4-10 WEEK UPDATE │ Baby's Update + Post C-Section Update

hi welcome back to my channel it's been a really long time since I've found a video again I hate such this is crooked I had way higher expectations of myself to be able to like put out a video every week and do updates on time and film a lot of stuff with my brand new baby but yeah life is it's been a bit more difficult than that and it's been really hard to get the camera out I've barely filmed anything at all I've been having to consciously remind myself to film clips of Koko so that she's actually being documented in these early days because they go so quickly and I've just been really really bad at it the last video that I actually sat down and filmed was I think like her 4 week no it would have been there my baby a newborn must-haves video and before that it was probably like her 4 week update and she's now almost 10 weeks old so it's been way way too long I need it on doing a 6 week update in the name gender on doing an 8 week update when that didn't happen and now here we are it almost 10 weeks old and I don't even have her with me because she's having a nap right now and I'm not waking her for that but I have a minute so I'm gonna sit I'm gonna sit here and I'm gonna film her update from four weeks until now and I'll just answer a few clips of her videos to see you so we're gonna go right back to the beginning and start with her six-week checkup that she had when she was six weeks old at her checkup she was weighed so came from and this was like almost four weeks ago actually it was about three weeks ago because I mean late she was almost even week old when I went for her check out she was weighed and she was 4.1 kilos so I'm not sure what she is right now but I'm gonna guess she's probably about four and a half kilos at the moment her he did succumb for us was 34 centimeters so that had grown about three one centimeter I'm not sure actually she had really good eyes and ears like you know it's obvious that she can sing and she can hear and she also had her vaccinations obviously so she had her three I don't even remember what they are I do not remember I know one of them was like diphtheria once rotavirus and oneness and there's like a bunch of other ones so I'm not really sure is that what they yeah dude child problems she had like incredible strength and check out that the doctor was actually surprised because she was measured who length was measured and I had to hold down her legs so I hold them straight so that the measuring technique get her full length and while I was holding her legs down she was actually trying to lift her entire back and like sit up off the table she was like six weeks old and the doctor was actually amazed she was like how is she doing that that's actually impossible but she did it she has had incredible strength right from the get-go totally she's been holding her head up pretty well by herself for a really long time already she's also lost most of you here so she is a little Baldy at the moment she is lost she's got a bit of here around the nape of her neck and a little bit of hair up here on the crown and Eva else she's bald so she's got like this ring of baldness all around here and she's bald everywhere else it's starting to slowly grow back on the top but all of my babies go bald they are never really born with a lot of hair to begin with and then they lose it all so we're just wait and patiently for that to grow back because she's she's definitely doing a hard to distinguish whether she's actually a boy or a girl if I put her into you neutral clothing she's smiling all the time now ain't cooing all the time she smiles at me she smiles a Lincoln she smiles at Lola she smiles some of the time for dead which I think he's a little bit salty about but yeah she's smiling all the time she's not laughing Jessie it though she hates tummy time but she's gonna do it you know I made the mistake of not doing tummy time very often with Lola and she took ages to sit up and roll over and stuff so I'm really trying to make sure that we do tummy time with Coco from the get-go and regularly so that she gets nice and strong and she can learn to roll over and stuff like that because that's important but she hates it she cries and cries and yeah it's just not very pleasant experience she's still wearing newborn size clothing and nappy she's still wearing the newborn size rascal and Prince nappies because that quite generously sized don't my my glasses they are actually wonky now you won't be able to stop looking at that when she was wearing Huggies nappies we actually had to go our precise to the infant size because the Huggies newborns are really really tiny which was great for when she was looking brand new but she's definitely not an infant size eat anything so but we had to go up a size in the Huggies newborns and they were the Mickey Mouse print ones and they are awful like don't waste your time on getting Huggies infant maybe they were awful blow out after blow out after blow out they almost held nothing so really really big waste of money and so we have gone back to our school friends she also had a really awful diaper rash a couple of weeks ago after she had the rotavirus vaccine she got diarrhea quite badly for several days and that was at the same time that we were using the Huggies nappies as well and she got a really really awful nappy rash it was really bad and we wanted to stop using them as well just in case they were contributing to the rash because they'd also heard that honey forgive and some kids burns so we cut those out anyway I am feeling sure it was the diarrhea that was causing the nappy rash because she you know she had diarrhea and it was going on for days and days and that kind of been nice on her skin but I just wanted to be you know Kiefel that the neppy wasn't also contributing to the rash so cut that out sorry Huggies not a fan Rask on friends though has been amazing really really like him she loves her dummy still which is not the greatest because she wakes up during the night