5 TTC Tips After Miscarriage / Blighted Ovum

hey skm family thank you so much for joining me here on another video on our channel if you are new to the channel my name is Amanda and I do videos on family faith fun and more so we do review videos it's a faith-based channel so mostly we do faith-based videos that's the point of the channel reaching the world for Jesus Christ one video at a time has really been my slogan so I want to welcome you to the channel if you're new I want to invite you to join our skm stained Kingdom minded family so go ahead and smash that subscribe button guys and help to support our online ministry and welcome to our family welcome back all you skm family members if you are joining me for this video so I had previously did a video which I will link in a card above on TT seeing after a miscarriage so I shared with you guys my testimony which I probably will break that down and share some more in-depth things with you guys just to help you to understand a little bit more about my story and about how God blessed us and brought us through that journey and that difficult time so I'll probably share some more but I did tell you guys in that video that I wanted to do a video on what is applied at ovum and tt seeing after a blighted ovum or a miscarriage so I'm gonna glance down here at the iPad because that is where my notes are so some of the information I'm gonna be sharing with you guys is things that maybe I was told by my physician my life experience my thoughts obviously on the subject of the some other information is going to be from American Pregnancy org that's a website that you can visit as well so let's get right into this video okay so what is a blighted ovum so I found out that I was pregnant with our would have been my fourth child and went to have the blood work done just like normal so you go in and have that baseline set of blood work drawn we got those numbers and my doctor's office required that you came back in 48 hours later to have another set of blood work done so those HCG levels that they draw to make sure that the numbers are doubling every other day is what the doctor said that they should do to be considered a normal healthy pregnancy that's what they want to see so I went in for the next set of bloodwork and those numbers did rise however they did not exactly double which had me a little bit concerned but I prayerfully continued and just believed that everything was going to be fine and really the main pregnancy symptom that I had in those first couple of weeks of pregnancy was heartburn and indigestion which was a little bit odd to me because that typically is something that I would normally experience and a lot of women normally experience as a result of being big and pregnant so the baby and the excess weight pushing up on the stomach and causing you know acid reflux heartburn indigestion those kind of symptoms you see women with big pregnant bellies and eating tums and complaining of heartburn and those kind of things so for that to be an early pregnancy symptom for myself personally that was a little bit odd to me I didn't dwell too much on it because I thought every pregnancy is different and I'm claiming a girl this time and so maybe that's why it's different because I had only been pregnant with boys that you know up until that time so what happened I went in I had my cousin go with me I went in for my first ultrasound and the doctor came in and said that he saw the gestational sac but did not see a heartbeat he saw the fetal pole in the gestational sac but no baby no heartbeat so matter of fact he just instantly throughout the term blighted ovum he said you know very nonchalant no feelings or emotions attached whatsoever he just walked right in the room opened up the door and just matter-of-fact said okay so what we call this is a blinded ovum and what we typically do is we have you come back in a week or so we do another ultrasound make sure that there is no baby and then you haven't ice to make you can either come in for a D&C or you can naturally pass you know the products of this pregnancy on your own it's totally up to you and there was like I said no emotion whatsoever attached to the news that he was giving me and it was just very abrupt and any questions and of course I was in a whirlwind I didn't know what to do or say he said you know that I had a decision to make one my mind I had made the decision I wasn't having anything called a blighted ovum I had never even heard of it before I didn't understand it I was completely caught off guard I did not like what he said and I had faith that was bigger than a blighted ovum I had faith in my god that this test was gonna be a testimony that this was not true you know he did say it is a rare possibility that I miscalculated the date that my cycle was to start again and maybe I just wasn't early enough along to see a heartbeat or a baby at that time but he was you know had already given me a diagnosis basically of ablated ovum so I left the office that day my cousin and I didn't really say much to each other right away and I have to be honest I got in the car and when she drove away I just began to bawl my eyes out and I prayed to God that the doctor was wrong and you know who'd even heard of a blighted ovum what does that even mean like that makes no sense and this can possibly not be happening to me so what is obliged ovum it's also known as an in an embryonic pregnancy it happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall but no embryo develops cells develop to form the pregnancy sac but the cells that are supposed to form the fetus the baby the embryo don't form those things a blighted ovum occurs within the first trimester and it often occurs according to research due to chromosomal abnormalities so significant that the body recognizes that the baby would not live and so therefore it basically takes care of quote-unquote the situation early on most women according to American pregnancy or don't even know that they were pregnant to begin with because it happened so early on in the pregnancy you're just a couple of weeks in and you start maybe spotting and you never even know that it occurred well women like myself who are very on top of their cycles and they know when they're supposed to start and especially women like me who