6 Common Problems After C section | Complications Faced After Cesarean Delivery

c-sections pose more risks than a vaginal delivery and also take long to recover however c-sections help women who have come to give birth to healthy babies some of the most common reasons for a c-section have been compiled in this video stitches can be painful c-section involves making an incision in your abdominal wall and uterus deliver the baby your incision can be very painful for first two to three days and you may also feel slight numbness at the site the scar can appear puffy red and slightly raised but there is no need to worry walking can be difficult after undergoing a c-section you may have a few reservations and restrictions regarding resuming your normal activities however you should understand that it's important to get out of bed for at least a couple of times after surgery going to the loo will hurt the catheter for at least 24 hours it is slightly uncomfortable to pee afterwards you might experience pain or burning sensation while peeing stool softeners can be a great help passing stool can be a major problem after c-section as it's difficult to push when you have scar on your abdomen which is tender and sore taking stool softeners after surgery can ease the process to a great deal breastfeeding after c-section there is no problem in starting breastfeeding after c-section you just have to be little cautious while lifting or holding your baby during breastfeeding there are some positions for breastfeeding which work much better for women who have c-section and helps them to ease the discomfort bleating we'll also be there this happens because the placenta gets detached from the body weather is a normal or a caesarean delivery and your blood vessels are responding to the hormonal change however this bleeding will gradually taper off in four to six weeks to recover from a c-section you just have to take good care of yourself take full rest and give your body some time to heal as you will be sore will be bleeding and will have pain and burning sensation in your incisions but just give it some time everything will fall back into normal just try to relax and enjoy the new motherhood experience

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  1. I'm c section 5 month over my period was lst month 5th but thz month I'm not getting my period wt the problem cn u help me

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