hi guys welcome back to my channel today we are here for eight four months baby update and a long-awaited postpartum update all right like I said we are here for Rikers for month update this little guy is four months old and he's such a happy good baby boy I can't wait to share with you guys all of the things that are happening with him so first and foremost weight and such I'm not quite sure he has his four-month appointment early he had it like a week early so he is like just around 15 pounds he is like in the 50th percentile for his weight in the 89th percentile for his height and his head is in the 92nd percentile he's a big ol head guy he's a big head we is right on track and he is a long little guy he is rolling over on his own now from his back to his belly and he's working on from his belly to his back he can hold up his head really really well yeah he's just as you can see he's just so chill it just hangs out all the time sometimes he likes to squeal sometimes he likes to like talk to mama it's so sweet I love watching my kids interact together that's probably my most favorite thing about having two kids is that I get to watch kaya interact with him as well she's such a good big sister with him she like will sing to him and rock him and she's just so sweet no rayker is constancy he is now boolean formula as you guys know I did stop breastfeeding I stopped breastfeeding a little bit after four months and that was because I was pretty much dried up and I tried power pumping I tried supplements I do have a video and I'll link it up here for you guys I have a video just kind of going over why I decided to stop breastfeeding I will lightly touch on it in this video but if you want like an in yep reasoning go ahead and check out that video I do work full-time a lot of you guys have to tune into my working like working mom like day in the life of a working mom videos I've had an amazing workplace has always let me have access to pumping whenever I want and that really helped prolong my breastfeeding journey with him this time around my first time around I only breastfed until about five six weeks or so and the night dried up and I had quite a struggle my first time around trying to get my daughter transition to formula it was really hard she was very constipated and we had a lot of like bowel movement issues and Riker has done a much better job now even when I was breastfeeding I was supplementing with formula I was never producing quite enough for him so transitioning fully to formula was pretty easy for him he was already on formula we used the Enfamil Gentlease neuro pro every baby is different now we knew with the issues that we had from kya that we were going to transition directly to like a gentle formula instead of a regular for me what he's looking on his toes right now cuz I'm like playing with them so we just went straight to the gentle formula and that seemed to be just like the easiest most natural transition for him and he is chunking out quite a bit he loves just to like hang up on his claim at he loves to roll around and like do his own thing he's just seriously the easiest baby the only time that he cries as if he needs a diaper change or if he's hungry and it's mostly he's hungry because when he is hungry he will let you know he's such a sweet boy why do you boy no one's a big difference between record khakha has been that he loves to suck on his thumb like Iowa's not a thumb sucker and like none of my mom's kiss for thumb suckers but he loves to sooth hands off with his thumb he so some all the time it's the cutest saying I am a little bit worried about like weighting him off of it when he's older I'm very worried about that because I know that it is difficult to get them to stop sucking on their thumb but this isn't something that like I like was enforcing or starting this is just something that he kind of picked up on his own like one time when this passes a lot of his small health he found his thumb and he just has been a thumbsucker ever since he is no sleeping through the night as well and there are a couple of things that we have done now I'm going to briefly go over what my baby schedule is with you guys something that I've like mostly enforced since he was born as soon as I got him home from the hospital I tried implementing like a day and a night type of routine so during the day I would try to keep him up as much as possible after breast feeding sometimes it's hard when they're really little because they get so sleepy but I would really try to keep him up after his feedings and I would try them they can't eat my hair yep there he goes with his thumb so during the day I just tried to stick to a morning nap then an afternoon nap and sometimes he'll have like a short evening catnap and this has really helped even out his nighttime schedule he just sticks to those naps during the day in that little catnap at night he will sleep through the night and so typically I would feed like when he was first born we would feed every two hours who'd breastfeed every two hours two to three hours even if I had to wake him to feed I just made sure that we were consistent on that schedule once he naturally was into that schedule then it became a little bit easier and I was able to give him either formula or breast milk every couple hours