6 MONTH UPDATE! | Crawling, Standing, Teething..and Postpartum Weight + Hair Loss

hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Ashley if you are new here hello and welcome I'm so glad you're here if you are not new here thank you so much for coming back today's video is a hard red shirt it's Ruby 6-month update how can she possibly be six months old you guys how how how can you be six months old it's not allowed you're not allowed to be six months old I am really excited because today's video is sponsored by I / and I will be sharing with you a little bit about the diaper brand and their products here in just a minute but before we jump into the video if you are not subscribed to my channel already I would love to have you just hit that red button down below if you would like to follow me over on Instagram that is joyful chaos mama and it is linked down in the description box alright Ruby do you want doing a play while mommy talks you want to sit on my lap what do you want to do huh she's got places to go people to see she might just want to go play here go chase your car or chase your car alright I'm just gonna let her play well I sit here in film that's kind of why I'm sitting downstairs to film so that she can crawl around and have fun while I film this video rather than trying to wrangle her in my lap ball time okay guys Ruby is six months old I know mom say it all the time like oh it feels so fast time flies enjoy every minute and I know you can't enjoy every minute but you guys savor what you can because it really does go so so quickly let me grab my phone with my notes all about Ruby's sixth month of life and we'll get into this okay guys Ruby currently weighs 16 pounds of 13 ounces I said in her five month update that her weight gain had slowed down and obviously you can see that I think she was 16 pounds to 2 ounces at 5 months so she hasn't put on as much as she has been putting on which is totally normal I think they say the baby should double their birth weight by 4 to 6 months something like that I don't know I can't exactly remember she's done that she was 8 pounds 2 ounces I think efforts so she has doubled her birth weight sleep some days she naps really well other days she just cat naps all day long I could probably do a little bit more work to get her on a better nap schedule but I like the flexibility of a baby who doesn't insist on sleeping at a certain time in a certain location if I feel the need to be doing something else or leaving the house like she'll sleep in the car she'll sleep when we're out she doesn't insist on being like in her bed or anything like that nighttime sleep she wakes up I feel like 1 to 2 times a night I've said this before but if you're new to Ruby's updates then you wouldn't know this but we Co sleep and she nurses at night but I don't really wake up beyond like the little bit of waking it takes to get her latched on and go back to sleep so I don't exactly know how often she wakes up I do know though that in the morning I like to get up early before the kids do I have a couple routine videos and how to become a warning person type things if you guys want to check those out but I found the key the thing that kind of helps keep her sleeping is if I do a dream feed before I get out of bed so meaning I don't fully wake her up but I do get her latched on and have her nurse again before I get out of bed and that helps to keep her asleep longer most mornings if I dream feed her and I get out of bed between 6:00 and 6:15 she'll sleep until 8:30 or so so that gives me a plenty of time are you gonna show off your skills in the morning to do my morning routine take care of what I need to take care of spend time with the bigger kids stuff like that before this one even wakes up I know you're so big look at you go um still I will do a dream feed first thing in the morning and then she'll sleep for a couple more hours which is really really nice clothing this is a six month outfit that her grandma gave her and it's a little small but I really wanted her to wear it because she hasn't worn it before she might get a couple of wears out of it she's she's basically in nine month clothing but I can still squeeze her into six month clothing so I'm doing that because we're just gonna get the most use out of what we have before we need to buy anything new where are you going are you trying to climb on mommy all right let's talk about her diapers I am really excited to share with you guys the diaper brand diapers Ruby is now in a size four diaper for check out that beauty huh I've mentioned before that I prefer to size up sooner rather than later because it helps with leak prevention and I like my babies diapers to fit more like briefs and less like bikinis so she is in a size four diaper um in the diaper brand diapers that correlates to a size large you guys I have been so impressed with these when diaper reached out to me to ask if I would like to partner with them is very excited to try these these are a bamboo diaper they are so so so soft they are there's no perfumes added they're completely unscented I never thought Ruby had sensitive skin I thought that what she had was just a teething rash because we'll talk about that in a minute she's been teething but the day these diapers came in and I put one on her the next time I went to change her diaper her teething rash was gone I didn't realize that the diapers that she had been wearing had been irritating her little bottom thought it was just a teething rash and you know it would go away when she was done drooling so much but the rash was gone within one diaper change so these are such a great option if your baby has sensitive skin I love that they have the elastic on the back that's a really important feature to me because it helps hold those explosive baby poos in but they're incredibly soft inside and out there eco-friendly I love that there's no dyes no perfumes no harsh chemicals and one thing that I find really fascinating and awesome about these is that they are actually compostable in your home compost or like an approved local facility you can compost these diapers which i think is amazing we all know that there's a lot of waste in this world and even with babies it feels like there's can be a lot of waste produce so I love that these are an eco-friendly option so diaper is a subscription service you get a one month supply at a time it is sixty four dollars and they guarantee you will not run out of diapers so you get a number of diapers dependent on the size of your baby because typically the older your baby gets the larger they are the fewer diapers they need they do have an SOS service if you run out and so it's really handy to just have your diapers delivered to your door