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  1. Breech babies are born vaginally all the time. Moms, if the Dr is saying that you need c-section and the only reason is that the baby is breech, go get a second opinion. Breech presentation is not reason enough to get MAJOR surgery that comes with it's own set of risks for baby and you.

  2. I’m 36 weeks preg n baby’s already 8lb Alhamdurillah. I was diagnosed with GDM at 29wks. They may give me c section at 37-38wks. By Allah I pray n hope baby comes out naturally and is around 9.5 without a c section, this is my first baby may Allah help me do it without any pain meds or chemicals. I’m scared it’s so huge. I got size 1-2 nappies n clothes 0-3-3-6m. My lil hajji baby is massive, strong boy🙏🏼

  3. Hai.,am now crossing my 36th week pregnancy and i am eager to meet my child. Off course this is my second pregnancy.

  4. I have been following consumer healthy videos all throughout my pregnancy since my 9th week… It feels like a journey and getting to know my baby and its developments better… Thanks consumer health

  5. I am 36 weeks pregnant now and did my first shopping of my baby ….wow!! it is the best feeling ever… I think i am still living in my dream world… As i had been trying to get pregnant since 7 years and sudden this baby pops in… In my tummy… Alhamdolillah… Cant wait to see my bundle of joy in next 4 weeks….

  6. Hi am 36 week and am having double loop cord around baby neck what I do any exercises. Its loose loop cord pls suggest me and idea. What I have do now.

  7. 36 weeks today😍👶🙏 been watching your videos since I was 5 weeks along, kinda sad it's almost over but so glad I've had these informational videos the whole way…THANKS CONSUMER health!!!!!!

  8. Hi, firstly i tell u m using my hubby's id so dont get confused guys😏 n now my concern is that im 36 weeks pregnant n my baby kicks, stretches, rolling n spinning are like all day n night😲 how can u say baby barely moves??? 🙄😳

  9. I'm 35week 1 day pregnant.. my cord around the baby's neak …..baby's Wight 2.566kg above….what should I do…..?

  10. Now 28th week pregnant
    Doctor told 36 th week delivery
    Possible madem?
    Baby good healthy?
    (I am heart patient)

  11. This video was great thanks for the info! Check out or latest video and see how everyone’s 36 week compares to mine!

  12. mam actually i wanted to know that im in 36 weeks and my delivery date is 19 july….and the doc are saying that i can get pains anytime.i need ur help.what do you think

  13. Assalam O Alaikum every one,today i m 36+5days according to me and according to my docter and my date i m 37+5 days but i think both me and the date is right and correct,any way thanks to ur channel,its my 2nd pragnancy and like my 1st pragnancy i watch all ur videos again and Thanks to God its again a baby boy ,i m so glad and my first baby was born at 37 week +1 day according to my date but now according to my date my 37 week is completed and 38 week is starts and only 2 days is left in 38 week and he is not coming out,but i m waiting for him to be come perfectly and healthy,and thanks once again to ur channel..

  14. I am 36 weeks soon and can't wait to meet my baby 😍😍😍. Good luck to all mummies out there 😸

  15. Sun May 20th
    Marks my 36 weeks of pregnancy☺ I'm almost there but I'm so over it😣 wanna see my princess!

  16. I am 36 weeks 4 days pragnent …. Its my first baby……and i am desprate to meet my baby……. May GOD bless every women with this beautiful gift🎁 …….

  17. Hi mam.m 36+1 pregnant m my baby’s scan report says(BPD:34+3,GA:36+1,AC:32+3,HC:33+6,FL:37+0,EFW:2355) is reports normal?pls reply

  18. I'm 35 weeks pregnant today I'll be induced at 39 weeks I hope it does not hurt. I'm so exited to meet my 2nd princess in Shaa'Allaah

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