6 Months of Postpartum Holistic Health Coaching with an IIN Coach

Hello everybody this is Chloe from
Veggie Magnifique and this week we have a special guest –
Arnold de Souza, who is a health coach. Thank you so much for coming on the show.
Thanks for having me Chloe. Well it was a timely moment to have you
on Veggie Magnifique TV because we’ve just finished our six-month health coaching
together and I wanted to explore all the fantastic things that we’ve achieved
together over the six months, just to kind of dive in a little bit deeper into
what health coaching actually is using me as an example. So I originally signed
up for health coaching with Arnold to lose my baby weight and it actually
turned into so much more than that and it was interesting how I came for the
weight loss but actually achieved a whole kind of holistic higher level of
health that I couldn’t have really imagined for myself. So it was really
interesting to have that exterior input from a health professional such as you
to help me to break that glass ceiling, as it were, on my health.
And I’ve always kind of in the past wanted to go it alone in terms of making
improvements to my health but I really found that this time
having somebody there as accountability and also somebody who’s so knowledgeable
to just kind of guide me, and with the bi-monthly meetups, knowing that I
had that accountability with you and that I was going to get expert guidance
on every aspect of my health, was really really powerful for me. Yeah Chloe I
think that’s a very important point because we could only get so far alone
and I want to remind people that there’s no shame in asking for help
if you’re struggling with health issues or if you want to optimise your
lifestyle. I think that working with a professional can really help you
identify what you really want to achieve and build a roadmap to get you there. So
we’re going to explore the five major things that we achieved in the six
months of health coaching together. So before working with Arnold I was already
vegan and I don’t know about you – perhaps if you’re watching this maybe you’re
vegan too or vegetarian or you’ve drastically reduced your meat and dairy
consumption and if so we salute you, you’re already a world changer, but maybe
you’re slightly worried sometimes that you’re
getting everything in your diet that you really need and you above all want to
have rock-solid nutrition so that you can prove those naysayers wrong. So that
was a really interesting thing that we worked on together was that we really
tweaked my plant-based diet to optimise it. I think it’s useful for people to
remember that nutrition is a vast field of study and there’s a lot of things to
consider when you’re trying to optimise your diet and my work really is to
distill all that information and to make it into practical and actionable steps
to help my clients reach their goals. So by removing the dross and the confusion
people can actually get not only to a point where they’re functioning on a
plant-based diet but where they’re really thriving and that’s my goal. And
that’s really huge because there’s so much misinformation out there about the
vegan diet, because there are a lot of people who have vested interest in
people not going vegan, so it’s really great to have somebody like you who’s
unbiased and has all of the knowledge and its the cutting edge knowledge as
well, because nutritional science is always making progress isn’t it?
Yeah the field of nutrition is really evolving and what is problematic in this
field is that a lot of people don’t really go to what the science is saying
it’s more about picking a camp and just sticking to those arguments
without really investigating for yourself or doing your own research and
figuring out what’s gonna work for you. The second massive thing that we
achieved together during the six months of health coaching was to instill a
rock-solid exercise practice every single day and for me it was a case of
finding the shoe that fits and I think it’s the same for everybody – to find
really the exercise that that they love that won’t feel like a burden to have to
do it every single day. For me it’s yoga and bodyweight exercises and I look
forward to doing my exercise every morning, it’s become really part of my
morning ritual, and I feel kind of odd and off if I
don’t do it and that has been a super duper game-changer for me because it has
massive massive effects on my mood and and it’s just that kind of like ironing
out all the creases and everything when you get up in the morning which feels so
good. It was an effort at first to kind of remind myself to do it every
day then after sort of 21 days – you know the
habit-forming thing that takes 21 days – it became a habit, and then after the 21
days it’s now a part of my lifestyle to exercise every single day and that has
been super powerful. Yes exercise is definitely a key
component of a healthy lifestyle and the truth is that most people don’t move
enough and the recommendations for daily exercise are usually under what it
should be. And exercise is not only about losing or maintaining a specific weight,
it also helps with the mental and cognitive function, it helps boost your
immunity, it can help with your sleep patterns, it helps extend your lifespan. It’s really
something that’s important to integrate for anyone who’s trying to optimise to
their lifestyle. And I’ve managed to achieve this despite having a 10-month
old baby at home, and now he is part of my exercise regime – I think he looks
forward to it as much as I do. He would feel kind of off if I didn’t do
my morning exercise as well and he gets involved, like I use him as a weight you
know – functional workout! – he climbs all over me when I’m doing Child’s Pose it’s
fantastic. The third truly life-changing thing that we achieved in the six months
together was to sift through my limiting beliefs. And now some of these were so
deeply ingrained that I didn’t even know that they were beliefs anymore, I thought
they were facts, and the fact of kind of digging into them and kind of exploring
them and seeing where they came from and examining them and then to finally
transcend them was a game changer. So for example I’ve always had this limiting
belief that I’m disorganised and I realized working with Arnold that it was
a belief, it’s not part of my personality, I can actually transcend that and become
an organised person. So how I did that was to write on a post-it note ‘I am
organised’ and I stuck it on my bathroom mirror and it was there for six months
so I would see it multiple times a day – ‘I am organised’ and I think that even if I
wasn’t maybe if I wasn’t engaging with it or reading it out loud or saying it
to myself in my head, just seeing that on my bathroom mirror every day changed my
subconscious, and I do feel more organised today. Yes it’s very
