All right. Hi guys, welcome back to my pregnancy
updates. Today is going to be my 39 week update and I wanted to start out by answering a question
that I’ve had quite a few times now, and that is whether or not I plan to vlog the birth.
We do plan to vlog the birth as much as we can. My husband, obviously it’s kind of down
to him on what he can film and then what I can edit afterwards, so who knows what we’re
going to get. But I don’t plan anything graphic or anything like that, but just progress,
like labors happening, I’ve got contractions, he’s coming, kind of thing. So we’ll just
see how it goes but I just thought it’d be really special that I could vlog this birth
because I never have in the past. I have some really nice clips of when Caleb had just been
born, maybe I’ll insert them here. [inaudible 00:00:54] this time. Hello Caleb. Does he look cute? He’s perfect. He’s like, an hour old. Oh, Caleb. Well done mummy. Thanks. Fraser is he cute? Yeah. Do you like him? Oh, it popped! It popped out. Should we take him home? Mommy look, it popped out like pop! Like that. The day we brought you home Caleb. Fraser
who’s just so into you. I mean the present [crosstalk 00:01:43] important. I think if we can get some footage of the
birth and how it all went and stuff that would be really special because sometimes when you’re
actually giving birth, you’re in the zone and you can’t remember anything and I think
it’d just be really nice memory to have if I can get it. I’m also going to do some Facebook
live sessions, which I know might sound crazy but I’m going to do a few videos on Channel
Mum’s Facebook page of the progress of the birth. Obviously it all depends on how the
birth is going but if it is like my previous births I don’t see any problem with it, probably
just high, I’m going into labor, setting up the house, having contractions and hopefully
his safe arrival and maybe meeting his brothers and stuff like that, so if you are interested
because some people have said, “I’m checking your page every day to see if you’ve had the
baby,” but if you want to follow Channel Mum on Facebook that you will get a notification
of my Facebook live videos, so it might be worth doing that. And I’m also going to do some pictures throughout
the labor on Instagram, on Channel Mum’s Instagram. I don’t know whether I’m going to do it during
the labor or the next day, it again just depends on how it all goes. Sorry if you can hear
any outside noises, I have all the windows open, my hair up, I am so hot. Obviously in
my last week of pregnancy there is a heat wave, so I’ve just been this sweaty melting
pregnant woman and it’s really not very attractive. [inaudible 00:03:17] baby now. He is the size
of a watermelon now, he should be about six and a half pounds to seven pounds and 20 inches
and in this last week or last two weeks he is just literally building up a layer of fat
on his body to keep him nice and warm when he comes out but he’s completely formed and
ready to go basically. I had my 39 week midwife appointment this
week, everything was fine in terms of heart beat, she checked, he was very much head down
and all of that was all good but then when they measured my stomach and they blotted
on a growth chart, they said that they thought he was a week too small, he almost hadn’t
grown in the last week, so then they said that I needed to have an ultrasound scan in
the next 48 hours and go to the hospital and have this scan. So I was a bit worried. This
is growth chart of how they measure the baby, and he was here at 35 weeks, and then here
at 37 weeks and then on the same level at 39 weeks, so they were saying he should keep
going with the curve and have not sort of stopped, but that this midwife here could
have measured really generously and this midwife here could have measured a little bit small.
So anyway, I went to the scan and they scanned me and she said that at the moment they think
he is six pounds eight and he should put on half a pound a week. So if I did go a week late with this baby
as I always do, then he should be about seven pounds eight at birth, which is a tiny bit
more than what Caleb was. So, we’re not worried now. She said it’s weird that my children
aren’t getting bigger, they seem to be getting smaller. I got a bit defensive of him, she
was like, “You know, he is a bit on the small side, blah, blah, blah, if he’s born on his
due date,” but I think they’ve got my due dates wrong and I was bit like, “He’s not
small, look at the size of me.” In a way I think it’s really good that they are over
monitoring me and that they’re being really careful so that they don’t miss anything and
it was quite nice to see him again, although having now seen an ultrasound where a baby
is at 39 weeks, you can barely see anything. It is just so squished up in there, all I
could see was head and a bum, there was really no room left in there. At my midwife appointment they also asked
if I wanted to book in for a sweep on my due date but I said no because both of our boys
previously have been exactly six days late. I feel a bit like give him a chance and if
nothing happens then maybe I’ll come in just after 41 weeks, but one sweep isn’t going
to be that pleasant and also, I just feel like give him some time. I have this really
funny feeling of you know when you’re about to go on holiday and you’re kind of going
through your head and thinking, “Have I packed everything? Have I remembered everything?
Have I booked the taxis? Have I done this?” I feel like that because I’m just waiting
for the baby to come and I don’t know when he’s going to come so it’s kind of just running
through my head, checklists and every night I’m sort of tidying up in case he comes that
night. So a lot of you all know that I’m a having
a home birth, so my home birth kit is all set up. I was going to run through it with
you but I kind of did in my last vlog, so I will link that down below but it is basically
dust sheets with waterproof backing, towels, puppy pads, hats and cardigans for the baby
and it’s just really the most unglamorous kit you’ll ever see. So that is all set up
and ready to go and as I said, my hospital bag is all packed, so I’ll link that down
below as well. This week because of the heat I have just been craving so much ice lollies.
I’m not even exaggerating when I say I probably eat about four or five ice lollies a day.
Last weekend was also quite a hard weekend because my husband worked the whole weekend
at V Festival. Every year his shops go backstage to style
stars and it’s a really amazing weekend, you get to see all the bands and all this stuff
and I went last year and it was incredible and I was gutted that I couldn’t go this year
but he wasn’t around, so it was a bit like I was a single mum for the weekend and heavily
pregnant in the heat and I feel a bit run down, I’ve got a bit of a cold sore and I
feel like it was probably just because I was doing way too much. The only other real symptoms
this week have been achy pelvis and hips, just really hard again, to roll over in bed
and just everything just feels like an effort, you know, getting up off the couch. I feel
like I’ve been relying on my five year old to say, “Oh Fraser, could you pick that up
for me?” He’s such a good boy and he totally understands that I am heavily pregnant and
struggling to move. Right, so I think that’s everything that I
wanted to share with you, hopefully I will see you still pregnant at my 40 week update.
I’d really like to go a week overdue only because my baby is actually due on the 30th
of August and in England the school year starts from September, so I kind of think, “Oh, he’s
going to be such a young one in that year if he doesn’t make it to September, if he
can just wait two days he will be one of the oldest in his year,” and because he’s my last
baby, I’ll be able to hold onto him for five years rather than four, so selfishly I would
love for him to be a little bit late. Anyway, I’m waffling now, thank you so much for watching
and I will see you very soon. Bye. While she was here she did a midwife check on me as


