna walk to the door and show you it's a long walk great bad little sitting area the view was nicer when the Sun was out and then I've got the TV and hand wash place and this bathroom is pretty big to my hospital thingy which makes me look very very much larger than I thought I was hospital gowns make you look like you're 600 pounds big yeah Oh actually I don't know what that is it's creepy creepy in there close it I don't like it well I can't whatever at my appointment on Monday because I started out with an appointment I went to the doctor and he kind of sucked he was rushed and he was supposed to do a cervical check that day and he didn't um he was basically acting like he was super rushed the entire time that he saw me and he would ask like oh do you have any questions ask me anything and I just felt like I don't know what to ask you and I told him about the pains I was having coz at that point they had just started they started that morning in my gut and you didn't seem too concerned he ordered a liver function test which I I don't know why if you know why he's telling me in my comments though there was that and then I went home

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