while he was at daycare they implemented the same routine and he did stick to that morning nap afternoon nap was eating every two to three hours and then at night we would try to keep him up for as long as possible we would try to avoid that cat nap but sometimes it just happens he gets really sleepy after daycare and like all of the hubbub that goes on and then our night members one side like a day was really established the nighttime routine we do baths every other night and we like to kind of keep that routine the same so whether it's a bath night or not when I'm getting him ready for bed I want to see this buddy hang with her it's a bath night or not I will get him into his Giambi's I'll change his bum and I will get him into his sleep sack no it's probably been a little over a month now for the first little bit we were using the Zen swaddle sack by nested beam I'll leave that link down below for you guys I have mentioned this and several of my other videos this thing was awesome it has a little weighted piece on the chest that just kind of soothes them and like gives them the sensation of a mother's touch we've really loved that swaddle sack or that sleep swaddle and once he was rolling over once your baby rolls over it is time to transition them from swaddling into more of like a sleep sack type of thing so now we're using the sleep sack it's a zip side zip sleep sack yeah so now he is in the sleep sack and it just sits up beside still has that weighted piece but instead of their arms being swaddled their arms are free so it just kind of comes up over their shoulders to all those traps come up onto their shoulders he's daddy over here and like I said that weighted piece is still in their chest so it gives them that comfort and he is very much so a mama's boy he just you know he's like in anybody's boy though he just loves to be cuddled he loves that comfort especially at nighttime so that little extra weighted piece I feel like has really made a huge difference in his sleep so I will lay him down anywhere between eight and nine o'clock just because then I know he will wake up right around 6:30 or 7:00 when I need to go to work so that's why I like him down between 8:00 and 9:00 and it gives me enough time to get ready the morning without him being awake some like it's been like rare but there's occasions where he is awake at like maybe 5:30 6:00 in the morning so he is awake while I get ready but honestly it's only been a handful of times since I've gone back to work and I've now been back to work for about a little over two months now because he is like four and a half ish months and I've been back to work since eight weeks so that's been going really well for us once I lay him down between 8:00 and 9:00 I will just let him I'll give him a bottle at night after he's done with his bottle he'll put himself to sleep I do lay him next to the bed in the bassinet awake and heat like I said we'll just soothe himself to sleep so I thought I'm teaching him how to put himself to sleep and I don't necessarily always need to be there to rock him etc but I do really I love to rock him so I love to cuddle him to sleep but for the most part he does put himself to sleep now which is incredible and his like sleeping like schedule he's been he's been really good now when he was younger if he was maybe waking up twice a night and the read right around like eight weeks it was down to only once a night that he was waking up as high as like some crazy outfit huh oh eight weeks he was down to waking up about once a night and this is like consistently stayed about the same for a while half the nights during the week he'll sleep through the night and then half the other nights he might wake up once for a bottle it just it really depends on how hungry he is sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night he will soothe himself back to sleep with his thumb yeah he's just a really chilly so really easy baby no formula we are feeding anywhere from four to six ounces still and during the day he is guzzling down a good six ounce bottle I think we're just mostly at that six ounce point because you need give you four ounces you can tell that he really wants to be topped off still watching his sister eatable weighs now it's just so distracting all these that is where we're at with our formula feeding and stopping breastfeeding and that is why I wanted to include me stopping breastfeeding so this is the postpartum section of this video I like I said just weaned from breastfeeding I can still feel that I'm like a little bit full um it hasn't been uncomfortable and I'm not leaking and it's been an easy transition because I was drying up anyways I haven't need to like pump for comfort or anything like that I did nurse him actually one night which went pretty well but that was kind of our last time it was like a was just like a lot of time for him for me or a good bonding experience I I don't know I really loved breastfeeding him a ton sad that I dried out but at the same time it has given me a little bit more freedom and mentally I do feel a lot better when I like think back to like all the pumping sessions again I really loved and I enjoyed it because I knew I was providing my baby with the best nutrition for him um it was really hard isolating myself you know every two