  1. Haha, I love your reasons for wanting him to be late, a true mama <3
    I wanted my last babe to be late too so I could soak up as much one on one time with my first boy and luckily she was. So late they had to evict her! Best of luck in labour and delivery, can't wait to "meet" him!

  2. How exciting that you're going to vlog the birth! I loved the video of baby Caleb 😍 Fraser & Caleb looked the same at the same age! You're looking lovely 🙂 x

  3. All the best Emily 👍🏻
    Can't wait for it.. For the safe and healthy baby to arrive for you and your family.. The birth clips of Caleb on you chest was so emotional for any mum who sees , I'm sure it's relatable 😍😘😊

  4. Oh my gosh!!! 39 weeks already? That makes me scared for how fast my pregnancy will go eeeeeek!! Looking forward to the birth vlog 🙂 xx

  5. Yes, plz post videos and pics .. Whenever it's comfortable with you.. Love you to bits ..
    Don't worry and relax plz 😀😋😊

  6. im due sept the 2nd and feel the same about the school year haha! i had the same got sent for a growth scan tuesday as different midwives measured differently only to find out i have dangerously low amniotic fluid and have been in everyday since for monitoring 😥 my poor 2.5year old has been an angel all week! serious mum guilt. Hope your labour goes well and you get the home birth you want! x

  7. Midwives sometimes can scare you a bit. it's not always what they say but the way they say it. I was told my son was small and I was scanned every week for the last 6weeks and was worried about it but when he was born he was 7lbs 4ozs. Thank God he was small. lol Good luck with the birth and will keep my fingers crossed for a September baby. 😀

  8. Good luck and look forward to hearing the news of his safe arrival. Cant believe how great you look! I wish i looked as fab when i was pregnant Lol. X

  9. You look amazing!!!!! I'm so excited for your birthday video. My twin boys are due any day now too it is getting so hard to move around totally get it.

