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Hello, I’m Jill. This is ASL Stew Life! (cat meow) ♪deck the halls♪ So, 38 weeks pregnancy update. Today I’m 38 weeks and 4 days so it’s a little bit late, sorry. I was trying to film over the weekend, but then a lot was going on and I forgot to be totally honest. But anyways… I’m gonna tell you what the actual baby measurements are. I’ll explain why…. well… the length I don’t know. I think this week the baby could be anywhere from 18 inches to 20 inches I believe. But the weight is… 8 pounds 8 oz! So 8.8 I know (snickers)! I’ll explain. So recently on Thursday I had my OB appointment. I decided not to get a cervical check. It’s not necessary. Really it’s just informing me if I’m dilated more or not and to be honest it’s no big deal. Plus like I mentioned, it can introduce bacteria. So I didn’t get checked. One problem I did have though is the doctor was checking my fundal height and it was still 35. That day I was exactly 38 weeks. So… last.. well two weeks ago, when I was 37 weeks I was measuring 35. Then this week… well this past Thursday, I was 38 weeks and I was still measuring 35. The doctor said that’s 3 weeks behind, so to speak, so let’s go ahead and get an ultrasound. It’s called a growth scan. To check and see. Maybe if the baby’s small. If the baby is small, then there’s a possibility, maybe we’d have to induce early. Cause obviously it’s better if the baby’s outside than inside if they’re not growing. So of course I was really concerned. The doctor didn’t seem like it was a big deal. But of course I started crying…. after she left the room. But the heartbeat was still good. Still 140s, 150s, same as it always has been. So that was no issue. Other than that, nothing else really happened with the OB. So then that evening, that Thursday evening, that was Star Wars opening night. So my friend had bought us some tickets for that, me and Jenna, and I was concerned but there was nothing I could do because she said you can the ultrasound that next day Friday or Monday. But the place was already closed so I couldn’t call to set up an appointment. So anyways, we’d have to wait until the next morning. So the two of us went and picked up dinner. Drove over and parked really early, I think like an hour and a half early at the theater. Just to make sure we got good parking cause obviously I’m not able to walk really far, but anyways I’ll explain. So we got there. We were eating our dinner in the car. I was starting to have A LOT of lower back pain and really bad stomach pain. Not contractions, but just like a lot of pain. I was getting concerned. I was like I hope this isn’t the start of labor and it’s gonna start during the movie cause I know Jenna really wanted to see it. Obviously she mentioned if anything were happening we could put it off, but I was like “NO!” So we go in, and I had to sit the whole time. I couldn’t stand. I was in way too much pain in my back. I kept checking in the bathroom to make sure if there were anything, but there was nothing. We got into the theater and the entire time, I would say 2 hours or whatever the movie, I was in SO much pain in my stomach and my back, and back and forth. Finally the movie got done. I was like YES! Did it! Got home… tried to go to sleep… then I woke up in the morning… the next morning when I woke up, I was fine. There were no problems. Since then I really haven’t had… well a little of pain but not bad like before. So I guess false alarm? Anyways, the next day Friday, the ultrasound place opened at 8:30 so I called right away. Got an appointment for 9:30a. Awesome! Luckily work was slow that day, thankfully. I went, the woman did the ultrasound. We got to see a few things. She did all the measurements, all of that. The baby was moving a lot. We couldn’t see the face. The baby wouldn’t let us, of course. We got to see it’s little ear and it has some hair! Looks kind of like that. Really cute! Then after that she said she was gonna go and figure out all the measurements. Came back and she was like “Actually the baby is approximately 8 pounds, 8 oz.” In the 90th percentile. I was like whoa! So I guess it’s big, not small. So that just kind of tells you that the fundal height, the measurement is not always the best. Oh, also she said that the fluid was good. Everything was perfectly fine. No problem there. So that was pretty much the last thing that happened, this last Friday. Since then, I’ve been having A LOT of vaginal pain. Feels like somebody punched the outside of my vagina and it’s bruised or something. I have no idea. But when I get up and walk around, SO painful! Not like lightning crotch, but just pain, like bruised. That’s probably my main symptom. I’ve had a little bit of hormonal crying, but it’s pretty normal. But other than that, just kind of waiting now. So… that’s the update. I will see you hopefully at 39 weeks if the baby’s still here! So now belly shot! ♪♪♪ Alright, well that’s everything. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you liked it click LIKE. Remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you know when new videos come out. If you want to provide support we have three ways. ASL Stew merch store, buying shirts or stickers which would be cool. Patreon for a monthly donation with cool perks. Or Ko-fi for a one-time any amount donation. We really appreciate all your support. Thank so much and see you in the next video. Bye! ♪♪♪

16 Replies to “38 Weeks Pregnancy Update ⎮ ASL Stew Life”

  1. Is the baby head down? Could be the reason for vag pain? I had that with my twins, my oldest (now almost 23 years old!) was head down and boy did I feel it! The first few steps of walking were… interesting!

  2. hey there Jill i am glad that you and the baby are doing good… how has your back pain so far during the pregnancy??? i am so glad to see how much your little one is growing can't wait to see the little one soon… love you guys.

  3. You're getting very close! I was due on Dec 19th at first then was changed to Dec. 30th and my baby got here on New Years Day! Maybe yours will arrive on New Years? Who knows…I'm so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see the next update guys!

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy! I am currently 16 weeks with my first one and I decided to vlog about my pregnancy, especially struggling with nausea, so I am very excited to find other women who are pregnant and I can keep up with. I will send you good thoughts for the last stretch of your pregnancy & I hope we can keep in touch.

  5. The fondle height is off. At 38 weeks mine measurement was 3 weeks ahead. My LO was born 15 days late and was only 6 lbs 9oz

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