three hours to pump it was easier when I was at work because I'm pretty much by myself in my office anyways so pumping at work really wasn't that difficult what was difficult was during the weekends when we'd be like out and about or maybe like with family or something I'd have to like remove myself from the room or from wherever we were and go on pump or make sure that I had my pump parts and it was cleaning him correctly and that everything was sanitized and that the milk storage and I had enough milk bags and I just it was like so much work and I was never ever producing enough and I was taking all the supplements and it was just such like I didn't realize how much of a mental toll it was taking on me until I stopped and I realized wow I feel so much better another reason why I had stopped breastfeeding not just because I was drying up but also because I have been trying really hard to lose weight now I did lose all of my pregnancy weight but I gained this right here but I still had some extra fluff from the first time I gotten pregnant between getting married and getting pregnant for my first time I had gained a little bit of weight in there as well so I've just been trying to lose that weight and I just want to get to a healthy BMI so that I can like be the healthiest that I can be for my kids and for myself for my husband just for our family overall I just want to make sure that I am in the best health that I can be a little update on my weight loss my weight loss has actually been going really well in the past like week I've lost five pounds which is super that I've kind of been staying at that this week I haven't really been watching when I eat super great but I haven't been gaining which is you know what I can't ask for any better so in a typical day now that I'm not breastfeeding what I will do a lot of like what I eat is to lose weight and I plan to incorporate a little bit more fitness into my schedule as soon as my husband and I slow down on our side business orders so in the morning I sometimes have breakfast and if I do it's something lower carb like I like the egg bites from Starbucks it's a really good option and I do enjoy like those breakfast bowls like the Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls out makes like my own with some scrambled eggs and bacon but for the most part I try to enter it and fast so I will skip breakfast oh my goodness now I wasn't doing this while I was breastfeeding because I obviously needed to keep my calories up and have a decent amount of carbohydrates as well to keep my spite up so now that I'm not it's a lot easier for me to eat a lower carb keto diet that is what I have the most success on a lower carb breakfast or I'll just intermittent fast I always have a coffee but I make sure that my coffee is sugar free and I have just like maybe a heavy cream or a sweet or an unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my coffee I enjoy iced coffee right now I'll get the Starbucks iced coffee that you can get from the grocery store I put some ice in there in the morning like in a cup and then some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I'll take that with me in the vehicle on my way to work and I usually finish it by the time I get there because I need all the coffee in the morning on my way to work I'm gonna count it so I always feel like I need to like be ready to go as soon as I get to work and that coffee really gives me that boost and then for lunch I've really really been enjoying the healthy choice like the lower carb options they have a chicken broccoli with just alfredo sauce so no noodles in this low carb and it's something that I really enjoy maybe like a little bit more spice on it it's like a little bit more flavor so like red pepper flakes maybe some sriracha every now and then but that is super yummy and then they also have a low carb stir-fry option with no noodles and that is really good as well anyway so I will usually just put plop those meals all week really been enjoying it if I don't have that I like to go out to eat like Chipotle get a chipotle salad I do enjoy the chick-fil-a Cobb salad that's really good too otherwise I'll bring like stuff from home so I'll like pack my own chicken broccoli and Alfredo I like the sun-dried tomato alfredo that's super good but and I know like Alfredo isn't the greatest and I'm trying to cut down to like the cleanest diet possible but I'm baby stepping into that but I'll usually just have that for lunch I might have another coffee and then I just drink a ton of water during the day and then when I get home will usually have a protein and a vegetable so a lot of times I'll do like a roast in the crock-pot with mashed cauliflower with maybe some parmesan on top of the mashed cauliflower and maybe like make a like a low-carb gravy out of the drippings from the roast and the crock-pot or we'll do like like grilled chicken bras rolled drum ease chicken thighs steaks pork chops pork loin and just like a protein in general or salmon we really enjoy salmon as well but we'll do that protein and then our vegetables I do have my video which I will put up here for you guys of like our roasted veggie routine our like our roasted veggie recipe I like to do I like to do sheet pan veggies for for dinner because they stay crunchy I