interesting Chloe, I really think that a powerful mindset is your
secret weapon when it comes to transformation so if you don’t have a
resilient mind and if you don’t have a positive mindset about what you’re
trying to achieve, real profound deep transformation and lasting
transformation is just impossible so a part of my work, and you know this, is
integrating some reading and really trying to get to work on that resilient
mindset, how we can develop that, and then everything else follows from there.
Absolutely yes you had some fantastic book suggestions for me during the six
months together, and I’m a big reader, I love books, and any time somebody
who I respect like Arnold suggests a book to me I’m all over it –
I’m listening to it on Audible, I’m ordering on Amazon, and just like
swimming in it. And you suggested one called ‘The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem’,
and I can’t recommend this book enough to all of our readers and listeners it’s
really powerful and a bit of tough love there in that book, but
sometimes that’s good. The fourth major thing that we achieved over the
six months together and it’s another holistic health thing, it’s not necessarily
related to nutrition or exercise but it’s made all the difference, was to look
at emotions and to find tools to work through emotions rather than letting
them kind of wash over me and affect my behavior around food or hydration or
exercise for example. Pinpointing what what is that emotion and exploring it
and breathing into it, living it rather than kind of resisting it and kind of
pushing it down, say with food – and that has been really empowering I have to say.
Yes, the truth is that for most people, emotions are scary and from
my experience a lot of people don’t know how to properly identify which emotions
they’re feeling and how to process those emotions and the reason why emotions is a
key part of the work that I do with my clients is because there’s a definite
link as you said between emotions and our dietary choices so the way you feel
affects the foods you eat and vice versa. The food you eat
can also affect your mood, so omitting the emotional side of things and the
emotional link between foods and the way you feel is missing a big part of the
puzzle. So through working with Arnold I noticed
that actually I was living with this kind of mild anxiety that was kind of
bubbling along under the surface and through kind of discussing this and
using the tools that Arnold gave me, I managed to pinpoint that and move
through it and then kind of move on to the next thing which has been ever so
powerful. Yeah one practical thing that people can do when they feel like
upset or emotionally unstable or uneven would be to keep in mind that it’s
never a good idea to eat when you’re feeling angry, it’s never a good idea to
eat when you’re feeling sad or even it’s not a good idea to eat when
you’re feeling over-joyous. So keeping in mind that extreme emotions are often
associated with poor eating choices. And you often encouraged me to take deep
breaths before sitting down to a meal to allow me to gain that equanimity as you
say and like to come into the present moment and not be kind of assailed by
these strong emotions while eating. What you said Chloe is very true and I
totally agree with that and this is what sets health coaching apart is that it’s
not all about the food it’s also about how you feel, it’s about your emotions
and how to deal with them and how they can help you make better choices. So over
the six months I lost seven kilos in weight. I am thrilled to have achieved
that, but I have to say it’s taken fifth place on my list because when I started
health coaching it was my priority but as we moved through it and I achieved so
many holistic improvements in my health it actually kind of took a back seat in terms
of the importance. The mindset and the emotional things actually made more of a
difference to me in terms of my overall happiness than being a certain number
on a scale. Yeah first of all congratulations on
your weight loss – thank you – it’s fantastic it’s a great achievement and
something to celebrate but I’d like to remind our viewers that equating weight
with health is is not always a good idea, because you can be in your ideal weight
range or BMI and still be unhealthy. I’d like to encourage people to really focus
on building a fulfilling life instead of just being overly focused on the weight
or number on the scale, and that necessitates that you examine your
relationships, your career choices, your exercise levels and also your
spirituality or mindfulness practice. So health does not equate with weight okay
it’s much more than that. So Arnold I just wanted to thank you for
the wonderful help that you’ve provided for me over the last six months in
taking my health to the next level, and as a token of my appreciation – wow thank
you very much – some walnuts. These are homegrown – as viewers will know I’ve been
in the South of France this past week so yeah that comes from chez nous in the
South of France. Fantastic I love walnuts, trust me I’ll make good use of it. Alright! So thank you Arnold so much for coming
on Veggie Magnifique TV this week – thank you very much for having me Chloe. And if your
interest has been piqued by this interview then certainly contact Arnold
at ArnolddeSouza.com and we will link his website below. Yes definitely
reach out to me on my website and sign up for a free consultation where we
explore your health goals. And also I want to mention that for all the Veggie Magnifique viewers I’m happy to offer a 10% discount on my six-month program. And
also keep in mind that the first consultation with Arnold is free and
there are no strings attached, so if you’re curious about health coaching
then definitely sign up for the free consultation. If you’ve liked this
interview then please give it a thumbs up and share in the comments below what
your main takeaway has been, and we will catch you next week on Veggie Magnifique TV –
bye! That’s Chloe’s matcha! Oh go for it, I don’t mind.
Matcha theft! Rocking it Annie-style. Hey!

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  1. Fascinating stuff! Factoring exercise into every day is something I’m really bad at but knowing 21 days is all it takes to change or create a new habit is really interesting! Thanks for sharing these tips x

  2. What are your main take-aways, friends? Have you worked with a health coach before? What are your thoughts?

  3. Great video demonstrating the value of having a Health Coach! As much as I love helping people with their diet and exercise, my favorite part of what I do is helping my clients deal with emotions by helping them become the gatekeepers of their own thoughts.

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