hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Becky and for today's video I'm going to do my 37 week pregnancy update if you're just tuning into these pregnancy updates I am like I said 37 weeks pregnant with a baby girl due in just a few short weeks I also have an almost two-year-old son and we could not be more excited to be growing our family I know it has been a little while since I have done a pregnancy update I think it's been like four or five weeks there just weren't too many changes not a lot of stuff going on but this time however there are lots of updates today is Saturday when you guys are seeing this video which makes me 37 weeks and two days this past Thursday I had a midwife appointment which are now weekly and Rob and I also toured at the birthing center the first thing they mentioned at my appointment after measuring my stomach was that I am measuring it just a couple weeks small there is nothing to be concerned about she felt around for baby baby is in a great position head down with her back on my left side I get a lot of kicks up in my ribs on my right side but everything is perfectly fine she just said to expect a baby on the smaller side and believe me I am not complaining I would much rather have a 6 7 pound baby than a 11 pound baby my son was born at 7 pounds 1 ounce so I expect her to be somewhere around there my total weight gain to date is 22 pounds I gained a total of 29 pounds with my son and delivered him at almost 42 weeks so I expect it to be right around this mark I did expect to gain a little bit more weight just because I'm having a girl and I have heard that girls tend to make women gain more weight but that is just not the case with me I do expect to gain another like 3 to 5 pounds which would put me right around the same range as my son over the past few weeks I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy some of them are not painful some of them are a little bit painful and actually like take my breath away or I just need to sit down and take a second it is nothing to be concerned about I know my body is preparing to have a baby also I did expect things to move a little bit quicker this pregnancy only because one it is my second pregnancy in two I just don't have the life that I used to when I was pregnant with him because I don't have a desk job where I was sitting for seven or eight hours a day I was able to come home and take naps and get a really nice full night of sleep and now I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'm constantly on my feet constantly busy doing all the things one of the symptoms I am having it that have kind of been on and off this pregnancy is severe heartburn right now it is in full force and I really need to actually go run out and get myself some more tums today because it feels like it's burning a hole in my esophagus it hurts so bad I mentioned earlier that my husband and I went on the birthing center tour at this past Thursday I wanted to insert a couple pictures here for you guys so you can see how nice it is and how different it is from an actual hospital room the whole purpose of a birthing center is to have the comfort of your home with the safety of the hospital I really really look forward to having my natural birth in this birthing center I don't know if you guys were able to catch it a couple videos ago but I snuck it in the description of one of my videos it was my video for essential oils that I will be using for labor delivery postpartum and newborn care but at my 36th week appointment I had my strep test done if you are a mom or you're pregnant you know what I'm talking about and while she was down there she asked me if I wanted to be checked and of course I said yes and I happen to be one centimeter dilated already even though it's exciting it really doesn't mean too much you can be a centimeter you can even be four centimeters dilated and not give birth for another four weeks at the same time you can be completely closed your cervix way high up and hard and end up giving birth that night so like I said it really doesn't make a difference but it was still pretty exciting to hear that being said if you've seen my more recent videos that you know that baby watch is on she can come at any moment the car seat is in the car our hospital bags are packed the nursery is almost done hopefully just a few more touches and then we'll be there and we are ready for our baby girl whenever she is ready to come there are at least two more videos I'd like to do before she makes her big arrival I'd like to share what's in our hospital bag for baby number two as well as give you guys a nursery tour of course I'm sure you guys want to see at my 37 week baby bump so I will insert a little clip right here as always I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel


  1. Wow! The birthing center looks like a beautiful spa 😊 I love it! I haven't experienced Braxton Hicks and I am on my 35 week now. We'll see. Super exciting about the cm dialation!

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