don't even have to go out and buy them and they guarantee you won't run out it's the perfect number of diapers and we are about halfway through our supply and I've been using them for a couple of weeks now so it seems about right to me the number of diapers that you receive in the box it seems accurate for how frequently a baby needs to be changed now diaper is offering my subscribers this free diaper bag if you click the link below down in the description box because this is really nice this is a really nice diaper bag I've seen some free like free diaper bags that you get with other products and brands and things like that this is this is fancy it's got tons of pockets tons of space all sorts of goodness here and not gonna lie my favorite part might be the diaper giraffe on the front and it's grey which you guys know is my favorite color but this would make such a great gift if you wanted to give a new mom a subscription for diapers or even just one month of diapers and the free diaper bag that comes with it those would make a really great gift I'm going to continue using these diaper just because of how well they work for Ruby the fit of them is perfect and can I just add that I actually love the fact that these are just plain white diapers I think there's nothing fancy or decorative about them there's just something so sweet and simple about a plain white baby diaper all right let's talk about milestones as you can see this baby has no desire to sit still any longer she is sitting completely unassisted now easily gets herself into a sitting position hangs out plays reaches for toys without falling over 99% of the time now she's crawling like full-on hands and knees on the move crawling she's not fast yet praise the Lord I know that the speed is coming but she's full-on crawling and just a couple days ago she pulled herself up she crawled over to the couch caught up on her knees reached up and grabbed the cushions and stood up and I about had a heart attack I just cannot believe how quickly she's becoming mobile you're gonna come see me just her mobility just blows me away and it makes me sad because once babies start moving like they don't feel like a little babies to me anymore I just hope and pray that maybe she'll put off walking for a little bit that's probably you know wishful thinking but I should have at least a couple of months before she starts trying to walk teething has begun she was 5 weeks and or 5 weeks 5 months and one week old when I posted on Instagram like you guys what do i do my baby's teething hardcore and we're on a spending freeze and anyway you guys talked me into getting her teething necklace which was a great decision I love amber teething necklaces let's show him yours let's see if we can yeah show him your flower hers has um a little flower on it oh look it's stuck under your double chin I don't know if you could see that it's not actually stuck she has plenty of space underneath there's just she's tucking her chin because I'm touching her this amber teething necklace has reduced her symptoms by like 90% so she's still a little drooly and gets a little fussy but her acidic diapers have improved she's not and she was so cranky just wanted to be held the whole time chewing on our hands just so fussy and she's much much better now and her gums are still a little swollen but it's probably gonna be a couple more weeks before the teeth actually come through some baby's teeth instantly and some babies it's just a process and so I think she's probably going to be a baby who teeths for a little bit longer you probably have noticed through this video that she has been spitting and blowing raspberries that's new as of like the last two days it's gross and I know a lot of people really tried to discourage that habit and their babies but it's actually really important for their but it's actually really important for their oral development learning to eat and chew and move their mouth and speech and all of that she's not being a bad baby she's not trying to be gross like she's actually doing something important for her development yeah she's also quite vocal she likes to sing us the song of her people and talk to us and spit and yeah uh-huh you want to tell us all about it they wanted to tell us all about it we will be starting solids this month she's also very grabby she's sort of like grabbing my hair and grabbing my face and grabbing my next skin we will be starting solids this month I think that Mister Ruby's gonna love it she did sneak some banana last week and by sneak I mean one of her siblings left a half-eaten banana and it was sitting on the arm of the couch and then when I came back in the room somebody had knocked it onto the floor and there was some mashed up bits and somebody had banana on their shirt and this and the smell of banana in their mouth so I don't know how she got in there but she did sneak some banana hi we see we're dogs sitting a couple of family friends dogs right now so they're not related actually ricci and chloe no relation but they look a lot like hey can I help you all right is that it miss Ruby I can't think of anything else is that all we needed to talk about for your six-month update I thought I would throw on in the end here just a little post partum update for me I am now under my pre-pregnancy weight I've been doing animal fashion I have a video about that I will try to link all of the videos that I just mentioned down in the description box my fertility has not returned yet I'm not cycling I normally don't begin to cycle again until well after the first year usually 15 ish months or so so I don't have any fertility signs I'm not expecting my fertility to return anytime soon I noticed this week that I'm starting to have some postpartum hair loss I might be one of the only women in the world who actually celebrates postpartum hair loss I have a ton of hair I'm incredibly thick hair and pregnancy hormones cause you to hold on to those hair so your not shedding as much when you're pregnant which is why people say like pregnant women have such thick lustrous beautiful hair and then you start to shed back on your normal hair cycles postpartum but you have so much extra it can seem like a lot a lot of hair loss and some women do have more postpartum hair loss where you can see the thinning but I have so much oh I'm sorry want that finger back there that I am excited I'm excited to lose a little bit of some of this poof of hair on top of my head you know maybe hats would fit better if I had less hair I think it's just my giant dog yeah I don't think the hair grows okay thank you guys so much for being here thank you for watching thank you again to diaper for sponsoring today's video I will see you guys very soon you

