37 wks- Last pregnancy Update!Why I'm Having A C-Section

hey guys it is time for what will most likely be my last pregnancy update today I am 37 weeks in five days which is super exciting I think I say that every time but there have been a lot a lot of changes and updates since the last video that I made basically everything that I thought was gonna happen with this pregnancy got literally and figuratively turned upside down so I'm just gonna get right into it I'm going to tell you what's going on and talk to you about how Ellie is doing so two weeks ago I went in for my 36 week appointment and my midwife had told me two weeks prior to that that we would do my first like kind of baseline cervical check at my 36 week appointment so I was excited for that I wanted to see if I might be dilated and all are getting ready for labor but like I've been telling them for months probably at least two or three months that I think she's breech I have felt a lot of movements I thought that I felt most of the kicking down below which would mean her feet are down there and ever since I started to really be able to like feel her actual position in my body I have felt like her head has been up top really high up here because they say you can tell if it's a head because it's really really round and really really hard the butt does feel round but it doesn't feel as hard so she does my cervical check and she's all up in there and all of a sudden she goes huh and I'm like any time a doctor or a nurse or anything and this is coming from a nurse's huh it's like if they can't even hide their own reaction to something you know something as weirds going on so I said to her what am I really dilated what's going on and she said well you are in a 1 to 2 and your cervix is really soft she was like but I'm not feeling anything like uh what do you mean you're not feeling anything he's like your baby's just really really high up and at this point she has like this is so TMI obviously like her hand checking my cervix and she has another hand up here pushing down on the baby and she's like your baby's just really really high up in your abdomen she must be small and of course the second she is the word small like lights are flashing in my head alarms are going off I'm freaking out I wasn't like actually freaking out I stayed calm but it's like oh my house she's small why she smelled what's going on what do you mean you don't feel her so I start asking all these questions and like I had just told her two minutes before I said I'm pretty sure her heads up here I'm pretty sure she's breech and she looked at me and she was like you're gonna get an ultrasound right now which I knew that she was concerned when she said that because there's been times when I've even gone in for a routine ultrasound and they're so busy I've had to wait like an hour there's only one ultrasound room in one ultrasound tech in the office so if she is like concerned enough that she's like I'm gonna get you in to the ultrasound right now I knew something was going on so then I started to really get worried of course so I go into the ultrasound room and she puts a problem on my belly and she's immediately like yeah she's breech and I just wanted to say like no Sherlock I've been telling you guys this for months but it's like there she is upside down and she said that she is frank breech and so her head is up under my ribs and both of her legs kind of folded in half heads up under my ribs with her legs up there and her arms up there which would explain why I'm so uncomfortable my belly is not huge but everything's going on up in my ribs her head is stuck up under there her arms are up there everything is going on so at that point she said well there she is she's breached blah blah blah turn off the ultrasound machine and I said well are we not gonna measure how big she is because she said too small and the ultrasound tech looks like I'm only allowed to do what tests they ordered she only ordered an ultrasound to check the position of the baby which bothered me a lot but I can't argue with her so she sent me back to the room and then Midwife came back in she comes bebop again well she's breech this is on a Friday and she was like on Monday we'll get you in you'll see the doctor he will turn the baby it'll be in the hospital in case anything goes wrong and then hopefully you'll be able to have a vaginal labor stone if not you'll have a c-section and I'm just like what c-section procedures going to the hospital like even as a nurse I'm like everything has changed because just like 15 or 20 minutes before then at the beginning of my appointment we were going over again my birth plan how I want to go all natural I don't want an epidural I want to labor at home as long as possible all this stuff and then within half an hour and being told you might have to have a c-section so that was a hard day Brian couldn't go to the appointment with me so I'm alone when I got all this news and of course I'm immediately googling calling my friends who have had babies talking to people talking to my mom talking to my sister who one of her babies was breached and she had to have a c-section basically was talking to everyone so I had to decide whether I wanted to even try to turn her because doing the version procedure can be dangerous they physically put their hands on you and try to turn the baby to get their head down it can make the cord wrap around their neck if she became in distress there's a chance he could say okay we need to do a c-section right now it can burst your water it can induce labor it can it's just not a cut-and-dried thing but I trust my doctor 500% he delivered my best friend's babies he's delivered twins from a girl that I know and she had a completely natural labor and she loved him and she had a really high-risk pregnancy he delivered another one of my friends babies like 20 years ago and they were really high-risk pregnancies and he has one of the lowest c-section rates in the area so I trust him I had done research on him before I even picked him as an OB I did pick him because I wanted to have a birth with the midwives but he has a very very high success rate with turning babies other doctors have even sent their patients to him to have him turn their babies so I just decided that if he was comfortable trying