are trying to conceive at that time women like me who every single month is doing ovulation predictor tests and who are counting down the days to the next cycle we definitely know I know you ladies know what I mean if you are a lady who is trying to conceive and you're watching this video I know that you know what I mean and you would know if this was happening to you of course because you're very in tune with your body and you're patiently awaiting that blessing from God of a baby either a rainbow baby a miracle baby you know doctors have said that you weren't going to be able to conceive you have PCOS you you know you have fibroids you have all these different things may be happening you would know exactly what I mean so I obviously did I did know it says a high level of chromosome abnormalities usually causes a woman's body to naturally miscarriage it says that give yourself time and permission to grieve so once you've actually been diagnosed with a blighted ovum if you go back you have a second ultrasound like I did there still is no baby the way my doctor described to me what a blighted ovum is he said that for simplicity sake we'll just say half of the DNA that is supposed to start replicating and making the gestational sac for the baby it does its job and then the other half that are supposed to divide and replicate and form baby don't do their job so pregnancy dot work says the cells developed to form the pregnancy sack but not the embryo itself but it also says it happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall so there was some mixed emotion a mixed feeling during this time especially because how the doctor worded it to my husband was that the baby didn't form so to him being a man not all men I guess maybe but most men do not operate off of emotion so when he heard the baby did not form or develop at all then to him this isn't probably really a miscarriage this is just you know some fluke thing or you know whatever happened but to a Mama's heart and to the fact that it says a fertilized egg once the sperm meets the egg and it fertilizes that is a baby to me to this woman of God to this mom that is a baby so whether it continued to grow and there was a heartbeat you know whatever that case may be that was a baby and that was my baby and so it was a man miscarriage to me and it was very very difficult experience to go through any one of you ladies watching this video if you have experienced a miscarriage in any shape or sense of the word if you have taken a pregnancy test and you saw two lines or it said pregnant and then for whatever reason it did not develop maybe the very next day maybe a couple of hours later after having a positive pregnancy test you start bleeding in your mind even if but for a moment you were pregnant you had a life inside of you you were pregnant with promise you were pregnant with hope you were excited your dreams were finally coming true so you know what I mean so it was a miscarriage to me and pregnancy American Pregnancy work does say that it is a type of miscarriage so the one of the most important things that I'm going to say for tt' seeing after a blighted ovum is this you have to give yourself enough time to grieve properly I did have quite a bit of time however I still don't really feel like I have completely healed from that experience I will always have that you know loss inside of me of knowing that last December I was supposed to be giving birth to our last child and it was very very hurtful and it was traumatic and having one son with a chromosome abnormality trisomy 21 Abel who has Down syndrome I almost felt like if that embryo didn't continue to develop and if it was a chromosome abnormality I almost blamed myself at times I almost thought that shame on me for wanting to bring another baby into the world because trisomy 21 wasn't a big deal Abel's developing fine he is a gift from God he is perfectly healthy in my opinion but this other baby who was on its way into the world and it was cut short in my mind I just I couldn't help but the enemy I feel like was causing me to feel like in some way that that was my fault so that's still something that I that I struggle with but TT seeing after a miscarriage or blighted ovum you need to be able to have the time to grieve not just physical time passing but emotionally you need to have someone that you can open up to to talk to about your feelings that you can figure out a way to deal with loss however that is for you whether that's you know plenty of time devoted in prayer and reading scriptures and getting strength from God through other individuals maybe in your family through best friends whatever that looks like for you make sure that you take the time to properly grieve so that you can be healthy emotionally and spiritually and physically for the next time that you do start actively trying to conceive again that you are ready mentally physically and spiritually to take on that journey because anyone who knows about trying to conceive whether you only tried for a month whether you are years into actively trying to conceive in month after month you're not month after month your cycle starts month after month you are in just distress and your heart is hurting and it's breaking because all you want is to be able to have your baby it's hard to hang in there and hard to have faith and hope in the fact that it is going to happen for you if you are not mentally spiritually and physically ready to start that journey so that is trying to conceive tip number one that I'm going to give you is make sure that you have given yourself enough time to recover in all three of those areas so I want to talk to you a little bit about what causes a blinded ovum I've shared with you about the chromosome abnormalities possibly being the reason American pregnancy org says that and 50% of first trimester miscarriages the calls is this blighted ovum and that it is a result of a chromosome abnormality it says that a woman's body recognizes those abnormal chromosomes in the fetus and naturally does not try to continue the pregnancy because your body knows that it's not going to develop into a healthy baby this can be caused by abnormal cell division or it can be caused by poor-quality in the sperm or the egg so they don't really know but those are the thoughts thus far