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  1. I Would love to try out dyper diapers. Can you tell me if they ship internationally? I can not find it on their website.

  2. what amber neckless did you go for? I got overwhelmed as wasn't sure. could you add a link, please? or could you give tips? also, are you worried they will break and eat the beads? we have six-month twins I think this would be great for.

  3. Ohmymobile! You should do a video comparing your kiddos milestones ! It's interesting to me by birth order how they come across their milestones ! My son's almost 9mo and almost crawling and it makes me so sad but I know he's excited lol

  4. I get it regarding the post partum hair loss. I could do with some hair loss. My hair is thick like I am pregnant permanently.

  5. Ruby is growing so fast! At the end it shows 2 white squares instead of videos links. It's a second video that I noticed that. Just wanted to let you know about that.

  6. I’m right with you on the hair loss !!! I have enough hair I would make full on snowsuits with the amount of hair I have ! I was sooo happy when I started to lose hair !!!

  7. Ruby is adorable! It's a blessing to get to share in her growing up. 💖 I wish they had diapers like that when my kids were babies. I love your t-shirt and the color looks great on you. 😊

  8. I can’t believe she’s so mobile!! My 8 month old is at about the same stage, and I’m glad he wasn’t before this! 😬 Interesting to hear the info on babies blowing raspberries 😁 I never discourage it because I think it’s cute, but I didn’t realize it was beneficial!

  9. Ruby's growing so fast, and she looks so like her dad! My youngest daughter is coming up to 5 months, and it really does go by so quickly. They're not babies for long. We just have to breathe in that baby scent and get as many snuggles as we can. Shalom x

  10. She’s adorable! And yes, I totally am the same way with naps. #6 has to learn to sleep anywhere and everywhere. Thanks for the info on the diapers. I’ll have to look into them. And she’s a little go getter! So cute! And your hair is way cute!

  11. They are a lot of work when they're little, but it's also the most precious time and will never come back. So cute, both of you!

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