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  1. Currently bouncing on my ball. I am 36 weeks today! I’ve got terrible SPD. My pelvic region hurts so bad at night and in the morning. Ready for baby to be here! I scheduled my csection this week. Only 3 weeks to go until the big day. Definitely having a little fear and anxiety about getting my spinal epidural. I have had an epidural in the past and I know it doesn’t hurt to bad but for some reason I’m so nervous. I’ve had some contractions and one night thought I was surely going into labor but they subsided. I’m just trying to make sure I get all of her last minute little outfits and stuff just Incase she makes a surprise appearance. So excited!

  2. 36 weeks and 2 days!!!! So excited! We cant wait to meet our precious son!! I've had an amazing pregnancy and will have an amazing and smooth labour.

  3. Week 36 with my baby boy and I have 3 weeks left . Due August 20th, 2019 . I can’t wait to meet my baby boy .

  4. A romain heart is the size of my palm mate wtf?! Stop comparing baby size with different fruits and vegs, its so inaccurate and annoying. Few weeks ago was a pineapple…u get me?

  5. Am so fed up being pregnant 🙄 I'm sure I'll miss being pregnant. Yes the toilet is my best friend 😒

  6. I'm 36 weeks and misreble. My belly is so big and heavy . I can't wait to meet baby girl. Can't wait until it's over.

  7. 36 weeks 1 day now. With TWINS. Yes. Imagine the pain, mommies T.T
    Breathless, Can't move, can't sleep, can't stand too long, barely walk, swollen leg, hand, finger, and face. But I still hangin there cuz my Dr said my twins lungs hasn't develop properly 😭

  8. I'm 36 weeks today. Baby still hasn't dropped. I've had the hardest time catching my breath and sleeping through the night. I'm ok with all the symptoms though because I do love being pregnant, also I'm not ready for her to come out! Lol. This is my 3rd. 👧🏼🧑🏼🤰🏼

  9. I'm 36 weeks and 2 days. My hips are killing me. I have also been feeling period like pain for the last couple of days now… it comes and goes… .my feet and hands swell up and o have been so tired.. babys movements are definitely lower but I do still feel them under my ribs… my poor bladder is taking a beating but this is all worth it. I have pcos and lynch syndrome… I was told I would never have a baby and that I should remove my uterus… but I'm having a miracle baby. So it's worth all the pain. God is good!

  10. 36 weeks today and my siatica has calmed down but wen it hits me again its pain on another level baby can not come any sooner 🤣😂 feet ankles and hands are really swollen i find it really hard to put shoes and socks on. im constantly tired and get odd nauseous. 4 weeks left and meeting him can not come any sooner and i finally leave work in two weeks so i should be able to relax

  11. I'm 32 weeks, and my belly always hurt and my doctor said it's normal.i don't think so.my baby is 3 lbs are ready is that a good thing?

  12. Just turn 36 weeks today! Really bad heartburn and lower back pain! Getting random headache and feeling nauseous let see what happen! Almost there due July 10th.

    P.S. I experienced something new which is itchy hands and feet, got some blood work everything came out good, but if any of you ladies experience this call your baby doctor right away because the symptom is not a good one to have.

  13. I am 36 weeks and I am not ready but I am happy because I'm having a girl and I just pray that God let her come out healthy strong and no complications with the birth and no trouble having her at all

  14. Please don’t be sorry about talking about this in detail! I’m very grateful because no one does! I’ve been searching for the whole week what the mucus plug is really like because I’ve been getting more discharge and more contractions lately and I have no idea what’s going on, whether I’ve lost my mucus plug or not. Now I’m more suspicious because of the way you described it, so I’m going to bring it up to my doctor today 🥰. Still at 36 weeks, so hoping baby lasts just one more week so I can have a little ease of mind that she’ll be healthy enough.

  15. I'm 36 weeks and fed up of pelvic girdle pain and heart burn. So done with this pregnancy. 😩😭
    Hurry up July! Can't wait to meet baby girl now.

  16. 36 weeks and 3 days, I’m over it, I’m tired and I can’t wait for this to be over, I did not have de glowy pregnancy look, I just vomited, peed and felt miserable. This is my first time pregnant and i hope the baby comes as soon as posibleee🙌🏼🙌🏼

  17. 36 weeks due. My baby girl June 30th . The closer is it gets the more nervous and scared I am of the labour and giving birth .

  18. 36 weeks.. Very tired and anxious my first labour,my dr told me that i have vaginismus and i will have a c section very terrified

  19. I'm 36 weeks and 1 day and I feel like she has moved back up my heartburn is back! Can this happen????

  20. 36 weeks today! The first baby of my husband, first nephews of my sister in law, and first grandson og my parents in law. So excited to see our Dutch-Indonesian baby soon! 😄😍 he will born at Juni 12, 2019 🤗

  21. 36 weeks today!! Due June 9th with a baby boy💙 having lots of heartburn, pelvic pain and the pregnancy waddle is real😂 Can’t wait to get this baby out

  22. 36weeks tomorrow and finishing the nursery today! I'm so excited and nervous to meet my little one, more 4weeks awww😍

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