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they shared with me you know they're like yeah you obviously had some scar tissue because of you know you've all the surgeries I've had three c-sections and I've had a tummy tuck anyways I hope I answered that question for that individual who asked and I'm trying to share a little bit share my experience will you understand my like I said I had my surgery I had baby girl and my doctor didn't hi guys so I'm sitting here in this rocking chair and I decided to have a inode just touch base are you talking about how I'm feeling and how my recovery has been going because I did touch base on it initially but some people have been asking some questions pertaining to a few things sorry for the rocking actually and I know the initial one of the initial question that people had asked was wasn't there a limit to a c-section and because you guys know that I've already had three all my girl all my girls have been born via c-section and to be honest it is there's reason why I actually tied my tubes it's a part of the reason really I mean I couldn't at that point I couldn't foresee myself having any more kids at that point but at the same time back when I had them there was a general rule of having three and so you know I kind of just ran with that I never foreseen myself being at this stage being able to have another and possibly thinking of you know going down that road again so yeah it's interesting for those of you I don't know if if it's still a thing being told in other areas that 3 is the limit but my doctor having untied my tubes my doctor didn't treat me any different and he didn't tell me there was any concern pertaining to it and I'm the one who's always asking because I obviously want to do what's safe for me and stay for baby huh you're done good job at in a moment we need to clean up that table because it's kind of a mess and we're probably going to eat there give that we have playing cards all strung all over the other table over there baby girls right here she's right here you right here yeah so I don't know if it's a thing elsewhere let me know if it's a thing elsewhere where you live are you guys still being told that three is the max because I don't it was not a thing like it was a thing here back in the day but I don't know if it's because you know technology has changed and so much has changed that is no longer a big concern I remember being heavily concerned even when I was pregnant with Zoey I was concerned about it and I'd look it up and I'll be like is it an issue because you guys I mean I also had other things that I was concerned about given that I had a tummy tuck that I've mentioned before in other videos if you guys have other questions outside of what I mentioned the videos ask me below because I will definitely answer it and it's easier for me to answer things within videos so that's what I'm trying I'm starting to do whatever you guys ask certain questions if it's something worth explaining whether in like five minutes or so I will make a video out of it and just to be able to respond cuz I don't have I can't I don't have that much time to write and we're in the reply sexual when I was pregnant I was conceived she just this are you pooping I won't do that to her yeah when I was pregnant I was doing research and I looked it up and there there are women who've had like nine c-sections and I'm not here to say that's healthy or whatever because I know they said after a while that there are risk factors that can be involved so obviously when the uterus lining thins and because for us when we have a c-section we're cutting that area the chances of uterine rupture is higher because it's been it's been cut and I would definitely think that's a risk factor but then you hear all these stories I've heard that if you do I've read like articles and articles have mentioned like the increase of uterine rupture is like two point something percent so I don't know it's tough it's a tough one it's tough to determine what's accurate all I know is I went you know after having the baby my doctor the doctors who delivered me cuz I had my OB but then my OB had booked my surgery and his wife ended up booking um booking their vacation around that time and so he wasn't able to do my my section but he then afforded me to like his colleague who was amazing like honestly I had the best doctors they were so good at what they do and they made me feel so comfortable I I really really appreciated just them on a whole but yeah they did my surgery and after they shared with me you know they're like yeah you obviously had some scar tissue because of you know you've all the surgeries I've had three c-sections and I've had it and but they were like yeah I took a little bit longer to close you up but it wasn't anything extensive it was like a note all of like 20 minutes or so or half hour wasn't anything that really exceeded anything you know so and they never had any discussions with me about any concerns or anything along the lines because every all went well and like I mentioned in my very brief my very brief labor and delivery video because I didn't explain too much I just explained that it was all so quick and it all went really well I think that's kind of like what I basically said well yeah after I had my surgery and everything you know within hours after I was standing up I think it was hours after and then the next day I had to at least be up and walking around and recovery went really well I can't complain so you know the the idea of having another child isn't far from reach because given that she you know she's only she's younger and it would be great if she could have a sibling but that's all in God's plan because you guys also know I had a tubal reversal so yes I have a surgical history a bunch of you know I do have a history there I forgot that one that I reversed my tubes for her to be here and as if many of you guys know or if any of you are new to my channel I just reversed my tubes and November because I tied them after my last child and then I was the doctor was only able to reverse one tube many of you guys have out so what's the matter oh you got it out you got it out Oh baby oh she's got gas and then she's crying it they're coming out it's coming out Wow baby you're doing so well I'm so proud of you I'm so proud of you baby guys she is such a good baby she doesn't cry unless something is really wrong right what's the matter with my B oh oh good job that's what you wanted to do she wanted to burp mmm everything looks so fascinating to the baby never family photos snap zebra tribe mm-hmm say hi everyone yeah so anyways yeah that's that's I don't know that's what I'm trying to answer that one question for the person who asked that and basically just share my experience miles overall my fourth c-section went very well it honestly was the quickest recovery anyways I hope I answered that question for that individual who asked and I'm trying to share a little bit share my experience will you understand my like I said I had my surgery I had baby girl and my doctor didn't that you know that I shouldn't have anymore in fact when I went for my six-week checkup he was telling me and I think I said this in another video on my other channel but I was stating that he said you know we you know they talk to you about the whole contraception and all of that jazz and then you know he was talking to me about it and he's like he doesn't he's like well I don't know what your plan is you know because but that is up to you and I asked should I give him that I just had a c-section do I have to how long do I have to wait you know before that if I were to have another we could go down that route and he said it's up to you and I was like do I not have to wait given that I had a surgery he's like no cuz I was actually recover I was healed when he saw me and that was not this the fifth week mark that was for basically for my 6-week checkup but it was a little bit earlier and when he saw me I was really good I was already I felt good I felt really good like I was just shocked at how quickly this recovery process was and how I got up and was up and about you know so yeah I'm gonna do another part to this video I guess when I have a moment I'll touch base now share I guess the difference is between my recovery for my c-sections given that I have four and I have four different experiences there they're a little bit different and especially I guess certain things to with the pregnancies so I'm gonna share that in a separate video and comment down below let me know what your thoughts are like I said share with me if you are a mom who've had a c-section let me know below your experience and also let me know how many children do you have I want to know do am I the one who's had the most c-sections had four and might have possibly have five in the future but I know I don't have the most because there's some woman out there that surpassed me I swear if you google it she apparently has had nine has had nine c-sections that to me sounds like a lot if I could take things back knowing that I and I do like having a large family that first moment when that one doctor asked me you know would I do I want to try pushing this baby out I would have because you know I would have probably just just said yes but you know the like I've said before the the obstetrician that I had back then she was not very supportive she was not– she was more into um she was very much into c-sections and she pushed it she kind of scared me into it because she said baby girl was big and that baby girl was obviously Mikayla back then she said she was big and she told me this at like five months and knowing what I know now I mean she was born weighing nine 12 but there have been a lot of babies that have been born you know the natural way weighing a lot more than that so now if I had known what I know now I would have definitely chosen to have a natural birth over having a c-section but you know what God is good and he's delivered me because Here I am four c-sections later and nine you know I have another baby girl like what a blessing that is and she's so wonderful I'm sorry I'm sorry okay say bye everyone say bye signing out signing out guys thanks for watching watching and don't forget to subscribe to join the tribe

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