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congratulations you're 5 weeks pregnant oh my goodness I'm so pleased for you now like most women you probably only just found out and you've got loads of emotions running through your head and I've been that I remember it well now how did you find out how many pregnancy tests have you taken I want to take in at least five by this point so technically your baby is actually classed as an embryo at the moment the test book stays he or she is about the size of a sesame seed or a small apple pips either way that's pretty tiny at the moment they remember a teeny tiny tackle but they won't stay frontlines along they are currently developing a little note which returning to limp slippers which is the start of their little arms and like soon your little baby's heart will start beating it hard to believe that so much is happening inside of you right now isn't it every week we're going to see that little sesame seeds get bigger and bigger oh I'm so excited for you but I need to be careful because this is making me a little bit Rudy oh we've talked about the e-book what about you how are you feeling and what if Ivory's presents really like this week has been quite hard one actually and it's not really about symptoms so much as me I'm really really frightened of losing this baby I'll be honest I'm really really frightened taken up a lot of my thoughts I am trying to like rest up as I Monica because I don't want to risk letting I have giggling pain and it started off in the morning in between my left hip and in between my pelvis and and they were quite niggly not painful just just noticeable and just there and then 12m say I had it on both sides just feel like stretching pain but you know me being me worrying into overdrive thinking our wife is happy okay it's still five hour but you know today I don't really happen II no pains or anything my boobs have been feeling ridiculously so I've been feeling a lot more thirsty and not sick at all really surprising there's not really an awful lot there I think this is blow I didn't feel bloated my belly's not me she's coming out like that what do see your bigger bloated yeah like Tommy and complete it as you can see it's little bit more Brown this is my five we belly now I imagined that you are all over the place at the moment you'll be excited one minute and you'll be nervous the next and it yeah it can't be really nerve-racking at this stage in your pregnancy because you just want to know that other baby is okay but the best thing you can do is rest up and look after yourself because we promise that folks can walk around soon in the meantime let's take a look at the channel home the good the bad and ugly of being a spy we present different getting that big fat positive you must be so excited I remember bathroom like a crazy lady I think he tell your other heart did you find out together or did you surprise him I would love to know you feel like what you really here already but you've got a long way to go to share haven't you don't worry we'll keep you company and ugly you're probably wondering whether it's a little bit weird to keep and treasure those we searched pregnancy test we hope you enjoyed our book this is the truth about being 5 remember we're in this with you and we would absolutely love it if you would read current on the roller coaster how are you doing and how you feeling we really would love to hear from you in the meantime if you'd like to all I want to do is wishing you and your little disease overlooked in the world [Applause]

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  1. 5 weeks and 7 days… It is def nerve racking 😂 i just wanna know the little ones okay..i have health issues fibro..ddd..arthritis..scoliosis..mcs so its a bit of worry but im trusting the Lord to protect and help me.

  2. I’m not sure if I am pregnant. My cycle is 57 days and my period is 25 days late. My first day of my last period was May 13th I took 2 tests last month they were negative. I’ve gotten sick twice. My nipples have a darker ring around them. I’ve have slight bloating. I’m EXTREMELY emotional. I’ve had slight cramping; nothing bad 100% bearable, and light pink spotting. I’m not sure.

  3. Thank you for sharing, I only just found out I’m definitely pregnant with number 1! We are over the moon but I already suffer with anxiety and insomnia and since finding out I’m pregnant it’s not been a fun couple of days with my anxiety and insomnia. I’m also always hungry and I’m on the big side weight wise already so super conscious of what I’m eating. Thank you for sharing this though x

  4. My boyfriend and I found out a little less than a week ago. We’ve taken 2 tests, both positive. One of the tests was a digital that also told us how far along we are and we are about 5 weeks! I’m so excited for my first dr appt to see our precious little angel in our first sonogram. Week 4 was hard with nausea but now I’m just super hungry and moody. It will all be worth it once we finally get to meet our little peanut!! 🌸🌸

  5. I found out a couple of days ago that I am pregnant. I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days.I was soooo happy and nervous. I have cramps, sore breast and I am extremely tired. Overrall I am extremely grateful. I am due in February(so far) lol ❤❤❤. I am so scared of the needles and test that I have to do(I hate getting shots).

