40+ OUNCES OF BREASTMILK 5 DAYS POSTPARTUM!? | Trying out the Haakaa Breastpump!

all right so it is day five now it's Thursday so I wanted to show you guys what his in bail court is looking like at day 5 its drying that pretty good I've just been dipping like q-tips and some alcohol and then I'll clean out around it and then I'll put one of the echinacea and go and seal pills I'd like open it up and pour it on there and so that's what it is looking like right now yeah yeah baby brother I need to bring the boys outside for some fresh air I know some sunlight would do Jacob sound good I don't think he's jaundice at all but you know it never hurts to give him a little bit of Sun and JJ is over here plan pushing this lawnmower around I am definitely feeling better today than I did yesterday I'm still pretty tired as you can imagine and I feel like the bags under my eyes are here to stay they aren't going away look at those bad boys especially out here I'm gonna sound light like my eyes just get really heavy and I just want to close my eyes and it feels really good to just like you know soak up the Sun especially after being inside so much but Jacob did sleep a little bit better last night but I'm still you know I'm trying not to like expect too much out of a newborn because he is just five days old and I definitely didn't want to be too hard on myself and like think that I'm supposed to have him in a routine and he's supposed to sleep a certain amount and he's just supposed to fall asleep easily and all of that jazz know he's figuring it out I'm figuring it out we're in survival mode right now but I feel pretty good yeah Jimmy has become a pro at giving did I provide the baby and JD which helps me out so much obviously now you just need three hands so you can open up the door you a go yeah for those of you who are wondering like me and she just has a baby and she's going to the store and walking around and everything Jimmy is really good about letting me go slow and just a minute ago we were going kind of fast and he had forgotten that I needed to go so music it's okay I can walk a little bit faster and she was like no we're just gonna walk slow so he's really good about that but it feels good to just get out and go to the store like little things like that just make me feel human again you know guys waking thank you thank you hey love them so much it's so cute to what my friend Addison while we were in there she texts me and she told me that she was gonna be uploading a video to her YouTube channel today and she was trying to think of like a title to type and she thought she'd put something about how her five-year-old learned a new Bible verse but do you think is really cool you know it's fine whatever well you too listed it as something that was inappropriate or like offensive to certain audiences and I just thought that was so sad and I told her if she would have titled it something like a five-year-old learned to cuss her or something like that it probably wouldn't have been an issue but because she had something about a Bible verse and it wasn't issued to YouTube and I just was like that is so sad that that is how our world is nowadays that we can't even share things like that but you know other things aren't an issue okay Wow lunch is cooking a package just came in the mail which it was opened which is really weird but what's what I ordered is in here and ordered in the Hakka Hakka whatever silicone breast pump which I'm so excited to use um I've heard like literally only good things about this I wish I would have ordered it a week ago so that way I had it when my milk came in but obviously it was still be useful but I'm so excited to try this out so I'll definitely have to like let you all know what I think of it it'll probably take me a little bit of time to actually get used to it and use it efficiently but so excited okay so the boys are watching The Lion King JJ's about to go down for his nap JJ's about Jake tup is it about to wake up from his nap and eat but I decided to go ahead and pump a little bit and I wanted to show you guys this is how much I got and I think it was like three minutes I pumped which is weird because I pumped both sides at the same time so like they were on there for the same amount of time but this side like always gets more than this side which is super weird but this side usually feels fuller I don't know why that is the way that it is but that is how much I got in like three minutes I'm still only pumping enough to give myself like with me I'm not draining myself like good by any means I'm just pumping enough to have some relief and so far on day five I have this much milk sword with just pumping enough to give me some relief and look at that like the color to this I think I have like 35 or so else's in here plus what I'm about to put in there but like look at the color difference just with this milk and this smoke it's amazing but Jacob is about to need to nurse so I'll make this quick but I pulled out all the milk so that way you guys could see it a little bit better and I went ahead and added up what I have and I have about 40 and a half ounces or around there but it's amazing like to see the color difference from when it still had a lot of colostrum in it on to like today when it's getting a lot lighter and it's more like just milk rather than a lot of colostrum but I just think this is fantastic and I love the way that God created the woman's body and all that it is able to do and what it does it is just fantastic yeah did you go poop in your pants you're supposed to go in the toilet aren't you aren't you big boy now JJ look at mama are you a big boy now you gotta go poop in the toilet huh yes you kind of boo-boo so our church family has been absolutely amazing to us ever since we had the baby and I think every single day somebody has brought us food and so today somebody brought us KFC and it is ho good look at this it's a dessert biscuit and it is delicious but they brought it she rides chicken and green beans and mashed potatoes and mac and cheese you know all the fixin's I was telling Jimmy that I think that every single like new parent needs this or somebody bring the same with food even if it's not everyday like we probably don't need it every day but just like twice a week or something like that it just helps that so much and I appreciate it so much so I tried out the hakka pump and I am in love with it this was when I used it for the first time and I got almost three ounces and then this was just about an hour so ago and I used it on the other side and I got another like almost 3 ounces and so I love this I'm so happy that I bought it so wanted to say that I am NOT sharing like all of this with your tip break at all by any means like I know there are women that struggle with producing everything like that and then there are women who struggle with producing too much milk and so I don't ever want anyone to think like I'm trying to brag right like any wait but I just want to share my experience because this is my postpartum life and I just want to share it with you guys no matter what it is whether good bad ugly you know all that all that stuff but anyway one more thing and then I promise I will stop boring y'all with my talk about breast milk but I have considered donating some of my breast milk obviously I don't know how much Jacob I'm Tony I'm gonna have an issue with Kong Jake up JJ and JJ Jacob it's just gonna happen um obviously I don't know how much Jacob will drink out of a bottle so I'm not sure like how much I want to keep but I don't think I'm gonna need this much milk just stored away so I am considering donating maybe where we live has like a milk bank or something like that so I am gonna look into that and see what I can do but anyway I guess that is it for today's vlog thank you guys so much for watching and I have enjoyed reading all of the comments and everything on the past couple of vlogs you guys are awesome I love building my little I don't know YouTube family here it's been a lot of fun so I appreciate you guys and hope you come back for the next one if you are new here make sure to subscribe before you leave and I'll see y'all again in the next video bye guys

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  1. Please share your secret on how you get so much milk!! I couldnt get much with my son and so I'm hoping this baby I get more

  2. That is so awesome that you have that much milk! A friend gave me that pump, back in the spring before I miscarried, and I was excited to try and use it! Now I hope I still have it somewhere in my stuff since we have moved and most of our stuff is in storage πŸ˜†

  3. I struggled to produce milk with my first. Hopefully, things will be better with my next one! Your stash is something to be proud of. Definitely goals!

  4. I'm still frustrated by them not letting me use that title. Ridiculous! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  5. I'm an atheist but I watch several Christian vloggers including Coffee and Littles as well as you. I actually watched that video, there wasn't anything offensive in it.

    We're about to start our FET protocol and we're planning on two embryos and desperately want to breastfeed so I can only hope I'll have great supply. Girl, brag about that supply. It's so goals.

  6. I've never heard of using those pills on the unbiblical cord but man it's worth a try for my littles! Ezra and Bexley both had theirs for SOOOO long. I can't remember exactly how long, I'd have to look but it was longer than normal. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

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