36 Replies to “40 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby is Now Ready For Delivery”

  1. I am 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant… I cant wait to see my little boy… I am so excited… please dear lord guide me and my baby… 🙏🙏😇

  2. Iam 40th week today… Just 3 more days to meet our baby ☺☺ thank you for all ur informatiom from week 1.. ♥

  3. Following your videos since first week. As a Dad to be it helped alot and learnt so many different things which helps me to take care of my wife and my child.. and guess what last video made me cry thinking of being a dad very soon.. Thank You so much for the Videos ♥️

  4. my due date is 23 December 18. ab wait nhi hota. maine apki sari weekly videos dekhi h. thanks for videos

  5. Gave birth to a baby boy in aug 2k18..watched these videos every week during pregnancy.makes u feel happy to know what it is like inside the womb.

  6. 39 weeks pregnant.. & I am so nervous & scared about delivery.. but as well happy & really excited to my meet little once..

  7. I could be 40 week today.but i had my son 11 day earlier by a planned c-section,he is so pretty and in my arm now,he is a gift of Allah.Thanks for all of your videos.i was watching those from my 2nd week

  8. Me and wife watched week by week and learned our first son developments. I must say I am going to miss these videos but excited to make new memories with our little boy! Thank you so much

  9. Thanks for wearing that blue top for 40 weeks, we patiently waited for the change but it didn't happen.

  10. Am 40weeks today and am so excited to meet my baby #2 after 10 years feel like having my first baby can't wait to see you

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