45 Replies to “5 things A c-section mom must avoid and care after cesarean delivery”

  1. Hello mam plz tell me how much time take to another baby after frist ceaserean delivery i also had ceaserean delivery and i lost my baby bcoz of 7 month delivery because my bp goes high and i was bleeding very badly my baby was premature and i lost him now i want healthy and normal delivery plz give some advice for Next VBAC and how much gap required frist ceaserean after normal delivery And how i care my self so my Internal sitches recover faster plz tell mam

  2. Hi me also c section 3months completed now when i walk and used stairs now i got pain in stitches . Is it any prbm. There?

  3. I'm c section 5 month gt over lst month I gt my period but thz month I'm not gt my period wt the problem plz reply me sis

  4. The last point is very important. I had c section. I was not not aware that I should not sit on legs. I did that and now facing the consequences.

  5. When my baby born that time baby full white after 10days becoming block why? Plz tell me how to get fair

  6. Hi sister , enaku sep7 C-section achi, but 4days sa motion problem iruku like out piles mathiri, any tips for me and which fruits have it

  7. watch my new recent video "https://youtu.be/zr4hfRRtMMg" Things A C Section Mom Must Do To Avoid Constipation After Cesarean Delivery | Preeti Atul Rankawat

  8. I have delivered my baby through c section one year back.but after it I could not take that much rest. Now I experienced lot of pain on my back and legs. Pls help me to overcome it. Is there any way to cure it?

  9. How to avoid constipation. I have come section surgery. After delivery I suffered from constipation. Tell me how to get rid off.

  10. Im just posting this for some moms who want more information. This video is very helpful


  11. Thank you so much, now I have completed 2 months after surgery, now suggest me how to avoid tummy and also stretch marks on tummy

  12. Hi Preeti. I have C section delivered baby 5th months ago and also done family planning operation on the same time delivery. So after 5 months shall I used Tommy belt and is it useful now? Thanks for the above information.

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