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  1. I have been lost since 1968. I have turned my back on everything and because of my actions, I suffer today with one illness after another. Now I’m old and wore out from all the surgeries and mostly from the pain from the ones I thought loved me as I have them. I’m trying to find some comfort in meditation now. I tried years ago but never was able to turn my life over to the universe and my God in heaven. I pray for prayers to ask God to bring me out of this bondage through my meditation and to help me to focus on the important things, my feelings towards myself and others that has pierced my heart and soul so bad. I only think of the pain from my heart giving up. Nitro tabs and hearing the person you loved with every inch of my soul, say , I love you, but not feeling anything but the hurt she’s put me through. I blame myself for not walking away. Now I’m trying to just walk alone with what I have left to give. I pray I can find the peace, as you all have, through meditation and be able to give this body and soul back to the universe from which I came. I love the world and all that’s in it. Have a great and wonderful day to you all. Love and Peace is coming.

  2. Be impeccable with your word, dont take anything personally, dont make assumptions, always do your best. WORDS TO LIVE BY -Don Miguel Ruiz.

  3. If someone needs to talk about depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, I ve been through all of this and if you need some help I am here to help as I can. Love you souls!

  4. I’m letting go of all the pain and stress that I have burdened my own self with. I want to stray away from negative thoughts and produce positive and loving thoughts. I feel like no body listens to me but today I know that I’m not alone and that day by day I will get better and create new habits that will allow me to be prosperous and successful! Stay positive guys, your not alone🙏🏾

  5. I've had this a Favorite for some time, listening off & on. I … just thank you for having this here. I will be using it to help me as I surrender, work through and hopefully ascend/transcend to my next levels. I plan to use it to help keep the anxiety at bay as more tests come, to me strong and focused on the good, kind and wonderful things coming my way. Thank you. 😇

  6. I listen to this track all day long at work. This is how I am able to get get through the day without my letting my frequency drop. Thanks

  7. Just got out of a difficult off and on 11 month relationship, I gave him my virginity so it’s very hard, I thought he was my husband, my soulmate I’m only 18 though. He accused me of cheating and when I showed him the texts proving I was not cheating he called me a liar, a hoe, a whore, a piece of shit, a bitch, and said Fuck you. I literally did not cheat, I gave a guy my number because he said he wanted to do music with me because I sing (check out the vids on my channel) but I wasn’t interested in him and he even said he only got my number to do a song. My boyfriend did not believe me and called me disgusting and a hoe about 20 times. I begged him not to leave but he blocked me on everything. He’s always gonna have apart of me I’ll never get back. I promised myself when I was younger I would only give my virginity to my husband. The fact that he kept calling me a hoe makes me want to go be one. I’m very hurt, I just want the pain to go away.

  8. 432hz
    Obviously referencing 3 above 2 bellow before the 2 transformations and how one of the many things the 3 above 2 bellow is doing is healing the 4 originals and there planetary and star bodys on all energetic levels

  9. 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 _ I support our President, and I support the wisdom of his decisions, and I have faith in the strategy of his process… Donald J. Trump is the best, smartest, and the wisest President in history!
    History will reflect the exceptional goodness, fine tune precision and correctness, deep faith and loving tough experience, and "for real" compassionate "wisdom" STYLE, of the most winning and effective for the people (an ACTUAL public servant) PRESIDENT in deed and fact in HISTORY!
    Be on the right side of History ..and also learn to practice more kindness, smarts, and deep faith being compassionately wise ..even when it's requiring tough on composure and/or optics…
    Support and always pray for the continued protection, safety, and ongoing successful wisdom of our Presidents service to our country, your country, and for regenerating wholeness on this beautiful planet WE SHARE together!!!
    God bless our POTUS and FLOTUS, Q-team, all loved ones, our country, our world, and indeed each and every one of us, GOD BLESS YOU. _ 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🌏

