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so you are now 37 weeks pregnant and your baby is full term which officially means they can come whenever they like so to try and pass the time let's take a look and see how they're doing this week according to textbooks your baby is now around 6 pound in weight and around 48 centimeters in length and size wise they're around the same size as a Swiss chard but really I guess they're just the size of a baby who is very nearly ready to eat you so some fun weight related facts are that boys are usually heavier and it girls when they're born and second babies unusually heavy yet down at the first which actually makes no sense because that my little boy was first and here with 8 pounds 6 ounces and my little girl who was born second was a pan 11 ounces but whatever they weigh they'll be perfect what does fall term actually mean well that your baby's lungs are more than likely capable of adjusting to life outside the womb now which was that last final hurdle and as well as being bigger baby now has a tummy full of something called meconium which is actually going to make up their very first poem when they are born think of it as a present so now neural crosstalk on baby let's take a look at some real cam footage for week 37 now we talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling of what is being a 37 weeks pregnant really like well here at channel mum we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from some expectant moments just like you we want to help you get ready for birth and beyond and we've talked about the types of labor we talked about pain relief because it's got the mucus plugs but what about you what about this seem to be new mother and this lovely person watching this video this is such a huge step for you isn't it it could be your first and you have no idea what to expect yet or whether you'll be good enough but trust us you will be absolutely perfect and don't get me wrong it will be hard sometimes but we all have these moments and you are so close to meeting that most important little person in your life and it could be your second and you are probably feeling quite emotional about the end of your time as being just a mum of one I know towards the end of my pregnancy with my daughter I was so emotional about leaving behind that time that I had with my son and I never thought I would be able to love anyone as much as I loved him but my daughter taught me that love doesn't cause it multiplies it might be that this is your third fourth or fifth or more and like I will be I'm sure when we have our third you're probably panicking a little bit about how you're going to cope but I have it on very very good authority that it's just busy hectic what's so amazing because you've got one more little person in your life to love and that is worth everything seeing your family grow by one is such a special but emotional rollercoaster and your lives are about to change forever so it's absolutely okay to be overwhelmed we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and we can bet that you are definitely not on your own is going to be all right and now it's time for those gorgeous bumps so let's take a look at some 37 weeks pregnant bellies it's the little I really like so here is bump I am feeling as I have that whole look where you have your vest on and you shove the back up basketball or football or something at the top now that's stating there the knitted front I'm kind of like hanging belly now definitely looks like it is ready to burst I think so what else can you expect well we've got tons of logs over on channel mom fat every week of pregnancy from other models you're at the same teachers you are right now so let's take a look at what they had to say about being at 37 weeks so I'm full term tomorrow which means a baby is safe to come at any point which is fine by me she could come at any time and I'm feeling so emotional about that my symptoms just seem to be sort of amped up and a little first trimester symptoms of combat I feel like my body is getting ready to give bit this week I've been noticing that I've got a lot of pain in my pelvis area when I seem to stand up too fast if I'm sat down like I am now and I go to stand up too quick it's as if the baby's in the wrong position and my pelvis eight and eight or so that I'm experiencing quite another Braxton Hicks kind of sporadically I'm getting a lot of bump pain now especially first thing in the morning when I wake up and then last thing at night my lips and fingers have been getting quite like tingling and there's no rhyme or reason to it this happens at any point heartburn has really really router I'm also getting a lot of cramp again some getting a lot of crowd in my shins and Brown normal right like the my left leg actually and include chlorine which is pretty bizarre but kind of around all over on my pelvis and that's been having like each year boobs like and sensitive nipples which makes me feel like my milk coming in I do sometimes leak colostrum which is lovely so Rosie's not pregnant anymore and finally it's time to get on ins with the channel mum the good the bad and the ugly of being at 37 weeks pregnant so good your baby really could come at any time now so that long stretch from the time when you first we'd on that pregnancy test is way behind you so it's just those last final days or even weeks to wait the bad towards the end you might find that you start to feel a little bit out of sorts you may be very tired as you can expect but you might go on a huge you might be a little bit queasy again and you might find that you have a little bit of a clearer all in preparation for the big day and it's not fun but the end is in sight so keep going Robin and the ugly the puffy face or it happens to all of us and I used to look back on old photos of me when I was presenting crikey even my lips would puff up thankfully it goes down after birth as do all of these other pesky symptoms but being swollen can actually be assigned a preeclampsia so if you have any other related symptoms to that and your midwife will be keeping an eye on you so as always we hope you've enjoyed our textbook verses the truth about being a 37 and we would love to hear how you're doing down in the comments below whether you've got any twenties and anything like that so be sure to let us know and if you'd like anything to watch after this and why not check out all the other clubs from other ones over on channel one you are 37 weeks present from right now we'll leave the link down below for you as always and have you taken a look at or the birth stories over and channel one yet no well we've got so many real life this store easy to watch that absolutely amazing and will warn you pretty addictive too so that's all from us here at channel mama so thank you so much for watching as always and we will see you and that lovely bunk of yours next week week 58

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  1. 37 weeks today, being induced next week due to pre eclampsia. He is my 3rd baby, expected to be my smallest. My son (1st) was 7lb9,my daughter was 8lb2 and my son is currently estimated 6lbs. Not sure it's hit me I'm going to have a baby again yet.

