4 Weeks Pregnant | Early Ultrasound and Ectopic Pregnancy Scare?

Hi guys, it’s Sam here and welcome back to our channel. So today I’m filming my 4 week pregnancy update So this week has been quite a tough week for us So as I mentioned in my last video that we are in Spain so we’re traveling and we don’t know how to get a doctor’s so we’re planning to go to the hospital just for a first sort of check-up on how this pregnancy is going So a few days ago, we did do that. We went to the hospital they checked my HCG levels and my level was about 7 — it was around 710 and that’s pretty normal for how far along that I thought I was, which was around 4 weeks and a few days and the next thing that they wanted to do at the ER was to do an ultrasound and I was kind of surprised because everywhere that I’ve read previously says that you can’t see anything on ultrasound until your HCG levels are at least 1,500 to 2,000 and mine clearly was not quite there yet but the ultrasound tech just kept saying, “Oh, no, I can probably see it. I can see it” So I was like, “oh okay” So, of course she did the test and she didn’t see anything and she kept shaking her head and saying she doesn’t like it And she also saw a lot of free fluid in my abdomen about three centimeters and have a picture of it to show you guys So that black stuff there and there So Yeah, she was very worried about that she said it’s a lot of free fluid, it’s more than normal and she was saying that it’s likely to be blood and like there’s internal bleeding and She’s through around the word “ectopic pregnancy in my abdomen”. So, of course immediately, I just lost it. So it was pretty traumatic to hear that and she did mention that my tubes were all okay, my ovaries look good So it was definitely not an ectopic in my tubes or my ovaries but she suspected that it’s possible that it could be in my abdomen and so I was just like asking, you know, if it’s a lot of — if that’s free fluid or if it’s blood, how come I haven’t been bleeding at all? She said “oh because it’s in your abdomen So it’s not in your uterus so you wouldn’t necessarily bleed” So, I don’t know, I was really confused about the whole thing, She then said that she’s gonna do another blood test just to check my hemoglobin levels and so they did that and it’s was really like nerve-racking because they did the test They took my blood from my hand like right here And then as soon as they were done, they started setting it up for an IV so I was just like what is going on like and because everyone speaks Spanish, so many things were lost in translation. It’s so hard to communicate and essentially the nurse said that, “oh, we’re setting it up for an IV in case you might have to stay here overnight and be monitored if your hemoglobin levels are too low and it shows that you’re losing a lot of blood” So, I mean, I freaked out like there was no way I was going to stay overnight in the hospital And yeah, it was pretty, pretty tough About half an hour later the nurse came back and my hemoglobin levels were fine. So she said she’s not really concerned right now and to come back in a couple days in two days to do another blood test and do the ultrasound all over again to see where things are at but of course if I had any bleeding or Abdominal pain or if I was faint or dizzy or lightheaded that I needed to come back to the hospital immediately Because essentially I could be bleeding out internally and dying, so it was pretty scary stuff Those are definitely the longest two days of my life, waiting to go back to the hospital to do the follow-up test and It’s was just like crazy, like that whole time I was completely stressed. I was sobbing I thought this was a failed pregnancy and I just felt like my abdomen was hurting, that I had all this internal bleeding and of course now it’s all like symptoms that I had made up in my head, but it was pretty pretty scary stuff So, two days later, we went back to the hospital and they said “well, it’s not technically an emergency anymore. So you have to make an appointment with the OBGYN” and they had one in the hospital, but not in the emergency section, of course So we went over there and we were lucky enough that the doctor was able to see us pretty quickly So, met the doctor, he just put me on for the ultrasound right away and we saw a little, little circle the gestational sac I’ll show you guys a picture Little The little, little dot right there So that’s the gestational sac and the doctor said, “oh I see the baby, I see the sac” And I was like, “Is it the uterus? Is it in the uterus?” and he’s like, “yeah, it’s in the uterus. Everything looks perfectly fine, everything’s normal.” and I just like started bawling and Danny was like so emotional and he never gets emotional and it was just like such a sense of relief and gratitude and I felt really guilty about how I was feeling the last two days. So Yeah, it was — it was a good moment and I had mentioned about, “what is that free fluid? like that ultrasound technician was really worried about it.” And he said “no, it’s completely normal. If we see a pregnancy in the uterus that’s not even a concern.” and he said the free fluid is actually from when the follicle in your ovaries release the egg it kind of ruptures the follicle ruptures and that’s what that free fluid was and even on the second ultrasound, there’s a lot less fluid. So it just gets absorbed by the body and I was just — oh my gosh So yeah That was a tough, tough week but we’re just so happy, so grateful. So blessed that everything’s going smoothly So if you guys are worried, don’t go too early because it’s not going to show on the ultrasound and you’re just going to be stressed out about it I would suggest at least waiting until the five week mark before getting an early ultrasound and I know in Canada they never would take you in for an ultrasound at four and a half weeks. And so that’s why I was surprised that they were doing it here But anyways, everything worked out in terms of my symptoms this week I would say it’s been pretty similar to what I was experiencing last week in week 3, so My breasts are sore I’m really thirsty. I’m hungry and I’m also super tired. So, you know typical pregnancy symptoms But yeah, so that’s kind of been my crazy week I kind of wanted to share that with you guys And if any of you is going through something similar just be patient It’s possible that everything’s gonna work out in the end. Just pray and hope for the best and yeah, so Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience if you had free fluid early in pregnancy and ended up being perfectly fine But yeah, so that was my — that was our week and at our appointment — the second appointment we went to was yesterday. So we — the doctor sent us for some blood work just to do the full blood work for the pregnancy and a urine test So we should be getting results of those in a couple days So I’ll be telling you guys all about that in my next update. So that was my week in a nutshell Thank you so much for watching If you guys are new to my channel and you want to continue on this journey with me Please hit that subscribe button below, hit that bell button to be notified anytime I post a new video and just come along on this crazy journey with us and Yeah, if you’re in your fourth week of pregnancy, let me know what symptoms you’re having I always like to see if I’m kind of having the same symptoms or the same experience as other women out there So let me know Alright. Thanks guys. See you next week in my next update. Bye

