4 minutes of rare fetus Phil

I am a predator and look at that facial hair it goes like that and then there's a space and then there's more here so I've got like patch beard I will never have a beard or a mustache imagine that ridiculous EEE welcome to the secret cave of the emo eternity my heart is crying tears create happiness moving on we must call upon the spirit of the email elephant for the initiation ceremony we call upon him with the Eagle squawking butterfly tears and unicorn blood to make me feminine and fire fire and flowers and flowers oh hey guys so I haven't made a video in 8 years but I can every night kiddies so I was like petting my kid today and it was so cute I was like oh my god it's so cute look at its ears I really like it you know so I was thinking and maybe we should kill some people again it's been so long since we just sliced through some people with scissors you're Jack aren't you one crunch oh my gosh I'm in India oh hi guys so yesterday something terrible happened my fish died oh it must be some kind of new technology thousands of people are watching I can see your eyes you're all staring right back at me I can see into your soul you need to stop what's up oh hey John I'm just making a video blog Hey yeah I'll talk to you later man no you hang up so you hang up monkey bear I bet he's still there you're still there and you're still there okay yeah we're gonna talk about Demi Lovato later welcome to the year 3000 investees I reached 100,000 subscribers this week you suddenly feel very self-conscious oh yeah thank you so much guys I think I've come a long way since I unfill welcome to my video blog well here we go nice crows question what is the worst thing a friend can do to you if they steal your butter if they destroy the planet or if they appear in your dreams of the cat and eat your gold I am here to eat your goal no stop watching everyone else I stop watching now what are you doing are you still watching please do stop watching now you don't know what you've just done please have you ever practiced kissing on your hand just me back who are you gonna kiss at midnight yes in order to train a lion first of all you must roar in its face ah then stroke its mane gently and like Avatar insert its tail into your eye oh I see you I see you fly fly goodbye Jake

44 Replies to “4 minutes of rare fetus Phil”

  1. so I was just thinking maybe we could kill some people again. its been too long since we sliced through some people with scissors

  2. Anyone else think Phil would make an incredible murder? He would just be cute until people have a false sense of security and then stab them 😂

    Like, dan and Phil are the only two people I would let murder me 😂❤️ anyone else? No, just me?

  3. To be honest, I still find him adorable. I've only been watching him and Dan for around two years, so I've only seen their most recent content, but this doesn't seem that weird to me. 😂😂

  4. phil: "aruff"me: "hi dan"me: *comtinues to talk about the vday video and how i h a v e n t w a t ch e d i t*phil: "you need to stop"me: ?? ? ?

  5. I know that i'm late but can someone tell me a title of a video from 1:45–2:08 bc it's so fricking cute and i've never seen it before

  6. well this certainly was something but phillllllll you are sooo adorable and hilarious but damn your northern accent was awesome! love you phil<33

  7. 0:31 I'm scared, intrigued, and confused. Fetus Phil with eyeliner was adorable, but also mildly…. attractive?

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