  2. I'm 37+1 today and can't wait to meet my first child, a baby girl. It's been a roller coaster ride, I've been trying to enjoy it but me and the father have not been on good terms for what seems like the whole pregnancy. I just wish things were better between us. This is my first child and his second. I've been so emotional, sadness and crying a lot. Wish baby girl was here already so I can give her lots of love, hugs and kisses

  3. 37 weeks today!! πŸ’•
    swollen feet, swollen hands – usually in the morning or near the end of the day. Heartburn is also pretty usual for me.
    I’ve gotten a belly belt which has helped my pelvis pain drastically! Absolute must have for mommy’s. Plus, I sleep with a Boppy in between my legs and it’s helped me so much with pelvis pain and sleeping in general!
    I’m not quite ready for the baby yet, I still want to clean up as much as possible before she gets here! But I’m very excited to meet my little baby 🍼 πŸ’•

  4. 37 weeks today and im still so very excited!! I've been watching these vids since I've been 6 weeks pregnant and to think that my baby could at any time now oh my gosh makes me emotional in a very good way πŸ’–πŸ™

    I pray to all the other mommies out there who are waiting for their babies arrivals. I pray that every baby will be healthy and strong πŸ’“
    Thank you God for blessing me with my baby πŸ™ I pray that he'll be happy the second he comes out of my womb.

  5. 1) tiredness
    4) ribs pain
    5) bum cheek pain
    6) wee every 2 hours at night

    Baby please come out now πŸ™

  6. 37+4 days now and I can’t wait to see my baby girl face to face and kiss her and cuddle her πŸ’•πŸ₯°

  7. 37 weeks today. So ready to be done. So much contracting and nerve pain. So tired and morning sickness. I’m ready for her. Unfortunately my other 4 babies were all overdue, so I really doubt I’ll be having her any time soon. I’ve still got the full 3-5 weeks left waaahhh

  8. I am 37 weeks pregnant and am scared😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it's my first baby

  9. Been watching since the beginning. My son was born 6-20-19 @ exactly 37 weeks even πŸ’™πŸ€—πŸ˜ I knew he was coming and I'm so glad he's here πŸ’™πŸ‘£πŸ˜­πŸŽ

  10. 37 weeks and 1 day. Can't wait to meet her now. So tired as running around after a very active 3 year old.
    Can't wait to see them both together and the bond they'll have πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  11. I'm 36yrs and this is my first, I have been following you from my 4weeks and now I'm 37 weeks, I can't believe that God trusted me with this little gift of life. God had been so good to me and my unborn child with good health although the process. Now I'm ready to throw the stone that sister out who really want to experience this process.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  12. I’m 37 weeks today and I’m watching this video im so exciting can’t wait to see my baby girl

  13. Hello from Utah πŸ™‚ me and my wife have loved watching this Chanel every week ! We are 37 weeks , and can’t wait to hold little Lola

  14. This is so emotional….
    I’m 37 weeks with my second and feeling anxious, but it’s totally normal, right??

  15. So excited 37 weeks and 2 days may the 29 2019 soon to see my baby girlβ€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ€— first time mommy

  16. Made me cry watching this. I get so emotional to think I’m not gonna have so much time with my first born, he’s only 1&1/2😒

  17. Had baby boy at 37 weeks and 2 days his birthday is April 25 he weighs 8 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long he is absoultly beautiful worth all the pain in the world πŸ’™πŸ˜

  18. 37 weeks tomorrow and dilated to a two. I'm kind of hoping I'll go into my appointment tomorrow and be dilated further and that they'll keep me in the hospital. Of course I won't be too disappointed if he needs a bit longe in there to develop! I'm just so exhausted and I don't get maternity leave from my college until I have the baby; things are starting to get suuuuper overwhelming and I can't wait to just meet my little boy and hold him in my arms and see my fiancΓ©'s face when he sees him

  19. I am 37 weeks today I been experiencing some pressure in my vaginal area, and my right butt cheek hurts lolπŸ˜‚ when I walk I look like I'm limping. I been having some heart burn. And also been so sleepy lately and extra hungry! It's been such a wild experience for me but I'm so excited to meet my baby boy. I am very afraid of labor though. Got 3 weeks left until he comes!

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