love roasted broccoli in the oven it's super super good all right we're getting a little lengthy in this video but I just wanted to give you guys like the best insight as to like what I eat I do try to keep it lower carb I might do like a diced potato with my meal once or twice a week depending on how hungry I am you know just trying to keep it clean simple but really yummy and it's easier to do that in the summertime I feel because we're always grilling like we always have our smoker out we're always like out there grilling hanging out and if I have any drinks I'll do like an ultra light or I will do like a vodka club soda I really love those with lemon and lime so good but those are like what I'll have for drinks that has been pretty much my routine for the last little while and now starting next week I next week or like halfway through next week I will be doing elliptical as soon as I get home that's my favorite thing to do when you want to lose body fat the best thing to do that is with a lot of cardio yes I know that lifting can also help burn the fat but I like to get to the point like burning through the cardio and burning through that fat I would like to see like another 30 40 pounds before I really jump into my weight routine I know that a good like weight lifting routine would be good for me I need to strengthen my core after having two babies and I need to work on my my upper body strength my lower body strength just in general things really need to tone up so that is the next stage of this process is to slowly start incorporating an exercise and my goal a year from now is to be about 60 pounds if you comment and say like okay guys you're gonna be like a stick if you lose 60 pounds but I do carry a lot of my weight in my lower body like right in my baby area my baby tummy area and especially in my butt and my thighs so I'm going to be working on that stay tuned for those videos I am going to start incorporating a weekly like just like a health and fitness update or at least every other week I want to start showing you guys what my routine is as I start firming up as I start toning and I am gonna start giving you guys really in-depth weight loss updates I've kind of been promising that now for a while but now that I'm really into it after stopping breastfeeding and I'm seeing good results from what I'm doing I feel comfortable with sharing with you guys what I am doing so yes lots of weight loss stuff coming up for you guys one last thing that I wanted to touch on is like my mental state postpartum wise a lot of people wonder if once they stop breastfeeding if they're going to have any like postpartum depression because a lot of times that's when it sets and her people so mentally I am like I was kind of hormonal my first week of weaning so like the last couple weeks have been kind of hard and I'm now just starting to feel a little bit more stable I haven't really stressed out got a lot of things going on it started a really awesome new job but all of these things come with tolls I just happened to be weaning and starting a new job at the same time so there was just a lot happening at one so there could have been like a lot going into play there I really do love my new job I think a lot of it had to do with the weaning I just was kind of all over the place as far as emotions but like I said after a couple of weeks I really am starting to feel like myself again I'm starting to feel like there is like hope for my weight loss and that it's okay that I'm done breastfeeding but I just wanted to quick give you guys like that mental update to that I am doing okay and that the postpartum depression or like the weaning after okay sorry guys my battery died itself mentally I am just I'm feeling better it was hard I'm not going to lie it was like a little bit bluesy and just like like a little bit of just like an overwhelming feeling it's a really hard feeling to describe but it's definitely what you would go through postpartum wise breastfeeding helped me like avoid that in the beginning so now I am going through it late know that I'm weaning I didn't feeling better okay things are on the up-and-up I'm feeling much more stable I think like the biggest thing for me was that I seemed just like unstable and I just seemed to tire it all the time and I'm never I'm never like that so that was hard for me but it could have been much worse and I'm really grateful that it wasn't but like I said I'm on the up and up I'm feeling good weight loss is happening I'm feeling like I finally have my life back after breast feeding and everything is going really well all right guys I'm gonna wrap it up there for today's video I hope you enjoyed this four-month postpartum update and for month baby update he's just the sweetest guy look at him two-second ism he is a handsome big boy and I think that he has a dirty bomb yeah you are Disick you Kuakini high-technology film okay man it's time that's what you do guys this is sweet boy alright guys like I said I'm going to wrap it up there for today I hope you enjoyed this video I will see you guys this weekend on Saturday or Sunday for a really fun camping vlog stay tuned for our RV living summer life edition and yes all right I'll see you guys on Sunday bye guy [Applause]


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