  10. So exciting one week left👍🏻! My growth chart was exactly the same I kept getting sent down the hospital bcoz I was apparently 2 weeks behind but soon as they checked me at the hospital I was measuring how I should🙄 my son was born weighing 7pounds 2ounces. What a beautiful bump you have😍! I bet the boys are excited to have a new baby brother?! X

  11. I can't believe you are almost finished with this pregnancy. It has flown by. I am so excited for you! I'd love to film some of my labour after just after this time. I do think that midwives are a little silly with measuring bumps, they can all measure so differently and I don't think bump size has anything relation to baby size. Glad they are keeping an eye on you though. He will be perfect no matter what size X

  12. Enjoy every minute of the last days of him tucked up inside you 🙂 and take the midwives comments with a pinch of salt ! We (and our babies!) are all individuals <3

  13. Oh and totally agree re birth dates! It's my youngest birthday today (he is 12) but I just wish he'd held on till September! 🙂

  14. Aww Emily I can't believe how close u are!! You are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever, if I'm lucky enough to have another baby and I looked half as radiant as u I'd be a very happy momma!! Xx

  15. Aww i loved seeing baby Fraser!! Caleb was the cutest little baby ever – how sweet. GOOD LUCK EMILY. You look lovely I am so excited to see the next baby boy and what you are going to name him 🙂 xxxx

  16. Too make you feel better it does actually kinda make sense that they would get smaller. Since with each additional child you have to run after the first two plus they say the best way to make baby gain weight is to sit which is pretty difficult to do with two older children. All that matters is that he's healthy and sounds like he is 🙂

  17. I found your channel when you had just announced you were pregnant and now look you have doubled your subscribers I think since I found you and now your so close to having him! You inspired me to push myself and start my channel ❤️ I'm so excited for you. Xx

  18. My son was due on the 2nd September and was so hoping he wasn't early because in the school thing. Luckily he was born on 4th September and is very proud to be the oldest in his year at school. P. S he's going to be 13 next weekend x

  19. Hi Emily, try not to worry about the small baby thing! I had the same thing said to me on my last baby. I went over by two weeks! And she ended up being 8ld 6! My babies have all been smaller than the last. And all five are healthy and happy xx Hope everything goes well and cant wait to see the little one xx

  20. The cut off for school age in Australia is June 30th. My son was due on July 18th, but I had him 8 weeks early on May 25th.
    I'm so upset that he's going to be one of the youngest kids now, instead of one of the oldest, just because he was born prematurely.
    He'll only be 3 years 8 months when he starts kindy in January 2018. 🙁

  21. Caleb looked gorgeous with the woollen hat on after birth,and you looked great after giving birth. I wouldn't worry about the growth chart. My surrogate and I had to have weekly growth scans which stressed me out so much,and yes Harry was only 6Ib but he was born at 38 weeks,if he had gone full term or over due he would of been over 7. It is good that they edge on caution these days,but they do cause stress at the same time. If your babies are getting smaller it's probably due to you on the go all the time,nothing you can do. He will be fine. Good luck and hope you get the September birth. Xx

  22. all the best Emily! I'm 37 weeks and feeling the heat too! exciting to see your updates and know I'm getting close too xx

  23. I love your updates! My third baby (also a boy) was due for August 30th, too, but he came early on the 19th! 😍 I'm looking forward to your updates after birth & seeing how you do with 3 kids since I'll be going through the same phase, though my older two are 2 1/2 & 1 1/2 yrs old! 😁

  24. Also – why would they want to do that at 40 weeks? You'd think they'd only do that at 43 weeks or later ! Not sooner – especially since they want him to gain some weight! Sigh. You know what's best mama trust that instinct! Can't wait!

  25. It's definitely not the case that your baby's should get bigger. Both my first two girls weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and my third weighed 7 pounds 1. Can't wait to see you gorgeous little man. Good luck Emily X

  26. You look amazing!! My first boy was 10 days late and second came a couple weeks early. Wishing you all the best with the labour & I hope you get your home birth xx

  27. I feel exactly the same about the anxiety of when baby is going to arrive 🙂 I'm due any day now too with my first. Good luck with everything! x

  28. oh and according to my friends at work (I am a teacher) you can now choose which school year your child goes into if they are born in July/August

  29. I just had my third boy 6 days ago on my 39th week. Don't worry about his size cause these things are rarely accurate. When I got to the hospital, the receiving doctor who checked me told me that my babys estimated weight should be 3600g and a few hours later he was born 4430g….. I wish you all the best with the delivery!

  30. wow you look so pretty!

    also, I noticed midwives take no chances and are extra careful. Whereas my OBGYN took too many risks, seriously. Was a horrid experience for me.

  31. Your live Birth was when I first got to know you! And I loved you since ! I had a baby two weeks after you ❤️❤️❤️

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