and the research that they have done so should you have a DNC or should you allow your body to naturally pass all of the the contents in your uterus on its own so the doctor allows you to make that choice up into a certain point if your body naturally passes the pregnancy products on its own if your uterus expels them if you're able to to do that on your own and that is what you want to do it's more natural it's less invasive then your doctor will allow you to do that my doctor said if that started happening for me and that's what I chose within the first week or two that he would be okay with that but once you hit a certain point if your body's not doing it on its own then a DNC might be what is necessary so for me personally I know at least one other individual who has experienced a blighted ovum and for her she chose to wait and let her body naturally take care of it on its own and actually I'm gonna shout out her YouTube channel now her name is avi or Octavia her YouTube channel is Abhiyan leader that's her and her husband they are an amazing couple on fire for the Lord they share their faith they share their workout journeys they share their health and fitness they have a website I'm going to link their YouTube channel in the description box below so if you like faith-based videos if you're into to healthy living and workouts and things like that please go over and check out Abhiyan leader you will love their channel but so so she did allow herself to naturally you know her body to take care of that on its own I on the other hand prayed and prayed about the situation and I was in such a place emotionally that once I went back in for that second ultrasound and I was clinging so much to my hope and my faith in God that it was not really going to be applied at ovum and I scoured the internet for hours trying to get information about this thing called blighted ovum i emotionally couldn't take it you guys I just I couldn't do it if there was really not going to be a baby I needed to just end that stage in my life and recover physically and emotionally and spiritually attempt to put it behind me and the only way that I knew how which is my faith in God and move forward so I didn't really have you know I guess I want to say the emotional stability at the time to allow my body to naturally take care of it on its own so I did elect to have a DNC my husband and I went in its the operating room obviously he didn't go back but he we went in together they placed an IV and they gave me some medications to help calm me down as I was anxious and and very emotional and sad at the ending of what I thought was going to be our last child together it ended way too soon but you know God knows what we can handle he knows what we need Jeremiah 29:11 he knows the plans that he has for us says the Lord they are plans for a hope and a future his plans for us are for good so I have to believe that he knew what was going to happen with that baby and of course I did not know and if that's the way that it was supposed to happen which obviously it was then I trust his plan and his will for my life even when it doesn't feel good we still have to press through we still have to trust his plans for us are for good it may not look good in that moment but his plans for us are for good so I went back I had the D&C done I recovered from that and you know we we we went on minute by minute hour by hour day by day month by month and year by year we went on pressing forward I had a much harder time dealing with the situation like I've mentioned that my husband did so it like I said I really don't 100% feel like I have completely healed from that but I'm asking the Lord to mend my heart and restore my heart and to help me to remember that his plans for me are for good so how can a blighted ovum be prevented that's the next thing it really can't be prevented some couples will seek out genetic testing to see if there is multiple early pregnancy losses and try to find out if they can find an actual cause of their miscarriages maybe it's a progesterone issue maybe they need to be on progesterone very early on in their pregnancy whether or not they have some type in compatibility you know whatever the case may be but an actual blighted ovum that happens there's typically no way for you to be able to prevent it so we have talked about what is oblig'd ovum we have talked about how can it be prevented and we have talked about the treatment for a blighted ovum so what I want to share with you guys is this when trying to conceive after having a miscarriage whether it's a couple of hours after you've peed on that stick whether it was several weeks into that pregnancy months into that pregnancy or a stillborn wherever you are in your journey tip number two for trying to conceive after having a miscarriage never allow the enemy to defeat you in your mind and make you feel like there is no hope never allow the enemy to make you feel like there is no hope Jeremiah 29:11 put your hope in Christ continue to seek Him month after month day after day year after year minute by minute whatever you need to do seeking Him reading the Scriptures growing your personal relationship with Christ seeking His perfect will for your life tip number two is to give your situation to God I don't mean to insult you wherever you are in your journey you may be eight ten twelve fifteen years into trying to conceive and I can only imagine that you are completely thinking that it's over for you maybe you never will actually have a child of your own but there are other avenues that the Lord can use to bring a baby who needs a good mama into their lives so I would strongly advise you to continue to seek God in your journey wherever you are however long it has taken you to try to conceive on your own I would strongly encourage you to allow God to show you his will for your life that is trying to conceive after a miscarriage tip number two so trying to conceive after a miscarriage tip number three you have to make sure that you are physically ready to have a child so what do I mean by that I mean taking on carrying an infant being pregnant is physically and very very very much so physically and emotionally tiring and exhausting and you need to make sure that your body is healthy so if you are carrying extra weight if you are overweight