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  1. Everything will be fine , you just have to always think positively ! 😀
    Getting close to 2k subs, keep it up ! 😀

  2. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support as we start this new chapter in our lives! Are you pregnant as well? What type of early pregnancy symptoms did you have?

  3. Awesome video!!! I just found out I’m pregnant with #2 after a chemical pregnancy! Check out my journey here https://youtu.be/f2lwbMutyDM

  4. Hello. Thanks for sharing.. before three days i have positive hpt.. bht doctor said that there is only a dot in ultrasound.. and may be its too early. Can u tell me am pregnant?? I already missed my periods and 8 days late

  5. I went to the Emergency room last night for cramps (already knowing I'm pregnant but not knowing how far along I am my first ob appointment is about 20 days from the day I went to the ER) they did an ultra sound and told me they couldn't see anything and I started freaking out they were telling me it is normal I was getting scared how could that possibly be normal?! ; I'm having cramps and now they can't see my baby?! Turns out I'm only 4 weeks today, after watching your video I've decided to keep my first ob appointment date even though it's a ways away so I can actually have something to see. Thank you so much for you video.

  6. I went in 4 weeks a few days and they couldn’t see anything in uterus. My 1st hcg was 700 and 2nd one 2174.1. They called me and come in to see if I’m having ectopic pregnancy. Im freaking out.

  7. omggg.. we have the same situation.. i have a also a free fluid on my abdomen.. and iam feeling scared.. my p.t was positive i got utz yesterday and no baby was found on my uterus only the free fluid..😒😒😒

  8. I’m 3 weeks and some days and they scheduled me for prenatal visit ASAP because at emergency room my blood pressure was high and they did an ultrasound and saw a lil sac and my baby is in the right spot.The nurse practitioner scared me after I told her I had some bleeding so that’s how I got my ultra sound but everything is so far so good.I’m glad everything went well.

  9. Thanks for sharing I current going through this scare rt now two different doctors saying different things one say I was 5 weeks 2 daystbe other say 4 weeks and it's to early to see anything on ultra

  10. I’m going to my first sonogram tomorrow hoping everything is ok I have been cramping (hear it Normal) but I’m praying I’m not overthinking

  11. hi do you experience vaginal bleeding for along time ,like just 2-3weeks? . i have the case like you ,im also concetn about i have a ectopic pregnancy .. my doctor said that im possibly having that case.

  12. I'm going through this right now… it so funny how my dates are not adding up to what I thought I was.. I go tomorrow for my hcg blood test again…. I can't wait

  13. Hi I saw ur video coz I am experiencing thesame right now,im hoping that its just too early to see the baby. 😔 may I just ask if you also experience severe cramping during ur 1st tri?

  14. Omg thank you for posting this and congratulations on your birth! My Bf and I went to the hospital last week and they told me I miss carried and to follow up with the Dr. within 1-3 days it took me about a week to get an appointment setup and they were setting me up to remove “whatever was left” of the pregnancy because my hCG levels were too low at the hospital a 600ml. Took my blood and today they were at a 6,000ml and we seen a yolk sack and we had to reevaluate when we conceived. Very hectic and stressful week! Omg so scary! Have hope and faith and DONT GO TO A HOSPITAL FOR ULTRASOUNDS!

  15. I had my appointment at 4weeks last Thursday ( I think I’m 4weeks) . And she said she didn’t see anything. I got crazy scared about the situation but she did a HCG test and I was just 250 and it turned out I’m super early. Will wait until next week to check again and your story gave me hope and I’m praying for the best!

  16. Girl.. how did you get an ultra-sound at 4 weeks (2 weeks post conception) ?

    Im 6 weeks (4 weeks post conception) and im being told i have to wait till im what like 9-10 weeks.. thats crazy and messed up. Im FREAKING OUT.. I WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON INSIDE ME.. OMG.. I WANT MY HCG levels and i want to know if baby is in the right place.. god i hope so..

    My home pregnancy test get darker and darker.. every 2 days i test but i wont anymore cause its nerve recking. Is that a good sign though? A line that gets darker? Any advice is so helpful.

    Also sorry enough about me, your story is very helpful.. glad everything worked out ok..

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