5-8 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | 6 Week Ultrasound, Belly Pic, Nausea

everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Amanda and if it's your first time here I am currently pregnant with our first child so I just wanted to record all of my week by week pregnancy update just so I have something to look back on and to see if anybody else has similar symptoms and I previously done a zero to four week update and that was pretty normal I felt like I didn't feel like I was pregnant at all I was so early on but definitely in this update I'm going to talk about five to eight weeks and things drastically changed so at five weeks I was pretty much the same as you know zero to four weeks I didn't really have many symptoms I wasn't nauseous I didn't feel pregnant I wasn't tired no nothing crazy I had my boobs were a little bit sore and my nipples were a little tender but other than that I felt pretty normal I was a little bit more emotional than I normally am my sister had to drop her five-month-old baby off at daycare for the first time and she sent me a pic while she was you know dropping him off and I just like I was like oh my God he's so cute she must be like so upset to have to leave her baby and like I started tearing up and I I never cry so that was kind of strange but I was finally starting to get my appetite back during week 5 so previously like I think it was week for that I just didn't feel like eating anything like nothing sounded good and I actually like lost a pound but then in week 5 I started like getting some more cravings and I was hungrier I was craving like ice-cold lemon water which was really interesting like in the first thing in the morning that's all I wanted and and then I was also having like sweets cravings like I really wanted ice cream and I'm not a huge ice-cream person I usually prefer like cupcakes or something like that but I was I scream and I was also like obsessed with making my own iced coffee I was making decaf obviously but um I would like go to bed thinking about having this iced coffee and then wake up and you know just like savor every single bit of it it's so good and I put like I think it's I forget the brand but it's this vanilla coconut almond milk in it oh my god so delicious and I just used like Duncan decaf or something so week five totally pretty pretty normal for the most part moving into week six that's when I started feeling a little bit nauseous it wasn't really bad like to where I was throwing up or anything but it just kind of felt like my stomach was unsettled and it was mainly in the morning by noon I felt that to normal and I started to have like serious cravings during week six – so like I was just craving fast food Chipotle McDonald's Burger King Pizza all the things that like you know I would treat myself with I wanted like every day and I didn't I didn't really control that at all I was like whatever I'm pregnant I'm having it so I went to McDonald's and I got like a McDouble and like a McChicken and fries and yeah it happened more than once um but I was also starting to feel a little bit more tired than normal and just like sluggish and not really motivated and I just had no desire to work out and prior to being pregnant I was like doing hit workouts at least four to five times a week pretty intense workouts resistance workout strength training workouts lots of hit cardio and like week six I was just like no I can't I just want to sit on the couch and like watch TV and Netflix and that was pretty much it but they it wasn't too bad starting that I I felt no connection with the baby I still like didn't really I don't know I feel like I didn't really feel pregnant at all or whatever oh and one last thing about week six was that we went for my second appointment with my OB the first one was at like I guess in my previous video I think I went it like four weeks in like three days or something just because I was in a new area but I went back at six weeks and she we saw the heartbeat which was so sweet I think it was like 120 beats per minute or something but we were so excited that was just like a huge like monumental moment just like oh my gosh you know like breathe a sigh of relief because you heard the heartbeat and it was it made everything very real so I will actually insert a clip here from that appointment it's just a short I think it's like a two-minute video of us looking at the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat so enjoy it's just so tiny it turns it yeah make it make a sound or this real so week seven came and I told my family and our closest friends and and then the worst nausea symptoms ever started to kick in and I was actually traveling from we live in Houston but I was traveling back to New York for work and oh my god that flight was just it was really really bad I was exhausted I felt so nauseous I didn't want to eaten anything I couldn't eat anything everything like made me want to vomit and it was just like really really terrible I basically felt useless like after I had my work meetings and I got back to Houston I was just like someone motivated useless laying on the couch you know when I wasn't working and I just didn't want to do anything I didn't want to go out to dinner I didn't want to take a walk I didn't want to like do anything I was just like a hermit I felt really awful I started having really weird food aversions and not just like like the typical ones like seafood really made me gag vegetables really made me gag but even like at the color of packages of food like anything that was orange or yellow like like we have this bag of chips and it was like orange and yellow on the outside it was like a bag of tortilla chips and I literally couldn't look at it because it made me want to throw up and I don't know if that strange I don't know if anybody else has experienced that but I I don't know it was weird um I also like I was saying last week I'm in the sixth week I was obsessed with like lemon stuff and like lemon ice lemon water and I was still having the same kind of cravings for that anything lemon flavored like those things in I think they're like protein bars or something I was craving them anything lemon-flavored I just wanted I was also craving ice tea and feltzer with lemon it just like I wasn't craving like tons of things in terms of food I was having more versions than cravings in this week but I you know I was it's really interesting I don't know I was like really liking drinks more than food I was having a hard time like keeping things down the only thing that sounded good was like cheeseburgers and before I was pregnant I rarely ate meat like especially red meat I would never get burgers I didn't really eat a lot of chicken I mostly I'm mostly a kind of vegetarian I would eat you know eggs and stuff like that but this week like when I wasn't feeling so nauseous and feeling like I could eat something I just wanted like