if you leave a lead a sedentary lifestyle meaning you're not exercising much you are not getting up and moving and burning calories you hour you are eating lots of foods that are very unhealthy for you very super high in fat greasy foods tons of fast foods those kinds of things drinking lots of soda and sugary beverages and things like that I would strongly suggest to you to start today eating healthy drinking plenty of water and getting exercise your body knows when it is physically capable of taking on a pregnancy and bringing a life into this world and I would just encourage you that if you are not just overweight but just have a lot of unhealthy lifestyle changes this is not a slam to anyone it's just a trying to conceive tip that I know is very very physically important try to make sure that you're starting to make healthy lifestyle changes maybe it's too much to do all at one time say you're addicted to to pop or say you're addicted to you know fast food slowly start cutting those things out make one change make one positive healthy lifestyle change at a time so maybe you're gonna tell yourself okay I know that pop is unhealthy for me I know that soda is unhealthy for me but I really have a thing for Coke I really have anything for Pepsi whatever your thing is tell yourself you're only going to allow yourself to have one a day instead of five or tell yourself you're gonna allow yourself to have one a week instead of ten you know whatever that looks like for you so start making healthy lifestyle changes so that your body can physically undergo holding and carrying a fetus a baby and it growing and you're gonna be healthy and you're gonna be the healthiest mama anywhere around so that you can take care of that beautiful blessing that God is going to give you trying to conceive tip number four after miscarriage would be to take a prenatal vitamin every single day while you're trying to get pregnant so why would you want to do this because many women's bodies are lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients and your body knows when it is missing something that it needs it's vitally important that you take a prenatal vitamin so that your body is not lacking anything so that nothing is out of balance there are just certain things that your body needs so say folic acid and the B vitamins those things are very important and so make sure that you talk with your doctor and you start taking a prenatal vitamin it's going to be very very good and healthy for your body and it's also already gonna have you jump started on the baby's healthy body healthy nutrition that it needs as well and trying to conceive after miscarriage tip number five I personally started taking a folic acid supplement that's something obviously that is in a prenatal vitamin but you want to make sure that you're getting the correct dose that your body needs and that the baby is going to need to prevent neural tube defects so start taking folic acid you can talk with your OBGYN and find out what the dose is that they recommend and start taking that in preparation for being pregnant so you're already laying the groundwork for a healthy body so that you can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby so that is tip number five and a couple of bonus tips that I'll throw in tip six and seven I'm gonna give you guys aa patient predictor test kits you can buy them on Amazon and I will throw a link in the description box below if you guys want to use an affiliate link of mine to help support our online ministry I'll throw that in there for you guys you can get them in bulk and you can get them fairly cheap and you can use those you just take those strips dip them in your urine and you can track your ovulation so that you can see when is the peak an optimal time – baby dance hopefully to conceive your baby so those I have used in the past and obviously they are honestly there there are really helpful in tracking so I'll leave that link in the description box below that's tip number six so you need to know especially if your cycle is not normal say you never know when you're gonna start your cycles some months can be 28 days some months can be 48 days whatever your cycle length looks like for you the ovulation tests are very important in helping you determine the optimal time to conceive so I would suggest using those if you're not already using those and bonus tip number seven is there are other over-the-counter supplements that you can take as well like evening primrose oil that helps with your cervical mucus I won't go into that too much in detail but that is definitely something that I did try and definitely something that you can try as well that you might have some luck with and helping you to conceive as well as cinnamon oddly enough I'll let you google that or YouTube that but cinnamon is another over-the-counter supplement that can help while trying to conceive so those are a couple of bonus tips for you guys as well so thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart for watching this testimonial and this educational video on a blighted ovum on my story trying to conceive after a miscarriage and I hope you enjoyed the tips as well I hope they help you I hope that wherever you are in your TTC journey that these tips and this story have put a sense of encouragement in your heart I hope that wherever you are you are allowing God to minister to you and this time and ask him to give you the peace that passes all understanding the peace that only God can give during this trying time I pray this video find you well if you need prayer if there's anything at all that I can do to help you and your TTC journey as far as prayers encouraging verses if there's any other video topics that you would like to see just feel free to leave those in the comment section or you can feel free to email me at stay Kingdom minded at gmail.com so I thank you so much for watching this video if you haven't had a chance please subscribe to our Channel please give this video a like and comment in the comment section below if you need prayer for your trying to conceive journey thank you guys so much have a blessed day and don't forget wherever you are not only in your trying to conceive journey but wherever life finds you right now and in all things to stay Kingdom minded guys

