37 Weeks Pregnant – Natural Pregnancy Vlog – Weekly Pregnancy – Healthy Pregnancy After Miscarriage

hi guys here is my 37 weeks up update we are almost there I'm so excited to share with you please leave comments below love you much hello the beautiful citizens Jones mom I'm always out there I'm so excited to be 99 9 months and a week tomorrow actually today because when you guys see this video it'll be nine months in the weekend that is unreal like when you first get pregnant you dream of like having the belly and won't people hold banging you're finally here and I finally had that nine which is I believe so I had my appointment yesterday Oh be in she was awesome pretty much the baby's due in about three weeks and if she doesn't come by the 41 weeks then they gave you like another week so she's really comfortable in there okay I haven't had a single contraction something like she is way comfy okay I'm in all my white today because we did was her niece on stream today with a friend we had loads of fun I can't wait to share the pictures with you guys so stay tuned for that but yeah this little baby girl is also a comfortable shoe not like she's trying to come out anytime soon it's getting harder for me to walk around for sure I am in full waddle at this point I was able to kind of hide it but the last two weeks you know okay definitely tough I'm trying and trying to get out of the bed times turn over trying to go to sleep is really hard to get a comfortable sigh it's really hard to breathe of the pregnancy pillow plus likova to address about really has been help big place really required sometimes to get around so David definitely helps to assist me a lot more and I'm definitely rocking together bed Vanaja still there what I've noticed lately that's really been on a lot valium last two to three weeks is extreme and suggestion okay like that heartburn is no fun and it makes me even harder go to sleep so there's all these things that come into play with faith and like I but it's gonna be worth that no it's gonna be worth it at the end of the day thank you working it she finally decided to turn the right direction which is amazing so thank God for that thank you guys for your prayers that have been praying for me but that's pretty much it I mean it's harder to keep more food down cuz there's less room there when I touched my belly now she's right there because she's so big now there's like barely me at least when my in in her so cat she's my sense a lot harder she's right there and I was just so excited we had a big shower with our church family and now we're gonna be having another one so I'm excited to share that with you guys I started packing the hospital bag it's almost done so employee I'll get that video out work mental labor so yeah I'm really excited I love you guys thank you so much for joining if you have any recommendations for me things like in fact please let me know and share your dirties with me soon so I'll see you guys soon and thanks for watching thanks for all your support we love you we love you you'll hear me but you'll never see me oh so I protected my belly in that split second and it happened so quickly I hold it in when I try and make sure that it looks nice right on the crease and you fold the other side

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