for it and because she's not big enough to be able to grab it herself and put it back in her mouth yet it's up to us to do that and that is becoming very annoying but she has started sucking on her hands and I'm sort of hoping that once she sort of releases with them because she's still got quite a firm first that once she releases her thumb that she might actually start sucking her thumb like Lola did purely for selfish reasons I don't want her to really be sucking on who thumb or a dummy to be honest but a thumb is going to be a lot easier than the dummy anyway stick that back into her mouth all the damn time some of the best news that we have is that she is sleeping through the night most nights now she she's okay she's our worst sleeper but she's also slipped through the night at the earliest age so Lincoln was 9 weeks old when he sleep through the night Lola was 10 weeks old and Koko his stutter sleeping through the night from 8 weeks old but with the other two they started you know they had their first sleeping through the night like I sleep through the night for the first time and from being on they slept through the night every single night they never woke up during the night you were again but with Koko it's kind of like here in there like she might sleep through the night this night and then the next night she might have heard quite a fussy night and she might want she might keep spinning her dummy out and we have to get up like five times to put the dummy back in and sometimes she's just really really fussy and then the next night she'll be amazing again and she will sleep through the night and she won't even want whoo dummy but we are definitely getting bit asleep now which is good but that's another reason that I just wanted like kick the dummy hibbott I really really don't like it she also goes to sleep on her own most of the time she's really really really good at going to sleep on her own as soon as I start seeing some tired signs I just lay her down in her bead put her in her little swallows a pup thing puppy dummy in her mouth sometimes sometimes she doesn't need it and put it white noise machine on and she like nods off to sleep by herself in it's amazing it's bliss of course there are a few times where she's a bit more reluctant to go to sleep but for the most part she just puts herself to sleep and it's incredible I haven't really had to put any work and whatsoever she's just a very happy and content baby unless something is wrong like she's hungry or she needs her but change or she's got gas in which case she lets us know she's just a very happy and content baby she's just like seems to love life and I love her she's she's very easy touching on that though we did actually end up switching her formula to anti reflux formula because she was just throwing up so much of her bottle every single feed and it was just like flashback to when Lola was a baby so we just decided to go ahead and switch to the anti reflux formula and she's been sweet ever since and she's been gaining weight like crazy because now she's not throwing up half of every bottle that she has she's so much happier yeah she just it's so much food there was a little bit of a struggle for hearing out like bottled heat sizes and stuff and basically now we're we're down to only using four bottles because it's we've only got four size three teats but it's not a problem like if we can get more at some point for now it's working for us and yeah it's just I don't really have much to complain about food baby it's going really really well we love her to pieces she's wonderful as for me I am still sort of having struggles going to the bathroom but it's getting a lot easier now and I have tools to not tools like I'm not putting anything out there but I have I have things that I can take if I need to thank you again so wait yeah we're working on there I'm still having a little bit of pain in my scar like muscular pain be huh I think it's behind behind the scar which I've never had with either or the other two I healed up really quick really fast with them but this time I definitely have some some longer lasting pain and I don't really think that there's anything that I can do about that weirdly my nails are like quite strong at the moment I don't know if it's like anything to do with post partum or whatever but my name was like getting quite strong mental health wise I am I've been a sufferer of postnatal depression with both of my older babies and I had kind of hoped that being and just a bit of space in general being in a better place in our lives this time around and having had that iron infusion when I was pregnant that I would be sweet and I wouldn't have to worry about postnatal depression but I do think that it's there yeah it's just some days some days are a struggle and I am getting very I'm very reactive to things let's just put it that way like the smallest thing is a very big deal to me at the moment and it's not very fun so we're only nine weeks in at the moment so I'm just letting my body sort of even itself out like my periods still aren't in sync I'm currently supposedly like four days late for my next period but I've only had one so far so I'm not expecting it to be and sync immediately and yeah so I'm just sort of waiting for everything to settle out a little bit let my body get back to normal and then and then see how I'm feeling mentally in a couple of months time and at that point I'll decide whether I need to do anything about it I want to try a lot harder to be just vlogging more in general catching the kids on film so that I can look back on these videos I feel really guilty all the time when I think about how much I haven't filmed of them because I'm not going to remember these moments without seeing them you know so and saying that I do put a lot of photos of them up on my Instagram which I will leave link below if you're interested in going and following that I hope that you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one oh really

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