23 Replies to “5 TTC Tips After Miscarriage / Blighted Ovum”

  1. Same is the Case with me right now in the last week of first tri mester … the docotor diagnosed Blighted Ovum… the decision is upto me whether to abort or wait. kindly suggest me a better thing whether o shoukd waiy or just abort.

  2. I am sooo sorry you had to go through that… My doctor told me i had a blighted ovum at what seemed was 5 weeks pregnant. Ive seen a lot of misdiagnosed "miscarriages" and all i ask is for a prayer 💙. I truly have hope my peanut will be there… i really do. I think its too soon, and even if it doesnt work out, id still love prayers to help me get through this.
    When i heard about the blighted ovum for the first time broke my heart. This baby was loved even if he wasnt formed yet… even if i didnt know him, its painful…..but your right, God knows what hes doing and we shouldnt question it. God bless you💙

  3. Thank you for sharing im going threw the same right now friday I went to ER and they said the same to me that maybe I had miscalculated and to wait a few days so I went in today for bloodwork to see if levels are up and tommorow I have to go in for ultrasound they will give me the results I should be 9 weeks but im having a lot of cramps and I see much more discharge with tissue and now is really red I think im having a miscarriage im 💔😢 please pray for me I have been so depressed😭

  4. Hi .I just gone through miscarriage at 12 weeks .I am so upset as it was my first time that I conceived after 1 year of trying I am so sad and thinking how could it be possible to conceive again as I suffered alot to conceive

  5. Good morning I had blighted ovum last year around May at 11 weeks and last week again at 6 weeks,I am still numb,I so trusted God this time for a rainbow baby, please pray that I find strength

  6. You just uplifted me. I just had a miscarriage last week with my 4th baby. Your Video just uplifted me and i put my all trust in God.

