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hello everyone so it's Sunday today Jonathan is off and we decided to just go have brunch and to go do another 14 ultrasound so I'm super excited we love doing the 4d ultrasound one because we need to see that the baby is okay because we have a lot of anxiety and then two it's just so cute to see like the little gestures and kind of just see like the personality of the baby that's like my favorite thing about doing those ultrasounds and they actually look I mean of course it's gonna look like your baby because it is but it's just like the technology is so cool like the one was Braxton once he was born you know like we compared his pictures to the ultrasound you're like oh my gosh like you know it's so cool how you can really see what your baby looks like in there so I'm excited for that so I'll bring you guys along I'm going to just finish getting ready [Applause] hey guys so we just finished eating brunch it was so good and I'm literally here stopping to smell the roses so cute here we went for a walk here and there's like a bunch of cute little shop and we got some really cute just like a couple things for the baby Jonathan got this for her it's so cute and it fits so we're gonna put it off the shelf but I can just see her like this being her favorite toy it's so cute and when we got her a little book it's kind of like one that we got for Bronston but you can read it to her it's an elephant of course you can kind of like the elephant around it's super cute oh my gosh it's girls babe I got distracted by a squirrel I got distracted by score oh yeah I always get I like squirrels like not just there we have like 30 minutes left until the ultrasound appointment and then I think we're just gonna go and you can picture in this box I do but today I'll bring you guys along since all have been found the shopping what are the flavors very fine Apple guava for shoes look at these my weight show that the face issue was doing last time like why does she do with her hand through her she's doing the her hands I was so cute my ones like smiling maybe the baby team and I found her and look how her feet dangle I'm so cute I think we need some more books so we're back from the ultrasound but this little one was hiding the whole time she had her her hand in her face and then her foot was in her face so they told us that we can come back like in a week and a half so yeah and I'm just chillin with Braxton Bear hey everyone so it's Sunday it's about like a week since the last little clips that you saw but I was waiting to upload this video because you know we were saying girl it like showing girl stuff the first time we went to do the ultrasound but yeah Brezza was hiding the whole time um I actually went three times she was hiding all three times so I went my mom was here with me all week and that's kind of why I didn't really vlog anything this week either not that I vlog any every day but yeah my mom was here with me and she came to one of the ultrasounds with Friesen I was like so excited I'm like my mom's gonna get to see breezes little face but we only saw her for like a second and she had her hand in her mouth and she's so cute um I feel like her features look like Braxton a lot so I can't like to see her little face so right now we are going to brunch that's like pretty much all we do know I'm not like I mean I have my doctor's appointments during the week and that really takes up like my whole day I'll bring you guys along probably to my appointments this week just so you can see maybe like what they do my NS tees and everything like that but Sunday's I feel like we usually just you know sleep in and then we get ready and then we go have brunch and it's so hot now I'll show you guys my outfit Jonathan's shoes he just went running okay not one second excuse the dirty mirror so I pretty much will just throw on any dress that will stretch enough to fit me now and then I just throw on my vans and that's pretty much like any outfit that I wear these day so I actually filmed a pregnancy lookbook and I had so much fun filming it and we did like a couple looks on like the past few weekends so I'm so excited yeah I had a lot of fun with Jonathan it was like a little project that we did together so I just have to add it that and then hopefully that video will be up for you guys soon because I had some people ask me about the outfits that I wear and honestly a lot of it is not maternity I do need like of course like maternity jeans and shorts and stuff like that but like a lot of the dresses that I we're not maternity but yeah I'm excited to share that lookbook with you guys and I'll bring you guys along to brunch with us today so you'll notice that this is the same place that we went to the last time we went means place we just got to the mall we're getting where'd you go do you want to tell the people why were here so once upon a time in faraway land I lost see it was a gift it was an anniversary gift last year so we're gonna go see if he can buy one earring his favorite I just have the best idea sitting massages is eat a Cinnabon [Applause] oh my god I think it's something for brezza all right shout out to all my followers box this your first box the Amazon July 15 and 16 unboxing no it's not they're just telling you that Prime Day is coming but carry on so we just got back from the mall I'm so tired I'm so sleepy I usually take a nap every Sunday I'm like such a granny I'm just so tired that I'm gonna open up that package it's from a company called an Matheny and they actually sent me all this stuff for a baby shower and planning to have one after recess born so I'm gonna open that up with you guys and show you what they sent me so what it is it comes in a box like this and basically it has everything that you need to decorate for your baby shower let's open it up I think it has like 73 pieces or something I mean if you count like the balloons individually but it has like it's a girl balloons it has those gold coins that say oh baby tassels more balloons drawers bingo this one this is a banner that says it's a girl and then this one says baby shower it has all these super cute straws and they're all paper I love straws like these these are like the little pom-poms and you just like open them up and spread them out as a ton of them underneath here I like how it's all like the same color too and I love these colors these are lanterns and I contain these pops actually for accent baby shower and these really cute they were like hot-air balloons with these with little elephants in them I'll show you guys if I can find a picture some more balloons in here different color pink they say it's a girl some ribbon for the balloon this is really cute to uh turn up somewhere where it as mommy-to-be because I'm already a mom do a little pump for the balloons I think this is the oh yeah it's the one that says oh baby this is so cute definitely gonna use all these thank your immensity for sending me this I can't wait okay we're gonna have it we're gonna have the baby shower after Brisas born but yeah I'm definitely gonna use all this stuff it's super cute my camera just died and hopefully the quality isn't too bad this is my phone but yeah I was gonna just say that that I'll link their Instagram and their Amazon page below all of that stuff you can get it for $27 right now so that is a good deal and then again you only have to shop there like you don't have to shop around for all your pieces but that's all for today's video thank you so much for watching I actually have a vlog coming up and it's Jonathan vlogging he got a special tattoo and I asked him if he would vlog vlog the experience for me because I didn't get to go so I'm so excited I'm so proud of him he's actually really good at vlogging because it's awkward you know when you just kind of like are alone and you talk to a camera it's awkward at first I'm kind of getting used to it now so yeah I'm so proud of him and I can't wait to show you guys that video thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time you

