6 Home Pregnancy Tests That Can Confirm Pregnancy Accurately

six best home pregnancy tests that can confirm pregnancy accurately ideas for home pregnancy tests one the bleach method bleach is considered to respond to the presence of HCG hormone in urine one in a container tip in some bleach to tip in the urine sample into the bleach and wait for a reaction three if within five minutes there is no reaction the test result is negative for it’s a mix of urine and bleached starts to froth and bubble that means you are pregnant careful while handling bleach wear a glove and preferably do the exercise in a courtyard or balcony to avoid the release of toxic fumes to the toothpaste method do not use gel toothpastes get yourself a full-fledged white toothpaste for the test use the spatula to blend the toothpaste with a urine sample 1 take some toothpaste in a bowl to tip in about the same quantity of urine into the toothpaste 3 if you see no reaction and the toothpaste doesn’t change color you are not pregnant for if the toothpaste gives out a bluish color or begins to froth you test result it’s most definitely positive 3 the sugar technique among various methods of home pregnancy tests the sugar one is quite popular and well endorsed this is because sugar doesn’t dissolve if there is pregnancy hormone in your urine one in a bowl take a couple of spoon of white sugar to tip the urine into the sugar 3 if the sugar particle sticks together and forms a clump then you are pregnant 4 if the sugar simply dissolves into the urine your test result is negative for the soap water method a regular soap bar is also believed to detect the presence of HCG hormone in the urine one collect your urine sample in a container to tip in soap ladder into it three if the liquid starts to bubble and frost after a few seconds your result is positive four if the cell border doesn’t react to the urine sample you are not pregnant five the vinegar method vinegar is an extremely reliable and popular choice for home pregnancy tests besides it is also cost effective one in a bowl pour some white vinegar to add the urine sample into the vinegar 3 wait a few minutes for a change of color if it happens you are pregnant 4 if there is no significant change of color your test result is negative 6 the baking soda method baking soda is also considered to identify the pregnancy hormone in the urine one in a bowl take 2 tbsp baking soda 2 tip 1 tablespoon urine into the baking soda 3 after a few minutes if the mixture begins to fizzle and froth your test result is positive 4 if the urine doesn’t react to the baking soda your are not pregnant make your pick from this really easy reliable and cost effective home pregnancy tests and put your dad’s to rest thank you for watching the video please subscribe my channel for more videos

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  1. this is a fake video with fake details. last one completely wrong. don't mislead people to take views don't make fake video taking pictures of other real videos

  2. I hav taken Hcg trigger 5000 and it is 9 days taking injection ….. And it is 7 days past ovulation ……. When can i take these tests ?

  3. I tried the bleach and sugar and they foamed and the sugar didn’t dissolve went to the doctors and I was pregnant

  4. Can I just say how much of a DUMBAAS you are. The chemical reaction of bleach and urine will create the equivalent of Chlorine Gas. You know THAT CHEMICAL WEAPON used in WW1!

  5. The best way it's just you go to hospital and check out this vedios at times give false hope lmao, you think you Are pg just to know you ain't

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