  10. I struggled most of my life trying to find peace unsuccessfully. June 21st, 2019 All the pieces fell into place, no, it DROPPED into place. Clarity of my purpose was revealed to me in such a profound way. I never expected it to, never believed I was deserving enough. I walked through life stumbling over obstacles I kept replacing with newer and more difficult ones and was expecting my journey in this lifetime to forever be negative and painful. I gave up on myself, I had multiple suicide attempts and even ended up in a mental facility for manic depression, bipolar, and suicidal tendencies. I was so lost, didn't believe anyone could or would love someone like me.
    If whoever is reading this is stuck in a rut like I was, I love you and don't give up on yourself. You are precious, you are here for a greater purpose but you have to love yourself. If you are like I was, you've heard that before, I know and you can't see any way to love yourself for whichever reasons you may have but it can happen! Look at me! Trust me, if I can love myself, then so can you. I wish I could spread my arms out to the world and let everyone feel as I do so there would be nothing but peace, love, happiness, and harmony.
    I love you all and wish nothing but great things for you and for everyone to know you are not alone. I don't know you personally but it doesn't make any difference, we are all on this journey called "LIFE" together so you are my brothers and sisters.
    Peace, Love, and Gratitude. Lisa.

  11. I have to let go of what others did to me. I'm beating myself up for being so insucre and never truly standing up due to fear of more drama or violence.

  12. Really? Ads?? I'm slowly & painfully dying and YouTube is all I have. The sudden interruption jolted me back to the reality of my pain. Now I'm more tense & anxious than when I began this exercise.

  13. If you're reading this just know you matter. You are worth more than you can imagine. Let go of all the negatives and start fresh. This life is short so let's live it with peace and happiness.

  14. I wish for all of us that we may feel the unity in our hearts reflected back to us in our governments and our world – during this lifetime <3 <3 <3 Love and Peace to all. and thank you for being that change we all yearn for, in your comments and in our lives –

  15. I have progressive multiple sclerosis and am struggling with many things in life.really hard when people look at you and say you look allright.this relaxing ambient music and laughter the best therapy.i,. 😀

  16. I lost my immediate family (mom, dad, and my only brother) in the last 5 years and I’ve always had a hard time crying it out. I was 3 minutes in and everything I was still holding in my memory flashed before my eyes.

    Thank you for helping me remove negative energy I have yet to let go. 😭😪

  17. god blesses to all,My heart is suffering from a long time.lot,may divine leads me to something special.

  18. Such enlightenment and peace this brings to us beings in need of peace and meditation, to those who’ve struggled and need to release, thou shall consult the inner demons to commend peace among thee, the source of happiness and eternal peace lies within you, you just need the pain to find it, and when you do all that pain will go away and you feel enchanted , you feel free, YOU feel.. how you are meant to feel.

    I hope thy words of confinement have comfort thee I wish you the best of life

    Sincerely, another human in need of peace ☮️😌☺️🙏🤙💪✨⚡️💝

    The perfect you is the true you—

    Find comfort in yourself then only will you find understanding in others—

    Center yourself and yourself will be recognized by those who are close~

    If you search you will find, if you hide you will veil yourself, if you crave new beginnings, FIND IT, if you crave your older you TEACH IT, if you search recognition BUILD IT.

    I hope you all have a God blessed day.

    I love you all❤️❤️❤️


  19. TESTING TESTING…This is a test of the emergency "I'm trying to sleep to this and I don't want a "Are you still there" popup (I tried the add-on for Chrome called "Youtube nonstop" and it failed sooo I am attempting an auto clicker move set at 20 minutes clicking on thumbs up…I will reply to this comment in the morning with…RESULTS…

  20. i feel a sudden change in me within 30 mins… thanks, shout out to "Spiritual So" out there on YT , …. for lettin me find a better way out in the darkness life on findin the right path to choose from the best, go to the light ya'll <3 heaven with angels

  21. This beautiful music is so positive and calm…….. I wish all the listeners the very best in life 🙏

  22. If u hate yourself come near to me i gonna give you tight hug cause we all are children of god and somewhere deep inside everybody have small zone for love..so let us spread happiness and peace..

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