McDonald's McDonald's like that's all I wanted and that was really weird for me so maybe maybe it had to do with like like a deficiency of some sort I always try to think like if I'm craving something what does this mean am I I think deficient in iron because I'm not getting a lot of that from meat because I hadn't been eating a lot of it so I don't know so that was really that was really it for week 7 I just can't the nausea was just it was so bad I would dread waking up in the morning because I knew how sick I was gonna feel and and then I was and just like really really tired as well but I was eating saltines a lot and then just really bland stuff like cereal and toast and then you know I would splurge and go to like chick-fil-a or McDonald's when I was feeling good and eat like crap so that wasn't great okay so moving on to week eight I had actually gained a pound so over the first eight weeks I only gained about a pound before was pregnant I was between like 116 117 and around the 8 week mark I was like 118 point you know eight or something like that so between like one and two pounds mainly because I wasn't eating a ton I wasn't eating regularly and I was feeling sick but I was still feeling very nauseous and I started drinking this ginger tea in the morning which actually helped a lot and I hadn't worked out in like two weeks so you know I was trying I was trying to do at least like some walking or you know like a light resistance workout with light weights or like Pilates but over week like seven and eight I did absolutely nothing I was so exhausted and so nauseous that I just you know when you feel sick to your stomach you can't workout it's just like nothing nothing feels good I I started feeling really bad about all the junk food and the fast food that I was eating and I don't know that coupled with like not really sleeping great I was waking up a lot and having to go to the bathroom a lot so my sleep wasn't good and I just like my body felt really bad because I haven't had any like fruits or veggies those I just felt really sick every time I thought about eating vegetables and like fruit I'm not a big fruit fan anyway and so I was in a that either um I started feeling crampy and like my lower abdomen around week eight and I think that was because my uterus is expanding and that's also why I had to pee so much like especially during the night during the day I was drinking a ton of water so I was peeing a lot before I was pregnant because I drank a lot of water and so that still continued I started breaking out pretty bad like along my forehead and my hairline these just like under the skin kind of pimples which are the worst because like you can't pop them and they just like stand out and it was really bad and I just felt like really really ugly between like week six and seven I just I didn't feel good I felt ugly like even when I would put makeup on I think I said this in my previous video but just like didn't feel great at all and then towards the end of week eight the fatigue like extreme fatigue started to set in and I was napping like so sometimes I work from home and when I would be done with work at like 4:30 my work on East Coast hours so at like from 4:30 to 6:30 every single day I was taking like a two hour nap and I'm usually not a Napper but I just I'm now I couldn't get off the couch it was it was so bad and just like the nausea the morning sickness which actually it wasn't it wasn't so bad that I was throwing up it was more just like from the minute I woke up in the morning until around 2 o'clock I just felt really unsettled in my stomach and like I was gonna throw up but I didn't I think there was only a couple times where in the morning I felt like I was gonna throw up and it was just like dry heaving but um that's really it for five to eight weeks I I'm further along than that now and I have to say that those those four weeks were the absolute worst I've ever felt like especially like the nausea was pretty bad but the fatigue that I started feeling and in week 8 is a type of feeling that I have never felt before like I've always had tons of energy I've never been a Napper I've always you know like got up and gone and you know excited about working out and just like the lack of motivation was really crazy and the fact that I wasn't eating any fruits or vegetables which I typically love like I would have salad you know for lunch or dinner at least four to five times a week before I was pregnant and so like I think my body is just completely changing definitely more emotional than normal but yeah so those were the first trimester they're not kidding it doesn't feel great and like I the nausea was so bad that I had started feeling like I was gonna have a girl it just because like my sister she had a boy and like another friend had a boy and they had great pregnancies they they didn't get sick they had energy and so I was like calm my sister is having a boy and she felt awesome and didn't have any of these symptoms like maybe I'm having a girl but who knows so that's really it if you put like any similar symptoms or similar experience or completely different let me know I'd love to hear I'd love to you know share with you my journey and hear how everybody else's pregnancy journey is going so thank you so much for watching I will be back with the next I guess 9 to 9 12 week update yeah I can't count pregnancy brain I guess the real thing – um I'll be back with that soon so um take care of love you guys bye

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  1. I think maybe you had low grade hyperemisis… I had it as well when pregnant. Pretty bad with colors, food, smells, lights.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

  2. I craved lemon like crazy with my girls! A pitcher of Lemonade could not stay a day in our house lol.

  3. My major craving I have had throughout this entire pregnancy (I'm 27 weeks) has been Spaghetti O's…LOL One thing I absolutely can not eat anymore is Pizza… YUCK! I can't even stand the smell! I'm so excited for when you will feel the baby move!! I'm putting in my guess now that you are having a girl. 🙂 Are you going to do the 10 week blood test? Are you going to do a gender reveal? Love the video of your little gummy bear!! (To me, that's what the babies look like at this stage <3 ).

    I had zero morning sickness with my first – a boy – I had TERRIBLE morning sickness this time and it's another boy. Still my guess is girl. 🙂

  4. My little boy just turned 1 and I had an awesome pregnancy no sickness. I think getting up and to the gym at 5am though really is what helped. My gym partner was a coworker and I wasnt ready to tell my work so I had to keep my workouts up for the first 3 months. I did have food aversions though eating was difficult and my husband would fight me for 3 bites of chicken like a toddler. Congratulations on your little!

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