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  1. When i first saw your video of baby braxton i just cried cause my heart broke for you. And im sooo happy happy for you and your hubby. God bless you three and of course braxton always. He'll forever be your threes guardian angel 👣💙👣💜

  2. I’m so happy for you both. And your glow is so beautiful. Can’t wait to meet your baby girl. Blessings to you and your family❤️😊

  3. I’m getting a 4D in 11 days and I’m so excited it would’ve been 4 days but I couldn’t get up at 7am. I’ll be 31 weeks!! Congratulations

  4. When you were sitting at the diner it looked like there’s a huge height difference between you and your boyfriend! It made me curious how tall you two are lol

  5. Oh my gosh, cinnabon + massage chair sounds heavenly. It makes my heart so happy to see you glowing and giggling 💕

  6. Enjoyed the video.. you have a pretty smile. When is ur due date ? Take care and hugs from Arkansas 😀🤗😀

  7. I just went though a miscarriage and I edmayer you so much I really get the strength from you and your videos love you so much and I hope you have a really good labor and God bless you

  8. The one time we sat in mall for a massage, I just could not stop laughing.
    So happy you got to see bb girl, even though she was hiding 🙈❣️
    I’m currently 33 weeks, wondering what she will look like!
    That cinnabon also looked SO yum, along w the brunch food 🥘
    You are glowing! 💁🏽‍♀️❤️

  9. You are seriously GLOWING and i love it! I’m so happy for you I can’t wait for baby Briza ! 💕

  10. Hey girl I’m pregnant with my second 17weeks!!! I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to see that stunning little girls face! My heart breaks in a million pieces to see what you and your husband went through. Makes me so angry inside. God will protect this baby and keep her healthy! Braxton is safe and in gods arms! He’s watching over your family! I will pray for your family over and over my heart and strength are with you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  11. Two more days and I’ll be in my third trimester! Quinn likes to hide and put her feet up by her head during ultrasounds 😂

  12. Beautiful as always Felly❤ love your videos!! Can't wait for baby Briza to arrive so we can meet her😍😍😍 Baby Braxton must be Extremely proud of his mommy and really happy for the new member of the family Briza❤👣 Love Y'all xoxo❤❤😘

  13. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I always look forward to your videos… I am able to relate to you so much, it's insane! I have rainbow twins and the overwhelming love and joy you feel when you get to touch and hold your rainbow is unfathomable. I cant wait for the birth story of baby Briza, we are all anxiously waiting to meet her!

  14. ❤️❤️ your always dress so cute pregnant 🤰🏻 ❤️ so happy your having some better days .

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