  7. I’m currently going through this. My first ultrasound was at 8 weeks. For a whole month i had no idea anything was wrong. We were SO excited for our first ultrasound, my whole family was in the room. As soon as she started doing the ultrasound i immediately started questioning where the baby was. Just an empty sac, nothing there. It was absolutely the worst day of my life. I’m so scared of ever getting pregnant again, with the fear this could happen again.

  8. Currently miscarrying my third BO in a row. Will be running in depth testing on my husband and I and pray the Lord will bless us with a miracle very soon. Please pray for us.

  9. I’m just starting to heal from mine. My d&c was 8 days ago. Your video really spoke to me, thank you! Just out of curiosity how long did it take to to conceive your little princess after?

  10. I am going through this now. Went to dr. today should be 10 weeks 3 days baby only measured 6 weeks no heartbeat. Have to back in a week for repeat scan. I miscarried back in July at 7 weeks 3 days. Dr. said do not count baby out yet because things inside looked good but I have no hope I am 38 and feel like I will not get another live baby. I am greatful for the kids I do have. I also had a boy who was stillborn in March 2014. I just feel so broken. My youngest is 2 1/2 so I had a healthy baby not long ago. So heart breaking. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It's happening to me now, i diagnosed with blighted ovum and I'm start to bleed.. this is my second miscarriage 😢. The first time it happened i question God "why?, why me?, I'm praying for this baby many years". But now on my second miscarriage i don't want to question God again, until now i don't understand why this is happening to me but i know God have better plans for me.

  12. Hello, thank u
    For all the info, how long after the blighted Ovum did u get pregnant? I was pregnant on jun and had d&c on sept 11 of this year and found out im pregnant yesterday and im so nervous about all this, i have 2 kids already so my last pregnancy is the first time a blighted ovum i ever experienced

  13. This happened to me in 2005 in the last week of my third month. Almost made it to second trimester. We were so happy and excited. I guess I never really grieved. I know God knows what he's doing but I still am devestated. We never had children. I was always so scared of losing a baby again. Now im almost 38 and feel like it's too late for us. I am pouring tears right now. I've never gotten over it. It was the most traumatic experience. I chose to try to pass everything naturally, but ended up in the ER where they preformed a D and c. I still feel like i could have been an awesome mom. I cry alone about it now and then. But mostly keep the pain to myself. Thank you for sharing. Bless you.

  14. Thank you for this video I experienced a blighted ovum and had a D&C July 13th 2018. Giving myself proper time to grieve was needed but I still have moments but I do know that GODS timing is everything so now I have learned to wait on him. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO

  15. Sorry for your loss! I too had an blighted ovum last year in December. I never knew anything like this existed, I've had two healthy pregnancies, so I was confused, hurt and in denial. I chose to pass on my own without any medication. I thought it was over for me but here I am today 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant! I'm trying so hard to stay positive but it's always that thought will this happen to me again. I really don't want that heartbreak again. I ended up getting a scan at 4 weeks and this time they didn't even see a sac. I'm praying that when I go back December 10 we'll see a healthy bean. Praying for my rainbow baby🌈

  16. Hi beloved, we just did a video and thought of you as you help encourage those are mothers or trying to concieve. In case you don't know, mobiles, wifii and hands free phones have radiation (and microwave ovens) that affect fertility and cause cancers. Dana Ashlie link below the vid or look on her channel for further info if you need it.

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  18. I'm sorry. Sad to hear this. But like you said God bless you with this beautiful girl. God Bless

  19. So difficult to go through, let alone share with everyone. I pray your story reaches everyone in need of this testimony! Praise Jesus for his love and grace!

  20. Sorry for your lost!! I also had a blighted ovum I had a dnc and testing done came out she was a little girls with no chromosome abnormalities! I refused to rush for the DNC instead I waited for about a month to do 4 ultrasound n repeat blood test I was in complete denial. Devastating was a understatement. Them we was bless with our little boy who rocks that 21 chromosome! 💙💛💙💛 I swear girl we almost have the same story's and names sister Amanda!!

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