to turn her if we got in there and he thought that he could be successful I knew he would not put me or Ellie in danger on purpose and no doctor wants to be sued for malpractice so I just decided with Bryan that if he felt comfortable doing it we were gonna do it so we went in Monday morning and he came into the room and went over everything with us and we decided we were gonna try to turn her he had an ultrasound machine on her the whole time with the nurse I was greased up like a greased chicken covered in mineral oil which is literally like the thickest oily substance in the world but he he tried for 30 almost 35 minutes to turn her and she just would not budge she would not budge at all and it really sucked because right when I got there in the morning and they were putting in my IVs the nurse was like oh he's already done one of these earlier this morning he turned a baby in 15 seconds and I'm like awesome we're gonna be in and out he's gonna come in here Boop she's gonna be head down and then I'm gonna get to have my natural labor everything's gonna be awesome I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say I was that optimistic but I really was optimistic that he'd be able to turn her they had to give me this medicine called turbulent to relax my uterus but it makes your heart race I thought that I wasn't only gonna get one dose of that and I ended up needing five doses because he tried for so long so my heart was racing so fast I felt like I was having a heart attack and I already had anxiety so it's not like my heart rate is super low on its own and he had the bed turned were like my feet were elevated and my head was all the way down an incline so all the blood was rushing to my head it was not a fun experience I'm not gonna say it was fun but it was not as painful as I thought it was gonna be of course I immediately while I was doing research on it over the weekend was like going to all the firt mommy blogs and reading their experiences and all the horror stories and they said it was worse than childbirth it was very uncomfortable I mean it felt like he was pressing really hard on my stomach trying to turn my baby like it felt like he was trying to physically move a boulder in my body but it was not like sharp excruciating pain it was just very very uncomfortable honestly the worst part was just getting the terbutaline and having my heart race so fast for so long so he was not able to turn her and when I asked him about his success rate before he started he said well I've been doing these since the early 80s and I'd say I probably have about a 90 percent success rate so of course that made me really hopeful but also I 100% now believe that if she is breed she's breech for a reason she's supposed to be like this I have no idea what that reason is but I'm not gonna force her or do I mean there's nothing else they can do to try to turn her but if he couldn't turn her and he really gave it his all I think he normally tries for like five or ten minutes but I was really trying to be a trouper I really really wanted to know that I did everything I possibly could to try to have a vaginal birth and that just unfortunately isn't possible anymore I even asked him in the appointment afterwards I mean against like everyone in my family's judgment they all were like why would you even do that that's dangerous but I even asked him if he would let me try to deliver her vaginally breech and he said no um but he was so nice about it he didn't laugh at me he didn't make me feel crazy he just said you know most doctors will never do breech births they don't know how or they're out of practice he said I do them I have done them I'm comfortable I think that I could try to do it safely of course there are risks involved but he said I don't think that's best for your situation and I can understand that knowing that he has one of the lowest c-section rates and he's very proud of that and he still is suggesting a c-section for me no doctor no OB wants to have a high c-section rate that makes you look really bad so the fact that he's suggesting and I know that it's 100% what's best but there's pros and cons to everything I know exactly when she's gonna come I know that she's healthy they're still doing growth scans and monitoring my fluid just to make sure that she's doing good in there but now I'm just excited counting down the days until my c-section there's nine days which is crazy it's crazy there's nine days until I won't meet my baby and I'm sure there's other stuff I should have talked about I have like a list of stuff I wanted to talk about this video oh and uh today I had an appointment and they did a growth scan and they're estimating that she weighs six pounds on one ounce which is in the 21st percentile which sounds really little and that scares me but they said they're not worried about it she's been she hasn't been on the huge side my entire pregnancy so they're not really surprised by that she's just probably gonna be wittle and she can't help it and that's about it if you have any questions for me just leave me a comment and I'll answer it obviously I've been an open book about my entire pregnancy experience and if pregnancy especially these past two weeks has taught me anything it's that in life and especially in being with being a parent there's nothing you can really control as much as I hoped and prayed and prepared and wished for and meditated over having a natural vaginal delivery it just wasn't in the cards for me and there's nothing I can do about that which has taught me a big lesson in acceptance but that's about it Ellie will be here in nine days and I cannot wait I will be blowing up your facebook Instagram snapchat if it's social media I will be blowing it up with pictures of my baby thank you so much if you've been watching these videos from the start or if this is the first one of these videos you've hugged welcome bye thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and Bryan on this journey we're so excited to become parents and to meet our little girl so thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please subscribe to my youtube channel so you won't miss any of my future videos but I hope that you're having a great day and I will see you guys soon

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