  6. I am 8 DPO, so far I have noticed consistent cramping although not so painful. Been tired lately. I had a mild head ache yesterday, went away on its own. I'm super worried and happy just cant wait to know for sure. I'm planning to take a test this week. Pray for me. Thanks for Your video 😊

  7. First one is almost 9 months and I loved your videos during my pregnancy with her. Now here we go again. 5 weeks today 😍 I found out super early this time and had to wait 9 days because I wanted to announce it on my husbands birthday and it was so special 🎉❤️

  8. What a lovely video, thank you, made me cry. I keep taking tests for reassurance, think I’m about 5 weeks, but got to wait a month for my midwife apt which is really hard. Sore breasts, mega bloating but I find the symptoms reassuring 🙂

  9. This is baby number 2 I just found out via home test a week ago now! I only took one test because it was the same kind i use for my daughter! I have a 5 month old! I'm excited and still a bit nervous!

  10. I'm feeling pretty good to be honest. It feels nice to have a group of people that are there with me!

  11. Husband and I had been trying for 2 years. Each month, always negative. Booked in to begin our IVF journey only to find out..right there, in the Doctors office – day 1 of our consulation..that I am pregnant. 2 beautiful bright pink lines on a test.
    The drive home was filled with tears of joy and a smile 10 miles wide on our faces.
    I am now..6 weeks pregnant. ❤❤

  12. 5 weeks with our rainbow after loosing our daughter in October.
    Follow our journey of growing to holding our rainbow ❤️

  13. I took a pregnancy test the day of my period. I'm pregnant ! I found out ,4 weeks 3 days. And my boyfriend was on the bed with our daughter sleeping. Wishing ttc community a BFP!!

  14. I found out I was pregnant at 5wks, it was such a shocking moment for my fiance' and myself, so much so that all I could do was cry! I took 1 at home test, luckly I was able to get to my doctor a few days later to confirm 😍 I am currently 33wks(almost there) and are ready to meet my little man 💙

    Congratulations mum's to be 🤱🏾💙💜

  15. I’m 5 weeks and 3 days and the biggest problem is stressing about any little thing constantly worries I’m going to lose it so far it’s the worst thing about the pregnancy and the weeks are so slow waiting for that 12 week mark, feel sorry for my boyfriend though the hormones are making me very emotional😭😭😂

  16. I absolutely loved this video! Ever since I found out that my husband and I are pregnant, I've just been trying to wrap my head around it and a it still doesn't feel real. We just found out that I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant this week and I have so many feelings going inside of my head and I'm not sure what to really feel yet. I don't know if that makes me sound crazy or not but I am excited, overall. After being together for 9 years and then just getting married last fall, this was definitely the next big adventure for us. Back to this video, this is seriously the 1st video that has made me feel OK about this and feel good. I look forward to watching the other videos as I get further along in my pregnancy exclamation

  17. I found out I was pregnant 11 dpo.but I have no nausea.i had a miscarriage 4 months ago,as well as I'm 40 years old.. I would do anything for nausea right now for some peace of mind..but I trust in God for a healthy pregnancy.

  18. Myself and my fiancé have just discovered that we’re a around 5 weeks pregnant. After a while trying we’re super super excited but I can’t get it into my head yet. I haven’t felt sick at all I have just been super tired and sore boobs😒 I’m worrying that I haven’t felt sick and my first appointment isn’t until 10weeks! Anyone else feel this with me?!

  19. I found out really early at 2 days off being 3 weeks. I am now 5 weeks and feeling everything you have said. I am so emotional at the minute aswell as scared. I get a lot of sickness and loads of cramping but no bleeding it still scares me though. This is my first pregnancy. I took 11 tests ha just make sure it was real. I am so glad I have found this channel thank you for doing these videos

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